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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ambientes Simulados - Modelando novos caminhos - Petrobras

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What is, in fact, a numerical method, a simulation method?

It is trying to represent a physical phenomenon

based on a very small part of the whole you are analyzing.

The oceanic technology laboratory

is a Rio de Janeiro Federal University lab.

Its purpose is to simulate, on a reduced scale, the actual conditions

brought about by the action of the waves, the wind, and the marine currents.

That is what allows you to have confidence and precision quality in the results.

But as you reach higher levels of complexity,

it is harder for you to only use... the physical simulators.

And today, with the computer graphics programs,

these methods are much easier to generate.

The idea of...of telescopy is that you project on the screen sequential images, you know?

One image of the left pole and another of the right pole.

You do that so the user can see the image in three dimensions.

Based on that, we started to invest in producing interactive videos.

These little balls form a configuration in space,

and their movements in the scene allow me to have different viewpoints

and, thus, explore my model better.

You can stop the scene in the middle and go in a different direction,

assess the model, as if you were in fact inside the environment.

Twenty years ago I would divide the entire block of rocks into six thousand elements,

and that already formed a huge mesh.

Today, I use a million elements.

So, I believe that in the future we will go on to work on a nearly molecular level.

I believe we are moving towards telepresence,

the idea of which is for you to assemble a virtual environment

that brings these images to this virtual environment,

and the user can operate this robot in a virtual environment,

but sending the information remotely to the robot beneath.

This is a typical example in which the coupling between theoretical studies,

based on numerical simulations, and physical studies,

can produce rather promising results.

The results of these simulations are applied to an engineering project,

and with this Petrobras can have... courage

or feel comfortable to face a new challenge.

Because it knows there is a consolidated technical subsidy at the company

that will make it feasible to produce that prospect, that reservoir.

And in a few years you will see a one-hundred twenty thousand ton platform

floating and producing one-hundred eighty thousand barrels,

and you remember the models... the models you used to design

that platform. That also brings satisfaction by

seeing the reality after all of the modeling process.

And then things go far.

Don't you think it turned out well? I think I talk too much.

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