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Officer: Im so sorry Colleen

this is not the way I wanted your Wednesday to go.


Brent: At Dude. be nice were all about doing nice things for awesome people

so Red Robin called us and said:

Hey, we got a lot of awesome people that work for us

in particular, theres this one

her name is Colleen

and shes extraordinary.

Gotta meet her.

The Dude. be nice project is a cool thing

where we say thank you to amazing people that are underappreciated.

How did we end up here?

Kelly: Colleen was a shoe-in.

Were telling her that this is a camera crew sent in from Red Robin

because they will be filming bits and pieces of our community event.

Brent: Colleen is usually the one thats planning these events

and now's there this big event happening

thatcorporate" is planning at her location.

What she doesnt know is this event

is all for her.

Shes gonna be here, serving right behind us

as we do this.

What makes Colleen so awesome?

Tina: Colleen is the type of person that will give you the shirt off her back if you needed it.

Kelly: And literally has left behind her shoes

for team members that dont have slip resistant shoes

would literally take her belt off to give to somebody on the PM shift.

Tina: She knows no stranger

and its just the way that she talks to people and gets down to their level

and puts the aspect of her being a server outside of the box.

Rob: She has her own life to take care of

4 kids but she somehow finds time

if there's people sick, she finds time for them.

Sierra: We had a couple here, Greg and Fran

they pretty much would come in every single day

and Fran had a lot of medical issues.

Jaden: Durning her cancer treatments, Colleen was always going to their house

or going to the hospital. Just going way over and beyond...

Brent: And this is just a regular, this is not a long time friend?

Jaden: Just someone shes met through Red Robin.

Sierra: And Fran actually passed away.

Colleen setup a day where we honored Fran,

Im sorry

and it was really special, and Greg still comes in everyday.

Greg: Colleen instead of just being an employee of the restaurant

she was like a friend to us.

Kelly: You would never hear these stories from her.

If you could clone Colleen, the world would be a better place.

Here comes Colleen.

Colleen: Hi!

Brent: How long have you worked at Red Robin?

Colleen: 12 years.

I knew for years I wanted to do this go out and be a server.

It was just my get out and have fun

and hopefully make a difference job.

Ill be around.

Brent: It was Colleen, right? Colleen: Yeah

Brent: Nice to meet you ;-)

Rob: Shes an extraordinary person,

what she does matters.

Austin: 50% of the people who walk through the door ask if Colleen is working today.

Sierra: Its not just a burger and fries with Colleen

its an experience.

Brent: Ernie, Colleens husband.

Hey Ernie, we are getting the final plans in place

were not just here to give Colleen a pat on the back we're going big.

Ernie: She's done so much for so many people but nobody really knows it

because she would never put the spotlight on herself.

Brent: Whats the plan?

Kelly: Whats going to happen is shes going to go run some errands

for the upcoming community event.

Rob: For 2 hours I gotta find some way to keep her busy.

Were going to get some balloons

and anything else she thinks of, so...

Brent: She is headed out to do errands for her own party.

This is awesome.

So Colleen is out running errands right now

shes picking up her own cake

Kelly: One of her favorite things

is having her family around the table.

Adam: We would always have Monday night dinners

my Mom made it a major point everyone comes over for dinner.

Brent: Colleens dinner table is gonna be right there

and Monday night dinner is coming to Red Robin.

Im gonna make it seem like the big surprise is that we have her table here

but something else is missing...

Bethany: Just landed, guess where I am?

Kelly: Because we really wanted to focus on Bethany

we would have her come out of the kitchen

carrying Colleens favorite guacamole burger.

Brent: Before Colleen gets into the big surprise

we want to make her a little uncomfortable.

Recently she had a little incident where she inadvertently

accepted counterfeit money.

You guys were called to turn the money in

Colleens like a saint, the most innocent person ever

but maybe she could have had something to do with that counterfeit money.

We actually have the police department here because theyre going to question

poor little Colleen.

When she walks in

were in St. Louis, were gonna do an arch.

and we want people to go


Im proud of myself for that one.

Adam: She loves dancing, she loves live bands.

We fell in love with this band Griffin and the Gargoyles, theyre awesome.

Brent: So Griffin and the Gargoyles said,

hey we want to be apart of this and theyre going to play for us.

She loves to party so were going to give her a party.

Colleens on her way! Bethany lets hide you.

Kyle: Here we go!

Brent: Shes here. She has arrived.

Officer: OK. So I got assigned to your $20 bill case

from a little while ago. Colleen: Yeah?

Officer: They started to hint a little bit at the fact that they actually knew and that possibly you...

Colleen: Whhhaaattt? Officer: Im not kidding you.

Colleen: Um, it was in my server book. With my cash.

Colleen: All I did was collect money! Officer: I know.

Officer: But because of it being, yeah...

Im so sorry Colleen, this is not the way I wanted your Wednesday to go.


Colleen: Its a community outreach. Brent: Its a community event alright!

Brent: There she is.

Do you know how many people in this room have been lying to you for a long time.

Colleen: Oh my gosh!

Brent: Thank you for planning for your own party for the last few hours.

That was really nice of you.

Every single person here, youve done something in their lives

that they love you for.

Your job here is a server, but there is no doubt

your service doesnt stop when you clock out.

One of the things we know you love is having dinner with your family on Monday night

so we brought dinner with your family to Red Robin.

Colleen: Oh you brought the table from our house!

Brent: Lets show her!

Colleen take a seat, in a minute were going to bring out your favorite burger.

Heres your burger and your server!

Colleen: NO WAY!

Brent: In the house from LA. Give it up for Bethany!

That family dinner wouldnt be complete without the whole family.

Thats what Im saying.

Colleen: Oh my gosh!

Brent: Time for the last surprise.

We know theres a band in town that you love-

Colleen: Griffin and the Gargoyles?

Oh stop it!

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