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CDC spent years examining medical.

One in every 110.

Autism maybe nearly twice as common as we thought it was.

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I would overhear my daughter's talking

and one would say to the other "Do you have any friends yet?" and the other would

respond "No do you have any friends yet?" and it's really heartbreaking as a

parent to hear that because you know that your children really want to make

friends but they don't have the skills or the ability to know how to do that.

I would see my daughter run over the monkey bars and playing on the monkey bars

by herself and then I would see her run over to a group of kids and just kind of

hang on the outskirts and then I would see her run to another group of kids but

just stand on the perimeter and that's really painful to see that as a parent.

The more diversity you have within a play structure that's accommodating to

these unique needs the more accessible it will be to all children and play is

universal and I think we've lost touch in our society with the importance of

play. And bringing back some of those universal elements is critical for all


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It's important for children with sensory disorders whether it's autism, down

syndrome, sensory integration disorder, or sensory integration dysfunction that

those children can find spaces that they can explore within the playground so

sand different types of swings different types of spinners different types of

climbers that allow them to use and have sensory experiences that they can

control and grow in as they continue to develop.

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I think some of the structures are going to be a magnet for the kids with

autism because the sensory stimulation piece is so going to be so exciting for

them. But also it's going to draw other kids around those same activities where

they're going to find common ground.

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When you think of young children they're

still discovering their world so they need to have the opportunity to often

experience different types of textures movement through space and so it's

really important in a playground space that you have a variety of textures a

variety of movement sounds experiences that allow children to explore all of

their senses.

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Kids with autism need to be in a quiet place where they can hide and be

protected. Kids who have cerebral palsy sometimes

the only thing they know is upper body movement so the roller slide is perfect

for them.

Any skill that can be utilized on the playground is always great because they

don't know that they're learning new new tools that will help them later in life

When I think inclusion I think strengths not weaknesses ability not disability

just children all playing together having fun and that's really what

childhoods all about.

It excites me to know that that there's attention going to be

placed on kids who I think have really not had the opportunity or access to

playgrounds in the same way that other kids have including other kids with


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