Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hailee Steinfeld Reads Iconic Movie Lines with a Mouthful of Ice - Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz

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- Yo.

- Yo, yo, yo.

(instrumental music)

Hey guys, welcome to "Stir Crazy."

Like myself, my guest today

was nominated for an Oscar at 14.

I'm sorry, I got confused,

I knew a guy named Oscar when I was 14, totally different.

Anyway, she's an amazing singer and a brilliant actor.

It's Hailee Steinfeld.

- Hey.

- Hey Hailee, it's good to see you.

- Good to see you too.

- What's your level of Stir Crazy today?

How you doing? Are you keeping sane?

- I have my moments, I'm doing okay today,

all right, but yeah, it goes in waves.

- As you well know

we like to play some games here on "Stir Crazy."

We've invented a new one,

you're a guinea pig for a brand new game on "Stir Crazy."

We've all heard of cold reads obviously

where actors have to perform

without knowing the material in advance.

Today we're doing really cold reads.

Are you game?

- You know I am.

(upbeat music)

- Get your ice bucket out and let's do this thing.

Alright, you ready?

Oh, you have it, good, good, I have mine.

- One, two, three.

- Don't don't injure yourself,

okay, I'm ready.

- Okay.

(Josh laughs)

Wait, it's so cold.

Are you ready? - Yeah.

(both laugh)

- Oh my God, okay.

- Don't hurt yourself, yeah get rid of.

- Are you ready? - Yeah.

- Say hello to my little friend.

(Josh laughs)

- I got it.

Say hello to my little friend, "Scarface."

Well done.

Oh my God, get them out of there, yeah no.

Are you okay?

- I'm great.

(Josh laughs)

Spit all over my computer but.

(Josh laughs)

- Nobody puts baby in a corner.

- Nobody puts baby in a corner, "Dirty Dancing."

My favorite.

(Josh laughs)

How many ice cubes did you just use?

- It was one big one.

- How many did you do?

- Three. - Seriously?

How big are your ice cubes?

Wait, I think mine is bigger.

And it's dripping on my computer.

Okay, I'm gonna do at least two this time.

- I'm gonna go with a little pack, a little four pack.

- You're like the Tom Cruise of this game,

you just push the envelope.

- Oh sweet Jesus.

(both laugh)

Wait, I think it's too much.

- You can do it, you can do it.

- Get your. (Josh laughs)

Get your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape.

- Perfection.

Get your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape,

"Planet of the Apes."

- Yeah.

- You are my new favorite guest, amazing.

Okay, I have some provocative

would you rather questions for you, you ready?

(upbeat music)

Would you rather have a tongue covered in fur

or never be able to pet a dog again?

- A tongue covered in fur,

or never be able to pet a dog again.

I think I'm gonna have to go with the tongue,

I can't not hold dogs.

- Oh, wow, you love dogs that much

that you're going to become this odd, yeah.

- I mean, someone's gotta be into that.

- (Josh laughs) There's a kink for everybody, right?

(both laugh)

Would you rather be covered in spiders or bumblebees?

- I just started sweating.

- Don't worry, I haven't prepared spiders or bumblebees,

it's not gonna happen.

- Spiders or bumble bees.

Ooh, bees maybe?

- Would you rather drive around in a horse drawn carriage

or in a hot air balloon with your face on the balloon?

- The hot air balloon for sure.

That's my face? You put my face on it?

- Pretty cool.

- That's so sick.

- Would you rather have Katy Perry's voice

or Vin Diesel's voice?

- That's a hard one.

I mean, I feel like it would be so tight

if like I just rocked up somewhere

and it was Vin Diesel's voice.

- That's what I'm thinking too.

Come on, out of that body, Vin Diesel's voice,

come on.

- Yeah, for sure, let's go with it.

- Did you see my hot air balloon up there?

That's mine.

Congratulations on "Dickinson,"

a very successful first season.

The good news is you're gonna make more of these,

that's awesome.

- Thank you.

- In retrospect, do you feel like,

there's a lot of elements of "Dickinson"

that I feel like have predicted

what we're dealing with now.

Being stuck in doors for one,

what do you think?

- It's almost like playing the role prepared me for this.

- Yeah, exactly.

- You've worked with so many amazing talents

in your career.

I'm gonna name you a previous co-star,

you tell me if you'd want them in the bunker with you,

if you'd want them on your quaranteam, okay?

(upbeat music)

So for instance,

Jeff Bridges, your "True Grit" co-star,

would Jeff be a good guy to have in a bunker with you?

- 100%, 100% absolutely,

for so many reasons.

I mean, he's funny. he's brilliant,

he tells a great story,

he's got an unbelievable voice

and is wonderfully on the guitar.

So yes, the answer's yes.

- You'd have to learn how to make white Russians

presumably, to keep him happy.

- That I can do.

- (Josh laughs) What about your infamous co-star Bumblebee?

Are your ceilings high enough

to live with Bumblebee in quaranteam?

- Definitely not.

No, he's probably the size of my home.

So unfortunately, I'm gonna have to pass on that one.

Unless he stayed in car form, in the driveway.

- What about John Cena?

Would that just be nonstop K-pop going on in the house?

Like, one can only listen to enough BTS,

I don't know, John Cena might put you.

- He is so obsessed, so funny.

I think yeah, that would be fun.

He's a great time.

- Your buddy, Taylor Swift, that would be nice.

- That would be wonderful.

- Too many feelings?

There's a lot of feelings,

there's a lot to talk about I feel like.

- Listen, there aint no such thing

as too many feelings, okay?

And even if there is,

you're talking about two people that can handle them, okay?

- Okay.

What about your "Dickinson" co-star, Wiz Khalifa?

- Absolutely, talk about a good ass time, yes.

- Is it off putting to live with someone

that's wearing their sunglasses at all times, even indoors?

- I guess I never thought about it.

So no, but now that I think about it, yes.

- I'm not trying to drive a stake in this friendship,

I'm sorry.

Don't think about it, don't think about it.

- You know, I'm like

"hey, you know what, it's actually really pissing me off."

- Hey, take off those,

what are you hiding behind those?

- We all know.

- It's an oldie, but a goodie,

let's play some charades, shall we?

(upbeat music)

Are you eating an ice cube? (laughs)

It's not ice cube charades.

You're a glutton for punishment.

- Five words.

I don't know, I don't know, surprised.


Oh, freaking out.

I dropped something, I oopsies, oops.

Oops, oops I did it again!

- Loved that. - I was trying to give you

a high five and then I realized I'm in a different city.

That was awesome, good job.

One word, oh, one word, sinch.

Six syllables?

(Hailee laughs)

It's a long word, supercalifragilistic.

Six words?

Six. 16 candles.


One word.

Is it one or six Hailee?

Six, pray.

Is six part of the word?

- No, it's a clue.

- You were about to hit me.

(buzzer buzzing) - No, come on,

you've got to get this, you've got to get this.

Josh, I'm gonna leave, go.

- Okay, okay, is six part of the word?

- No, its a clue, I told you that.

Just one word, six.

- Six.

- That was your first clue, you didn't get it,

so second clue.

- Hole, zero.

What does that mean?

- It's a letter. - It's a letter.

It's an O, it's an O.

A W, a V.

- Oh my sweet Jesus.

- O, V, O.

Ovo, what's an ovo? What's O-V-O?

- Put that together with the first clue.

- Six ovo, six pray ovo.

I retire, this is my last show everybody,

I'd like to announce the end of" Stir Crazy."

- Oh my God.

- What was it?

Just tell me, I can't deal with this.

- Drake.

- What?

- Drake.

(Josh laughs)

(Hailee laughs)

- Well, I've lost a friend today,

Hailee we had a good run.

- Yeah.

I don't have anything to say to you.

- That's usually how these end.

Congratulations on "Dickinson."

See you next time.

- See you.

(instrumental music)

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