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A'udhu billahi mina sh-shaitani r-rajim,

We take refuge in the Masters of our times

from the evils of shaytan.

Who is shaytan that we may say "Oh Lord protect us from shaytan".Hasha!

To say "Oh Lord protect us from shaytan" is not decent.

Who is shaytan?

Shaytan is nothing that we say "Oh Lord protect us from shaytan".

The Glorious Quran has come to train us,

to teach us, in order to educate mankind.

The Glorious Quran, Habibur-rahman, Habibullah, recieved

the Glorious Quran. Allah Almighty sent down

the Glorious Quran which

tells the secrets from pre-eternity to eternity. Allahu Akbarul Akbar

Allahu Akbarul Akbar Allahu Akbarul Akbar.

Oh people who forgot their identity,

Listen! With your permission, Oh Master of this realm, Shah Mardan,

and the friends of Shah Mardan, may all you listen!

The sword of Allah Almighty,

his magnificence can bring down mountains.

If he only calls out, everywhere will get into turmoil!

This is Shah Mardan! Marhaba, Ey Shah Mardan Marhaba.

Dastur Ya Rijalullah!

Oh beloved friends of Shah Mardan - those who love Truth(Haqq),

those who walk the way of Truth, those who sacrifice themselves for Truth,

those who draw their swords to finish oppression.

This is the way of Shah Mardan. Marhaba

and Marhaba Oh Shah Mardan Marhaba.

Lets say Bismillahir rahmanir rahim.

May we hold and gird on the sword which comes down from Heavens.

To protect us from the apparent and hidden enemies,

may we hold this sword which gives us majesty!

Lets say Bismillahir rahmanir rahim.

Oh our Lord, forgive us!

Asadullahul Galib, Ali bn Abi Talib. Marhaba Oh Shah Mardan Marhaba!

Beware!The Glorious Rajab is getting closer!

Pay attention! Say, Bismillahir rahmanir rahim.

What is the situation of Muslims today?

Our Shah Mardan, our Sultan, is informing that the Muslims nowadays,

have lost their spiritual power.

Please Shah Mardan go on.

Shah Mardan is giving spiritual power but the Islamic World

is running after iron or copper weapons.

They think people can win with weapons,

with airplanes. Absolutely not.

We became ignorant. Please go on Shah Mardan!

Shame on the Islamic World that

they attached themselves to shaytan and fear the things

which are invented by shaytan."Help so those weapons won't shoot us!"

When those airplanes are coming why aren't the Muslims

calling out to Allah Dhul Jalal, Allah Dhul Jalal,Allah Dhul Jalal!

Don't hold your tongue, don't fear.We aren't in need of unbeliever's weapons.

We have honor,the honor of Shah Mardan that,

goes on till the end of the World. His sword is sharp.

Callon the Lord and don't run away. Stay where you are and say,

Allah Dhul Jalal Allah Dhul Jalal Allahu Rabbi Allahu Dhul Jalal

Allahu Rabbi Allahu Rabbi Allahu Rabbi Ya Rabbi.

Say and call like this.

This is Shah Mardan's order: Don't be afraid!

It is a sign of doomsday - men become enemies of each other.It is like a

disease. Attraction to worldly things makes people enemies to each other.

Love of the world. What is the world? May you say Shah Mardan!

We will say it again."Ad-dunya jifatun." The world is a carcass.

Those who run after it, fight for it,

fighting for carcass brings a carcass attribute, so that

on the Day of Resurrection, many odd things will be seen.

Such as? On the Day of Resurrection

those who were running after carcasses in the world,

"wa talibuha kilab." - those who run after worldly carcasses are dogs.

They will appear on the Day of Judgement in the form of dogs.

Those whose goal is this world

are dogs.Those who run after bones and hay,

those who are killing people for bones,

leaving the way of Allah(swt), Allah Jalla wa 'ala.

Please go on Shah Mardan!

Arhamu man fil-'ard yarhamihum man fis-sama'i.

The Absolute Owner of the Glorious Prophethood, Hadhrat Rasul,

our Master(sws),the Sultan of the universe, is saying this:

Be merciful to those on Earth so that

Allah Almighty, whose command reaches everywhere in the skies and on Earth,

whole universe, He may shower blessings on you! If you leave being merciful,

you cannot find anyone to show mercy to you. Oh Shia,

oh Alawi, oh Turki, oh Kurdi, whoever you are,

are fighting for the carcass of the world.

When you are put in your graves, if you ever have one,

a carcass will be thrown in before you.

This is one of the punishments of the grave, Sheikh Mehmet Effendi.

In their graves a carcass will be put in front of them.

Holy Angels will say: Eat, eat.

"I can't." A bang on your head - Angels will hit you.

You will be scattered.Then they gather you up again.

Eat, eat the carcass of crows, wolves, dogs...

Eat! "I can't". A bang on your head, then you will eat.

Another one comes, plenty of carcasses in their graves, Aman Ya Rabbi!

Oh people! Oh Shia and your scholars!

"Wa dhakkir fa innadh-dhikra tanfa'ul mu'minin." Isn't it said like this?

What are you hiding, o Persian scholars,

or Kurdish scholars, or Arab scholars,

what are you hiding? Say it. We are telling about the conditions inthe grave

What will meet you in your grave?

Those who went after worldly carcass,

carcass will be put in front of them.

Holy Angels, also the Angel of torment will be there,

to say: Eat! "I cant". Bang on your head.

This is what you loved most -

"Ad-dunya jifatun" said our Prophet(sws). O Arhuntlar!

Why don't you say that the world is a carcass?

Didn't our Prophet(sws) say so? Since he said this,

why didn't your nation listen to you? (addressing the Mullahs of Iran)

They are made to run after carcass. Where is Persia, where is Damascus?

From Persia Muslims go to Damascus to kill people of Islam!

Which shariat says this? Which Imam gives this order?

Twelve Imams - which one of them?

From Persia they traveled to Damascus, to kill the Muslims there

in order to please a "man".Whoever told you to do so? Oh Shah Mardan,

your voice, your command, is powerful enough to shake the Earth!

Don't think that you will get out of this without paying back? -No!

Inside your grave you will be given carcass. Eat!

What were you doing in Damascus? What brought you there?

Wasn't your country enough for you?

Those people in Damascus, did they do any harm to you?

Especially where there is Sitta Zaynab Hz.'s maqam.

How can you kill those people who are under her protection?

What kind of Shia are you? You are not the ones who accept Ahlul Bayt,

who respect them. We, Ahlu s-sunnah, are doing this!

In their graves, these Arhuntlar,

and these oppressors will be given carcass,The torment of the grave is true

Some are wrapped up and buried. Some could not be wrapped up,

but they will be in graves too.What will be put in front of them? Carcass.

No need for another torment. Carcass will be put in front of them.

Angels will be there ordering: Eat!

I cant eat! Hit him on his head. Why can't you eat?

Didn't you know that the world is a carcass?

Say! you Arhuntlar! Tell this to your people!

The torment of the grave is truth(haqq). There are many kinds of it.

You killed Muslims! Ya! You fought for Dunya(world). Ya!

Didn't the Prophet(sws)of the Last Days say, "the world is a carcass"?

Please go on Shah Mardan! Tell us more! May we listen!

May our hearts have divine light and joy!

We are enlivened by your words. Oh Shah Mardan!

Listen to him! How beautifully he is advising!

What would they have in front of them? Carcass. Inside graves,

their teeth will be like those of a wolf!

Angels of torment, will be there. Oh Arhuntlar! Say!

Oh Those who destroyed Damascus, what will you do then?

For this short lifetime, you ruined the lives of innocent people!

For the worldly carcass? Eat now!

If not eating, hit him on his head!

Your torment will be like this till doomsday. Shah Mardan,

Sahib Maydan, today he is informing us of this. He is advising us.

Rajab is getting closer! Oppressors will die!

Oh peoples of Persia! Beware! You are on the way of Nimrod!

This is like what Nimrod did! Nimrod

attacked the Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim as).

He ordered a huge fire to burn him (Prophet Abraham).

This is the way of Nimrod,

the way now you are on. Say this o Arhuntlar!

Wake up Persian people!

Tell them about what had happened to Nimrod!

Ad-dunya jifatun wa talibuha kilab. We're responsible to warn them,

to remind them -those who are living for Dunya,

who are killing for the sake of their worldly interests,

carcass,are the ones running after carcass.

It doesn't give you any honor to travel from Persia with armies;

to come there and murder Muslims!

They will have the form of a dog in their graves,

in a dog's shape and carcass will be put in front of them. Eat!

This is what you wanted during your lifetime.

You killed people, destroyed the ones Allah(jj) created for this.

Oh you are wicked dogs - you have no fear of Allah(jj)!

Are you the one to give these people life? How dare you kill them?

By My Honor/Majesty, says Allah (jj),

"I destroyed the armies of Nimrod with mosquitos.

I can destroy you, if not with mosquitos then

with another torment. You assassinated

the ones I created." You didn't think Allah(jj) created them.

You are wicked/vile. Allah(jj) created humans.

Allah holds His servants in high regard. You insulted them.

You assassinated them, killed them, crushed them.

May you all die! Hit their heads!

Nimrod went to hell by hitting his own head!

Yours will be the same way. You are like Nimrod.

Go back! Sitti Zaynab Hz has inspired me

with all these warnings this morning - The daughter of Shah Mardan.

She said:"I am not pleased with them.

May torment from the heavens fall on them!" So punishment is coming

to the people of Persia and who are with them.

The nation that is called Shia, something is coming for them.

Inside their graves carcasses will be put in front of them.

Eat these! How can I? Eat!

Not eating? A bang on their head. Bite, chew the bones.

Hitting them on their head. When they finish another carcass will be brought.

Carcass will never be enough for you, our Holy Prophet(sws) said:

"Ad-dunya jifatun wa talibuha kilab"

The world is a carcass. Who is after the world, who destroys Allah's creatures,

are wicked. Eat! Hit him on his head!

The world is not left alone. The world is not left to your mercy!

O Arhuntlar/Mullahs! Tell them! If you don't, you will be disgraced!

Whom we are waiting for, Owner of our Times,

Sahibu z-zaman Hz Mahdi(as)

will have a list of names, to cut off their heads,

because they have no respect for Ahlul Bayt (family of our Prophet(sws).

May they be ashamed of themselves. Damascus is full of The Holy Family.

Who are raining fire down on them, the other wicked ones, shame on them!

They will fall and die but it doesn't finish when they die.

They will be clubbed on their heads in the grave and ordered to eat carcass.

Beware o Persian brothers who have faith. Don't be Shia!

Innamal mu'minuna ikhwatun...(49:10) Muslims are brothers and sisters -

not enemies. You are being hostile to Muslims.

You have no future.The sword of the 10th Imam will hit you.

Beware! Otherwise you will find carcass in your graves.

Eat this carcass! I can't! Hit! You used to run after it!

They will be in the form of a dog in their graves.

The situation of the grave is different.

Dont mount your worldly thrones, saying I am this, I am that.

Don't be ignorant by saying I have weapons, planes.

Oh Arhuntlar, the scholars of Persia, stand up,

say the Truth(haqq), forbid oppression, or you will be in trouble!

Many heads will be on the swords of

the soldiers of Mahdi(as)!

Mahdi(as) is the one who will enter Damascus. You cannot enter!

Those who are astray, cannot enter Damascus. Those who are saying,

We are Shia, can't enter or rule it - Sham is Kinanatullah/ sacred to Allah.

The Awliyyaullah there seem to be in silence

but they are very angry, the 40 saints and awliyyaullah of Damascus.

The Order of the heavens is saying - Wait, leave them. When

their oppression passes beyond limits, the armies of Heaven will come down,

for Damascus that it is Kinanatullah (Allah's safe, sacred place).

Those getting close, will be finished. When Angels in the first heaven call,

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

no need for drawing swords, they will fall down.

Islam is not 'playing games'. The judgement of Islam is

precise. O Arhuntlar, let's hear your voices,

say! Say the orders of Allah(jj)!

Is Allah(jj) ordering you to kill Muslims?

Hasha, hasha, thumma kalla. You are oppressing the weak and helpless

servants of Allah(jj),raining fire on them.

May the rain of fire be on you! Don't think that your steps are firm!

Volcanos may come from underground to burn you where you step.

The fire Nimrod ordered to be lit, burned himself. You will burn

in the fire coming from the Divine Mightiness.

Beware! and avoid the fire! Go on Shah Mardan! Your advice is acceptable.

O Holy one, Shah Mardan, how nice are the advices you are giving us!

If anyone is objecting,saying these advices are wrong,

may he not make it to Rajab, to Ramadan. May he not celebrate Eid/Bayram.

Our Master Hz Ali has now been dressed with severe majesty and anger

and he has been dressed with justice.

He drew his sword against the oppressors,

to protect the oppressed ones. Your way is wrong!

Those who are called Alawi and Shia are on the wrong way.

They left the way of Shah Mardan and

they won't like what they will face.

Rajab is coming!

Rajab, Rajabun Ajaibun, they will be attacked from a side they don't expect.

Our Prophet(sws) said that Allah makes those servants

who are not destined with Islam to support/strengthen it (Islam).

Allah Jalla wa 'Ala.Yudafiu an illadhina amanu biman la khalaqa lahum fi d-din

Allah makes people who are not Muslim, come

and support/protect Muslims.Islam is a religion that persists.

Islam is the religion of Allah(jj).There is no oppression in the religion of Allah.

Allahu Dhuljalal, "Harramtu dh-dhulma 'ala nafsi fala tadhalamu"

Where are you,Arhuntar? What is going on there? Is it oppression or not?

Is he,who is called Bashar, being Just? Let him think on his end!

He will be in the grave,his carcass will be in front of him, his own carcass -

not of any other animal but his own carcass.

They will say: Eat! You will enter the grave!

Come to your senses!...If you don't stop before Rajab,

you will be wretched because the help of heavens is ready to come now.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

Allahu Akbar ala man takabbara wa tajabbar

anal jabbar anal Qahhar

says Janab Allah. Oh Muslims

open your arms towards the sky and pray to the Lord,"Oh Our Lord,

take our revenge on these oppressors."

"It doesn't matter, young or old, they killed us

under their oppression.They desroyed us. May you destroy them.

Their days numbered.

The Glorious Rajab is coming. Oh Shah Mardan,

Master of this realm, Shah Mardan said to me:

"Oh Sheikh! I half drew my sword!"

He said: Oh Sheikh! - Oh Sultan, (we said) who are we to be a sheikh!

We wish to be the dust under your feet.

Oh Shah Mardan, show us mercy!

This is what we asked for. You are the owner of

the sword and you can overcome their oppression.

May you do something, we are weak. Oh our Lord! Our Subhan!

Allahu basirun bil ibad. Allah sees what His servants are doing!

He says:I will make them pay for their deeds later. Beware!

Islam is clear. Its faith is clear. It is clean. Its affairs are clean.

You end up clean with Islam! Be human - otherwise,

you will be made to eat monster where you rest.

By force, carcass in front of you, you will have to eat!

This is what their punishment is. Beware or not!

Shah Mardan said I informed them. To Persians, to Arabs,

Turks and Bulgarians, I taught them and warned them,

saying like this. Shah Mardan, if they listen and obey, good. Otherwise

they will be punished here and hereafter.

Inside the graves they will be forced to eat carcass.

Allahu Allah Allahu Rabbi Allahu Allah Allahu Hasbi

Allahu Allah Allahu Rabbi Allahu Allah Allahu Hasbi

Allahu Allah Allahu Rabbi Hasbinallah wa ni'mal wakil.

Oh Muslims may you all say - Hasbinullah wa ni'mal wakil.

Recite this and don't be afraid. Nothing can harm you!

Stay where you are. Don't move anywhere.

For the sake of the coming Rajab, Holy Angels are

coming down on Earth.

They will not touch those in their homes Qalat An-Namla Ya Ayuha n-Namlu

Adkhulu Masakinakum - Enter your homes, Don't go outside.Your homes are safe.

Special Angels are coming down

to protect them. "Don't move anywhere.

Don't go around. Stay in your homes.

Close your doors and recite the Basmala.

Pray inside, make namaz. No one can come near your door!

If they come near, an invisible knife

will be stabbed into their hearts. This is the order of heavens now.

There are the ones who will stab a knife into the oppressors

if they break in homes - these are from the Jinn.

Experience is free.

News is coming to us that there are many

soldiers who are being stabbed while breaking in.

Will Allah(jj) leave his servants unprotected? Revenge is coming.

Oh Bashar! Oh Leader of Persia! come to your senses.

Measure your height! Bashar is almost 2 meters!

Onda hi akl yok - He has no mind!

One day when he is asleep maybe a knife will be stuck in his flank.

He will fall dead. Let him beware!

Damascus that is the home of Awliyya Allah.He made great oppression there.

He will be stabbed. Let him beware! Don't look at me,

look to the one making me speak. These are Shah Mardan's words.

Peace be upon those who are listening, curses upon those who are not listening.

Oh our Lord forgive us. We take refuge in You, from the evils of the ego.

I feel ashamed to ask our Prophet, but,

Sahib Dawran, Shah Mardan, he can ask him (sas).

Oh beloved friend Shah Mardan!

you are the Burhan(proof), You are the Sultan.

Ridwan is yours.Oh Muslims!

close your doors,keep yourselves inside and no one will break in,

a jinn will be at his back to stab him.

Don't be afraid! Wa min Allahi t-tawfiq. Oh our Lord we take refuge in You,

from the evils of the ego.Those who are with shaytan,

may they disapear or get lost.

The Holy ones of Damascus! Ama amal waqt.

Oh the Holy ones isn't it the right time?

For the sake of the beloved Habib Akram,

the Holy ones of Damascus, don't you have the power to finish

those who went beyond the limits? They are on the way of Nimrod.

They will end up like Nimrod!

Aman Ya Rabbi, Tawba Ya Rabbi, Tawba Astagfirullah.

Lets say Bismillahir rahmanir rahim.

Don't run here or there! Say Bismillahir rahmanir rahim.

When you say, "we take refuge in You our Lord!", then

no fire will burn you!

Allahu Allah Allahu Rabbi Allahu Allah Allahu Hasbi

Shah Mardan is saying to recite: "Hasbinallah wa ni'mal wakil"

Oh our Lord You know, we are weak servants!

Don't leave us to our bad egos.

shaytan is happy with these things, Ar-Rahman is not!

We became creatures without humanity. We make shaytan happy.

Tawba Ya Rabbi Tawba Ya Rabbi. Stop your oppression at once!

Stop it before Rajab. If not,

something is coming in Rajab. "Inna Batsha Rabbuka la shadid"

coming...Beware,something is coming. Those Shia,

those Alawi, Shia are

on the way of Nimrod and his soldiers.

Allah Dhuljalal, destroyed them with mosqitos.

No need for weapons or cannons, Say Allah. Allahu Allah

Allahu Hasbi Allahu Allah

Allahu Hasbi Say "Hasbun Allah wa ni'mal waqil."

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.Athilna fi RahmatikaYaRabbi Ma'a 'Ibadik as-Salihin

Naudhubika Ya Rabbi mina-sh shaytan, we take refuge from the evils of shaytan

and the evils of its followers.

To ask Allah Almighty swt to protect you against worthless shaytan is not proper.

Even a tiny creature that cannot be seen by the eye can take care of it.

As in the city of Basra,

when evils and disobedience grew beyond limits, a disease spread there,

Sheikh Mehmet Effendi. First day 70.000 people died.

No cannons,no weapons.Second day 75.000 people died.

The third day,

the city closed. No one was left alive. This is history,known. Basra closed:

No men to enter the houses,

no men to come out from the houses. May you all fear from Allah(jj)!

Oh Shah Mardan, draw your sword Dhulfiqar!

Shah Mardan, may Allah raise his station and give

punishment to those who deserve it.

Marhaba! Oh beloved Shah Mardan...

May Allah send us someone who will correct our wrongdoings. Fatiha.

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