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hey everyone it's Alexis from Sims the

IP I hope you're all doing well so

welcome to another Sims 4 news bit video

now before we begin I just wanted to say

a little something here I am dedicating

this video to my kitty cat Umpylan and

unfortunately after a year of battling

lymphoma I had to make the hardest

decision of my life and let him sleep

one last time in peace

I've spent the last three months in

Chicago at my parents house trying to be

there for him during the day so that I

can care for him as best as I could but

over the last month or so his health

started to just slowly and viciously

deteriorate and I had to make the

hardest decision of my life on Saturday

and put him out of his misery this was a

really unfortunate and a heartbreaking

event for me given that there's like a

30-year era of my family taking care of

cats so it kind of just ended with

Umpylan. it was a really hard thing to

deal with and I cried a lot a lot a lot

a lot and I mean a lot so I know that I

sound a lot worse today than I usually

do when I'm recording so please try to

bear with me and ignore my little cracky

voice and it sounds kind of like poo so

with that said let's jump in and catch

up with all the latest news on the Sims

4 first off the Sims team announced the

sims 4 spooky stuff for consoles on

October 2nd 2018 Xbox one and

PlayStation 4 players can add new spooky

features to the game and for those who

are interested in finding out a little

bit more about the game and the features

that are included be sure to check out

our sims for spooky stuff game guide

over at Sims VIP comm speaking of

consoles there was a new update release

last week that adds in the gardening

overhaul Caribbean update and glass

roofs there was a second additional

patch released a few days ago as well

for those who are experiencing issues on

Xbox one with glass roofs and shadows if

you have not done so already be sure to

go and update your game and last but not

least with consoles the sims 4

get-together expansion is now available

for purchase players on Xbox one and

PlayStation 4 can add the club feature

to their game and finish off their

collection for more information on that

game head over to Sims VIP comm and

check out the get-together game guide

and next up let's catch up with the sims

4 gallery so as we all know the Sims

team has had a really rough time keeping

the gallery online recently and after

they gave it a complete overhaul a few

patches ago it became more and more

problematic now back on September 4th

the sims team took the gallery down for

an extended maintenance period and they

seem to have resolved several serve

issues as well as stability now they

obviously have a lot more work to do in

the future but it should at least

function for you a little better now

next up let's talk about what's coming

to the sims 4 on PC so as you all know

we've had a pretty dry run since the

release of seasons so naturally players

are starting to get anxious

now today sinkhole cake took to Twitter

to give PC players an update on the

upcoming release scheduled for The Sims


according to her tweet Maxis is

preparing a new free content update with

the scheduled October patch and then

there's a new game set to release later

this year now there's no clues or any

leaks so far to indicate what might be

releasing but SimCorp ninja did

accidentally release a hairstyle last

month on Twitter so it is possible that

this is part of what's coming now

whether or not this will be part of a

free patch is unknown but we at least

have an idea what to expect in the

coming months next up we have some new

information from sin guru granth

regarding various topics for the sims 4

as usual I have compiled all his recent

tweets into one article but we're gonna

go over some of the more important

tweets at hand

first off sim guru granth confirmed that

Maxis is actively looking to add

disabilities to the sims for now in a

series of tweets released by grant over

the last month he states that they have

spoken to feller simmers who use

wheelchairs others who are deaf or hard

of hearing and they've also sought input

that has helped them solve design

challenges with wheelchairs now grant

also confirmed that any such update

would be free meaning that they would

release it in an update with a patch and

if the same steam properly execute the

addition of disabilities to the game it

would be a first for the series now it

remains to be seen whether or not these

ideas that they are pondering with why

now we'll reach developments but if you

aren't already be sure to follow sim

guru granth on twitter because he likes

to update this very often

now the second bit of notable tweets is

regarding features in gameplay sim cool

brands also drummed up some excitement

and speculation for some of the upcoming

content plan for the sims 4 now you

already confirmed that there's three

more years of content left for the game

at minimum but now he's teasing us until

the content released so in the tweet you

see here simple new grant confirm that

there are multiple worlds in progress

now obviously this isn't breaking news

or anything but at least we know there's

more than one world being planned

currently now as an added bonus sim Guru

Granth also teased us with an additional

gameplay and or storytelling option as

well when he was

replying to a question on Twitter he

told someone to quote just wait

regarding storytelling and gameplay and

how they can bring a change of pace to

their game now this implies that

something new is coming to the game but

until we see what they bring us we can

only speculate

next up the Sims team hosted yet another

group raj stream last week taking some

time to play with gurus and spend time

with the community now Google garages

are just the type of let's play they

don't involve any new gameplay or

anything like that or any hints or

teasers announcements none of that but

if you want to check out the replay of

it head over to the Sims on Twitch to

check it out and that wraps up today's

news but video be sure to leave me a

comment down below and let me know your

thoughts as usual everything I've

mentioned in this video is linked in the

description below head over to sins VIP

calm for the latest news on the sins as

always I hope you all enjoy this video

and we will talk soon

bye guys