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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Fruit Peddlers Son and 2 Inches on the Curb

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(upbeat music)

Carmine Corvesi.

Good morning your honor.

Good morning sir.

I have absolutely no recollection

of what this is all about.

It's seven years ago.

It came in the mail recently.

Well let me ask you a question.

On November 15th,

2011, Right.

Where were you at 6:38 in the morning?

I don't know where I was yesterday.

I know where you were.

(courtroom laughing) What?

(Judge laughing)

You don't know where you were yesterday, huh?

(Carmine laughing)

I'll tell you where you were

That's my number plate.

And I travel that road often,

if you had occasions of other,

that long, seven years.

Oh yeah, okay. No, we go back

Then I'm not alone.

This city was founded in 1636.

Yeah and you're their leader.

We've been bringing tickets back from the 1700's.

Right, right. We go way back.

This offense is seven years old.

You got it Carol? Yeah.

Let's take a look at it.

Is that your car?

It's probably my car,

I'm not-- I got it, I got it.

But the thing is,

I don't have any recollection of a light going off.

You're supposed to have a light click right?

Alright, Mr. Corvesi,

this is the only ticket you have.

I have your record,

you don't have anything else besides this.

It took us seven years.

I'm gonna be 84 years old,

and the first time I've been before a

man with a black cloth.

Took us seven years to catch you.

Seven years to track you down.

Probably cost the city four or five thousand dollars.

Could be the fugitive.

(courtroom chuckling)

Got a fugitive from justice.

What's your favorite meal?

Ravioli I guess.

Ravioli? Yeah.

My wife passed away a year ago this week.

And if she was livin',

she'd cook that for ya'.

Yeah? With brescia,

you're outta luck.

Was she a good cook?

Oh yeah, oh yeah.

We're Federal Hill people,

we live there.

My grandfather

had push carts

on Spruce and Acorn in Atwells.

In fact, I think some of your relatives

worked for my grandfather.

Was your grandfather born in Italy?

Oh yeah, Roccomovino.

Roccomovino? Yeah

And my father was from Mozanapio.

Inspector Quinn, I want you to know that,

he just brought back some nice memories for me.

Because, my father was born in Italy.

When he first came here, he was a fruit peddler.

He had a push cart.

I know, I know.

Probably worked for your father.

Yeah, my father was a wholesaler.

Matter of fact, my father used to tell me,

that somebody owed him some money

that they never paid where he was workin'.

Let's talk about somethin' else.

(everyone laughing)

Good luck to you, the matter is dismissed.

Thank you. (Judge laughing)

(air whooshing)

Despite his stooped posture,

his cane and glasses.

Mr. Corvesi was as sharp as a tack.

His quick wit caught me off guard.

On November 15th,

2011, Right.

where were you at 6:38 in the morning?

I don't know where I was yesterday.

(courtroom laughing)

From one fruit peddler's son to another.

(speaking Italian)

Which means, may you live to be a hundred.

(upbeat music)

Jodie Rudnick.

Good morning your honor.

Good morning Jodie.

Jodie you have one ticket of parking on a sidewalk.

Yes sir.

What do you wanna tell em about this?

So I have some pictures to show you,

if I may?


And you feel free to blow that up

if you'd like, Your Honor.

Oh, I can't believe you would do

such a terrible thing.

I know, at a job fair,

did I mention that part?

Inspector Quinn. Yes Judge?

This picture is something I have to show Inspector Quinn,

because it's tough for me to make a judgment on this case.

Please show Inspector Quinn.

I need Inspector Quinn to take a look at it.

He can inspect it. Inspector Quinn.

Ms. Rudnick is charged with parking on the sidewalk.

And she has submitted the photo,

and this photo shows that she is parked on the sidewalk.

Well technically, it's a curb.

I want you to take a look at it.

Since you are the prosecuting officer.

Your honor this photo was taken

after she moved the vehicle.

This vehicle was way up on the grass,

I could see that tire mark right there.

So then she pulled the vehicle down,

and it appears that there was a small portion of it

on the curb.

Did she move it or did she have--

She moved it Judge.

Or did she have three or four guys just pick it up

and move it over?

That I'm not sure of, but the vehicle was moved,

I could see the tire mark there.

Your Honor that's not true.

Knowin' that that's a Uni-Royal

215 65R8.

I know that one.

You can tell huh? Yes Judge.

Well, did you hear Inspector Quinn?


What do you think the penalty should be Inspector Quinn?

The full value of the fine Your Honor, plus court costs.

Yeah, okay. plus the detention?

(Inspector Quinn laughing) Yes.

Based on the photographic evidence

the matter is dismissed.

Your Honor may I request

that the court fee's are dismissed as well?

I wasn't even contemplating court fee's.

Thank you so much, I appreciate that very much.

You're giving me a-- (Judge laughing)

Your honor I think now she's gunnin' for my job.

(Judge and Inspector laughing)

Alright, we're just trying to put you at ease

and make it comfortable for you okay?

Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

You did a good job of taking that photo.

I don't know why they gave you a ticket.

I have no idea why they gave you a ticket.

Well, frankly Your Honor,

no pun intended of course.

I thought that was mean of the officer to do that.

And I wanted to express that as well,

it was a job fair, we're all unemployed,

and that's a $100 ticket.

Which is why I'm here today.

For the record,

the photograph submitted by Ms. Rudnick

showed that her car was maybe two inches,

maybe two inches on the curb,

not even on the sidewalk.

And it's not even a sidewalk, it's a grass area.

And she's two inches on the curb.

There was no reason for that car to be tagged.

I mean, I know that there's strict and rigid enforcement.

But I think that went to the extreme.

So, we're in sympathy with you,

and we're trying to put you at ease.

I'm not sure you saw our humor,

but I think you may have got a little nervous

thinking that we were serious about this.

But anyway. Just a little bit.

A little bit. You got a little nervous?

That was kinda mean too Inspector

It was-- He's got that mean streak.

Believe me, I knew exactly what the Judge

was gonna do anyways so,

I just took some liberties with the photograph.

Appreciate it, thank you. Have a good day.

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