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[music playing]

Jason, Don, congratulations.

You've made it into the third round of this competition.

We're sending you back to your home forges

to recreate an iconic weapon from history.

That weapon is the scissor.

[laughing] Oh god.

Oh god.

Well, good luck, bladesmiths.

We'll see you in five days.

[music playing]

Day one, feels good to be in my own forge.

I've never built armor before.

I've never shaped sheet metal before.

I need a book, "Armor for Dummies," you know.

They don't make it.

I looked.

Two billets I'm making right now are going to be for the blade.

I'm going to twist one one way, and I'm going to twist

the other one the other way.

I just like the way it looks.

I almost screwed that up twisted it the same direction.

[music playing]

JASON: I'm going up against Don from Texas.

Oklahoma always beats Texas.

DON: I'm not really familiar with a gladiator scissor.

But since it is armoring, I've been doing

armoring for about 25 years.

I'm sure I can overcome any challenges that come up for it.

I'm using a coarse wrought iron combined

with high carbon steel to make a composite welded blade.

I have no idea what that came off of.

Just part of my 500 pounds of stuff.

Hey, man, we're Texas.

We're bigger and better, and our blades are better.


[music playing]

JASON: Today's armor day.

It's the big experiment day, but seems like all week's

been an experiment.

Yesterday I got a pattern cut out.

I'm going to try to get the gauntlet shape today.

I have this big piece of pipe, so I

can wrap the metal around it.

I'm just trying to beat [bleep] of it

until it goes where I want it to.

I'm probably doing this the hardest [bleep]

possible way there is.

So I've got it lined up with my marks.

Now I'm going to throw a little tack weld on each end

and then start getting the seams closer together.

And that almost looks like I meant to do it.

[thunder clap]

[music playing]

DON: My whole gauntlet section is done in three pieces.

The only thing I have left to do is

to make sure all the parts fit back together, there's no warps

in there that I can't take out.

Problem I had the first time.

I'm trying to get the main cone put on.

It's driving me nuts.

There's a slight warp in it that keeps

catching on the inner layer.

[sighing] Turn it.

[grunting] Damn it.

All right.

One more time.

I'm trying to get the main cone put on.

There's a slight warp in it that keeps

catching on the inner layer.

There we go.


That was pain.

This is billet number three.

I have a billet of damascus.

I'm not 100% satisfied with it.

I don't think it's going to look the way that I want.

I'm going to start over with just uh, some plain steel.

I did not want to be forging on day four.

I'm going with a W2.

It's going to look good.

It's going to have to look that I want,

and I'm not going to be wasting any more time.

I'm starting to get the blade pretty close to the shape

I want, keeping my measurements in mind.

Let's get it done.

[music playing]

Even though I don't like the way the blade looks,

performance-wise, though, I think it's going to perform

just as good as Don's.

If I lose, I guess he just got lucky.

Even a blind squirrel get a nut every once in a while.


All I have left to do is sharpen the blade

and then do a little bit of testing.

Wouldn't don't want to trip while holding this.

That would really suck.

I want to make sure nothing's going

to rattle loose when the judges start hitting stuff with it.

That would hurt.

Now the final test.

It rubs on a knuckle slightly, but you know, to be honest,

I didn't even notice that until afterwards

because I was just having too much fun swinging

and cutting things with it.

DAVID: All right gentlemen, this is the sharpness test.

To test the sharpness of your edge,

I'm going to attack our sandman here several times,

see how they do.

Jason, you're up first.

Are you ready for this? - Yes, sir.

DAVID: All right.

[music playing]

[laughing] All right.

The handle feels really good in my hand,

but the shape of your blade not being

as deep a crescent made it a little bit more

difficult to slash.

All in all, solid and it's got a good look.

Nicely done.

Thank you.

All right, Don.

You ready?

I'm ready.

[music playing]

Don, I like the way this is set up, tighter around the arm.

But right here at my hand, my knuckle

is just pounding into the side.

You can see it slashed pretty easily on the arm,

and then on the forward punch, didn't quite get the slash

that I was looking for.

I'm feeling a little nervous.

It didn't perform like I wanted.

I think Jason had the edge here.

His was a more comfortable fit across the hand.

All in all, though, did the job.

Thank you.

DAVID: Next up, I'll give you to Doug.

Bladesmiths, this is a kill test.

To see what kind of lethal damage your weapon will do,

I will take your scissor and I will deliver killing

blows on this ballistics dummy.

Jason, you're up first.

You ready?

Let's do it.

[music playing]


First up, the minute I put my hand in, your handle--

It's not directly in line with my fist, so slightly off.

But as you can see, I can still wield the weapon.

The laceration was deep into this cavity right here,

so you've got a very sharp blade.

The hook you have penetrated right into the heart

on the back hand draw.

It lacerates and cuts everything out and disembowel

this ballistics dummy.

Your weapon, sir, will kill.

Good job, sir.

Thank you.

Don, your turn.

Let's have some fun.

DOUG: Let's do this.

[music playing]

DON: [laughing]


DOUG: Don, let's talk about your weapon.

What I like about your weapon is that it's

in line with the handle.

On the initial cut here, it lacerated right through there.

And in this back hand hook, your edge

is deep to go in here and right into that cavity.

Your weapon will kill.

Thank you.

All right, gentlemen, this is the strength test.

Now the scissor was used in gladiatorial combat

for both attack and defense.

Now to test the strength and durability of your weapon,

we will clamp them into our mechanical device here.

The blade's going to come down and strike the armored cuff

of your weapon twice, and then your weapon is going to be

launched into this breastplate.

Jason, I've already got yours strapped in,

so are you ready to go?

Let's do it.


[music playing]

Just the slightest roll.

It's not deformed beyond being sharp.

And then you can see where the sword came down and hit it,

caused a bit of deformation.

And then I think we were pushed just a little further offline.

It-- Right in here, it looks like it

kind of waffled just a bit.

But everything is still tight, still sharp.

Nicely done.

Thank you.

So Don, you're ready?

I'm ready.

[music playing]

So looking at this, I can I'm having a hard time

finding where the sword hit it, and

there's one teeny little mark.

Blade's still tight, and that edge is still a razor blade.

There's no rolling at all.

Very well done.

It's nice.

Thank you.

[music playing]

Bladesmiths, you've worked very

hard to recreate weapons that we've never

seen here in the forge before.

However, in this competition, there can only be

one "Forged in Fire" champion.

And that champion is Don.

Congratulations, you are the "Forged in Fire" champion.


Thank you.

Jason, unfortunately your blade did not make the cut.

David Baker will explain.

Jason, what this came down to was the strength test.

As a gladiator's weapon, it's got to be strong.

That rolled edge and the deformation

you took from the hit on the cuff?

Well that's why we're sending you home.

Jason please surrender to your scissor.

JASON: I spent five days making something

I've never made before.

I went up against a guy who builds armor quite often.

I held my own against him.

I'm pretty proud of that fact.

I loved every minute of this experience.

Don, congratulations, you are the "Forged in Fire" champion

and will be receiving that check for 10 grand.

How do you feel right now?

Man, I feel fantastic.

It feels great to be a "Forged in Fire" champion.


I'd like to get something nice for my wife.

We kind of had a little fun, you know,

making jokes at each other about Texas versus Oklahoma.

Yeah, I'm glad to see Texas came out on top.

[laughing] Woo!

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