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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: LA Belle Dame Sans Merci: John Keats, Critical Summary, UGC-NET/JRF/MA/LT Grade

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other welcome to miracle English

Language Institute

I'm professor Ashima and today I'm going

to do a very famous violent written by

John Kings and that is love belly dance

and mercy no in English we read we speak

like this or in in English we say that

love really gave sans mercy but then it

is in French

the title is French language that larval

dance as mercy no mercy is used in a

very different way actual French today's

French it is used as thank you as we say

classes in Spanish similar babies and

we'll see in French but then this is a

word fridge where mercy means English

mercy that is sympathy so son still

means without so this day this beautiful

day is without mercy this is the this

thing of the title meaning and now let's

forget the poem and then we will do the

critical appreciation actually Keats

wrote this in 1819 to his brother church

so this one brother was already dead

Tom was Tom had died with two losses and

then he himself also going through the

on and off right of his romance with

tenebra they too were very passionate

but then when things to be together they

used to fight a lot and all so he was

very evil with women he even admitted

that so this form gives the negative

sight of the female lover in romance she

is like a witch to him she's beautiful

but seduces men so the character that

the Dame is not cordial

after love although she seduces men but

then she leaves them brokenhearted on a

lonely island or somewhere in cold in

pain in misery so let's do doesn't think

people think about discussing it more so

this phone is of 12 stanzas and spoken

with two people there one is a stranger

and the second is the night so the

stranger he comes across a night line in

pain almost unconscious the city wants

him what has happened to you and what

has made you come in such a position you

look so lonely you look so worn out do

you look so ancient so full of that why

what has happened to you you so pale

your cheeks have must the colour your

brows have gone white and there are so

many simply isn't metaphors in this in

the the interrogative tone of the

stranger is trying to know what has

happened to this might who was supposed

to fight it he because he yes he flipped

with the weapons so the night replace

that he met some beautiful girl who

looked like a very rich item for fairy

and he made college for her and he made

those bracelets and those girdle zones

for her and made the complete atmosphere

romantic and she they even wrote

together the whole day the girl sang

beautiful songs like fairy and it was

like a dream to him they will in love

and then she takes them to some elfin

land some congested or a tough place

where she starts crying and there this

this night

her out kisses hard and they would

either make love or she seduces him to

unconsciousness and after some time when

he tries to wake up he finds himself in

a dream he thinks that his dreaming

which is very painful to him he sees so

many kings and princes like that who

were also seduced by such beautiful

female and they are all shouting in the

same voice last day sans mercy now

believes Dame sans merci that means they

were all bitten by a the seductiveness

of beautiful women only now left all

alone infinite misery and they always

say that these beautiful women are

without mercy

so they are trying to push him him also

but then when he wakes up he find

himself a lonely rock the place is very

is deserted it is winter time so the

boom when the stranger find same and the

stranger says that there are no birds

singing it is almost cold there are no

sages near the river so how come he is

there so this was the reply from this

night that he was estranged by a

beautiful girl with whom he had fallen

in love he she was she seduced him

so the here we get the the term we can

use here is femme fatale that is the

female who seduces men in our culture we

say wish come dance you know they used

to seduce people especially kingdoms and

princes and then he had you to them or

taken away the king of all the world

unless there

alone so we can make the similarity

between which canals and these things

also this gives me an illusion of Kubla

Khan looted by esta Coleridge where he

says that the women looking for her

Demon Lover the Temin had made love to

the girl and had disappeared so this

girl or this female is looking for the

lover at haunted places and the places

where no one was there so the sight of

that cooler Khan's Palace which was to

be built is like this haunted by the

females so here it is opposite here this

man is in a seduced by a female and left

at a hot place so this is a poem of

trans tonsils as I've already told you

in a valid form there are core trains

these are 12 core trains in alternate

rhyme say ABC B I think and they are me

written in iambic tetrameter and ambach


under the sources or the influences

could be from from Edmund Spenser's

Faerie Queene or because there is one

queen of the same kind of name so it

seems to be inspired by our noble Scots

women still see the original story of

Thomas the rhymer or could be from the

queen of elephant land there are so many

stories in of the medieval times when

the people used to believe fairies

fairies they came and the knight used to

dream a lot of fairies the beautiful

girls because they were always fighting

so in the dreams or in the past time

this time of fairies I hope you must

have understood the poem please like

comment share and

I am free from him next video to come

take care until then




The Description of LA Belle Dame Sans Merci: John Keats, Critical Summary, UGC-NET/JRF/MA/LT Grade