Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Episode 4: Gijs Elkhuizen about excursions | WURking on academic year 2020-2021

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The next academic year, there will be excursions and field trips fortunately.

Of course, that is the way it is now, and circumstances are changing constantly.

But we are planning to let them continue.

Excursions and field trips are a very important aspect of our education because it is outside

where you see it happening.

Whether that is in the nature areas itself, in reserves or at organizations of different

kinds, such as municipalities, non-governmental organizations or commercial organizations.

So yes, they will continue and we are glad about that.

Of course we have to take special measures in order to let these excursions continue.

One of the most important measures that we have to comply with is the 1.5 meter distance.

That is very important.

So going into the field for instance with a group of fifty students you need a lot of


And it is also vital that you can hear the lecturer explaining what you can see, so therefore

we purchased many walkie-talkies.

So the teacher can be heard, the information is loud and clear for students, taking into

account the 1.5 meter distance and it is even possible for students to communicate back

to the lecturer to ask questions for instance.

Well, we make sure that our excursions and field work comply with all corona measures.

Another example is, we check the health prior to the excursion.

For international excursions of course we do it during the excursion and after the excursion

as well.

And right before the start of the excursion there will be a final check, a final go moment

to see if it is still possible to go.

As I just mentioned, the international excursions are continuing as well.

At least we hope so.

Of course, these excursions ask special measures.

So for all these excursions we perform a risk assessment and official approval by the dean

of education is necessary.

And we pay special attention about risk assessment on transportation, accommodation, what do

you do in you leisure time, what is the facility of health care, what do you do if somebody

is tested positively, do they have to be in isolation, we book extra rooms, we go with

two busses instead of one so the 1.5 meter distance can be taking into account at all


So yes, it requires an extra effort, but we aim to let these international excursions

continue as well.

Well off course we run the risk that an excursion

has to be canceled at a late moment due to a change in circumstances.

Therefore, we are already thinking about alternative programs.

It is also possible that a student cannot join the excursion due to health issues, mild


So also for those situations we have alternative programs available.

Luckily, we can use the experience gained in period six.

The last period from the previous academic year, in which we designed individual assignments

for students in the field where they could also meet lecturers.

And we are also conducting an experiment with live streaming with the use of go pro cameras.

And hopefully that will be successful as well.

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