Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #CUsThankYou Challenge

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Thank you to the many healthcare professionals that are putting

themselves at risk every day to help others in need. Thank you to all the

scientists and researchers working to find solutions and giving us hope for a

healthier future. A big thank you to all our local restaurants and small

businesses for continuing to find ways to service your customers, you are truly

the economic engine of the city. Thank you to the grocery and agricultural

workers. Thank you. Thank you to the first responders who keep our community safe

no matter what we're faced with. Thank you to all the people out there making

deliveries, whether you're bringing us mail, groceries, medication or even toilet

paper. Thank you to the mass transit workers for providing safe

transportation every day to those who rely on your services to perform their

essential business. Thank you to the educators who have used creativity and

technology to keep teaching us regardless of the circumstances. Thank

you for thinking of others during this time and working to keep each other safe

and healthy. Thank you from all of us at Unitus Community Credit Union.

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