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hi Bob I'm glad you could come

good to see you Jane it's been a while

yes it has how have you been fine thanks

and you pretty good Oh Bob I'd like you

to meet a friend of mine

Rita Brown nice to meet you Rita nice to

meet you too

bob is an artist oh really yes I'm a

painter how interesting

what do you do I work at an insurance

company hey Ken Bob long time no see

really I haven't seen you for ages how

have you been pretty well what's new

with you

not much same old thing eh well it's

nice to see you again yeah nice to see

you again too

I'm sorry but I'm afraid I have to go

now oh really so soon yeah I have to get

up early tomorrow that's too bad

but I had a wonderful time I'm glad

let's get together again soon okay sure

bye Cindy goodbye it was very nice

meeting you it was nice meeting you too

I hope to see you again sometime me too

well bye everyone

thanks again Ellen thanks for coming

Cindy take care I think I should be

going yeah me too I have to get up early

tomorrow but hey it's been fun yeah it

was nice talking to you nice talking to

you too let's get together again soon

sounds good to me just give me a call

whenever you have some free time of

course I will take care you too bye

hello hi is Tony there I think you have

the wrong number

oh really isn't this 1 1 700 5 5 no it

isn't oh sorry to bother you that's okay

hello hello Sara

yes this is Robert oh hi Robert how are

you fine thanks and you good is Tony

there yes just a minute hello hi Tony

its Robert how are you doing not too bad

and you hello is Rick in I think you

have the wrong number

there's no Rick living here oh sorry to

bother you

hello is he Doshi there who is calling


Jim Jim Joan oh hi Jim no hit oh she's

out right now oh can I take a message

would you have him call me when he gets

back ok

hi Linda hi how are you great listen are

you free on Saturday night Saturday

night uh let me check my schedule I was

wondering if oh sorry I'm busy on

Saturday night

oh no is it very important well sort of

it's a class party couldn't you skip it

I'm afraid not ah too bad maybe some

other time okay

okay it's just that I have two tickets

to the Steam concert and the sting

concert hey I made a mistake that party

is next Saturday I'd love to go a few of

us are meeting for dinner on Friday

would you like to come thanks but I

don't think I can I have to work until

9:00 on Friday we're getting together

around 8:30 why don't you meet us at the

restaurant after work well I'm not sure

you should really try to come it'll be

fun I'd like to but jennifer is coming

you know Jennifer all right I'll be


I'm sorry I'm late you should be sorry

oh come on I'm not that late

but this is the third time in a row but

I have a very good reason okay what is

it this time the train was delayed

because of an accident

oh that's the oldest one in the book

it's true prove it all right let's go to

the station master's office okay okay I

believe you

you shouldn't doubt me so much right I'm

sorry I forgive you

sorry I'm late

that's okay I'm used to it what happened

this time the meeting didn't end on

schedule you should have known that

would happen then the train was delayed

because of an accident really then I

couldn't find this place but we've met

here before

oh no you spilled wine on my dress I'm

terribly sorry

forgive me but this dress is silk it's

ruined I really do apologize how could

you be so careless

look I'm sorry I'll buy you a new dress

but there's not another one like this

what can I say there's nothing to say it

was stupid of you you know you're acting

like a child

I am NOT I really love this dress well

where did you get it

uh actually at a secondhand store hmm

how much did it cost well about $12 oh

and I really am sorry why you'll never

find such a great buy again how could

you be so careless hey I didn't mean to

break it

well it was stupid of you to put it on

the edge of the Shelf like that I said I

was sorry

there's no reason to act like a like a

child I'm not acting like a child well

you're the only person I know who would

get so upset over a Mickey Mouse statue

well excuse me you know that statue was

given to me by Walt Disney himself oh

hey I'm really sorry

guess what what I'm getting transferred

to New York New York that's fantastic I

just found out this morning

Wow you must be pretty excited I can

hardly believe it I'm really happy for

you thanks but I'll miss you

well maybe you could come visit me


how about August guess what I met a

really nice girl last month yes I heard

good for you

actually I met a really handsome

intelligent guy a couple months ago

really I'm glad to hear that did you

know that my girlfriend is a lawyer No

how interesting

my boyfriend is a bank president hmm

Tracy and I are engaged you know

wonderful Joe and I are getting married

in two weeks well congratulations you

must be really happy I am I finally

topped you

have you met Joe's girlfriend yeah she's

beautiful isn't she I guess so

you guess oh she has perfect features in

a perfect figure and a perfectly empty

head oh you think she's stupid she's one

of the dumbest people I've ever met

really I didn't notice she can't put a

sentence together I thought she was just

shy and she's incredibly ignorant I

thought she was just modest and she's

going out with Joe yeah I see what you

mean hey that's my family as I now want

to watch it oh I don't like that show

the guy who plays the Sun is so

conceited I don't think so

I think he's funny well I mean the

character has a good sense of humor but

the actor is a jerk how do you know I

saw him on a talk show the other night

he only talked about himself oh really

actually the girl who plays the sister

really bugs me she acts so stupid

I don't think so anyway I think she's

really good-looking

excuse me yes what can I do for you

I'd like some medicine hmm what kind of

medicine well I'm not sure my throat

hurts sore throat well you might try and

I feel nausea

nausea let's see and I'm dizzy oh I

think I have a fever I see any other

symptoms yes I have a ringing in my ears

really and blurry vision and abdominal

pains which side the left

maybe it's my appendix that's on the

right you think mine could be on the

wrong side

not likely here sir I've got just the

thing for you

a mystery novel good for the imagination

which is where your illness is what's

the matter I have a cold I heard on the

news that this year's cold is real bad I

have all the symptoms diarrhea I feel

dizzy and nauseous you sound a bit

stuffed up yeah I have a runny stuffy

nose and a headache oh no that's


and I I've been sneezing

I'd like a ticket for the 8:30 show all

right that will be $6 is this a good

seat I'd like to be in the middle it's

open seating sir I see well what time do

the doors open doors open at 8 o clock

thank you enjoy the show

excuse me is this seat taken no I don't

think so

are there any tickets left for the show

on Friday night yes how much is the most

expensive ticket $80 plus tax

Oh well how much is the least expensive

ticket $35 plus tax okay I'll take two

of those fine

are they good seats they're inexpensive

seat sir

how many just two of us smoking or


non-smoking right this way could we get

a table by the window

certainly here you are I'll be back in a

moment to take your order have you

decided what you want

not really what is the special of the

day steak tartare what is that

raw ground beef specially prepared with

an egg and steak sauce that sounds good

I'll have that I'll have the pork chops


how many just me

would you like smoking or non-smoking

smoking please okay right this way

thank you are you ready to order not

really what do you recommend the lobster

is good today okay I'll have that does

it come with a salad yes

would you like to get together for

dinner tonight oh I can't tonight

I'm busy well are you free anytime this

week how about Wednesday night okay fine

about seven o'clock sounds good where

shall we meet

what about the Mexican restaurant on

Fifth Street I'm not sure where that is

oh well I could meet you at your office

and we could go from there

that would be great see you Wednesday at

7:00 then bye

where shall we meet how about in the

lobby of the mall okay about 10:30

that's too girly for me oh well how

about 11:30 that sounds good if

something comes up give me a call all


what's the matter we had an art show and

I dropped one of the artists pieces oh

that's too bad it's also expensive

$2,000 don't be upset

I'm sure the insurance will pay for it

the company didn't take out insurance

this time you're kidding

no but my boss says he'll pay for it see

everything will be all right but he'll

probably never let me work at an art

show again oh don't think so negatively

what's wrong I really screwed up at the


Oh and I got fired that's too bad but

it's not the end of the world

no actually Barbara and I broke up

you are kidding and it is the end of the


oh don't think so negatively

can you tell me the fastest way to get

to your office from downtown let's see

follow highway 405 and exit before it

turns into the 101 okay you'll turn left

at the end of the off-ramp okay then go

three blocks and make a right uh-huh

then you'll go underneath the highway

overpass and make a left what a highway

what overpass it's like a bridge okay

and then make a left right our building

will be on the left-hand side okay could

you tell me how to get to Tower Hill

from here well take the circle or

district line all the way to Tower Hill

thank you excuse me can you tell me the

easiest way to get to Covent Garden from

here let's see take the circle or

district line one stop to South

Kensington and then change to the

Piccadilly line and go six stops got it

thanks can you tell me the fastest way

to Oxford Circus please hmm take the

circle or district line one stop to

Victoria and transfer to the Victoria

line to go to Oxford Circus I see thank


can I give you a hand with your bags why

thank you that's very kind of you

where are you going to the Marriott on

Third Street all the way over there yeah

well listen since I'm going that way

I'll carry these for you you don't have

to do that it's no problem

thanks I really appreciate it may I help

you I'm trying to find the nestle Cove

in oh it's right down the street can I

give you a hand with your bags oh no you

don't have to I can handle them myself

no problem I'm going that way anyway

well thank you I really appreciate it

don't mention it

that was a great movie frankly I didn't

think it was that good oh come on it was

funny especially the ending I thought

the ending was dumb you're kidding oh I

guess it just wasn't what I expected

what did you expect action suspense

drama but this was supposed to be a

comedy oh now I see why you thought it

was dumb you were watching it from the

wrong point of view what did you think

of the play it was better than I

expected really

I didn't think it was that good oh I

thought it was funny and the staging was

fantastic that's true

but the acting left a lot to be desired

I have to disagree

feel free to but that's how I feel I

guess we just have different tastes

my it certainly is taking them quite a


sure is excuse me what's taking so long

sorry sir I'll have your dinners in a

minute here you go now who had the

chicken barbecue I did and the broiled

lobster I ordered a t-bone steak oh

sorry just a minute sir I don't have any

silverware me neither

excuse me could you bring us some

silverware as well yes sir

here you are how is it tastes like the

bottom of a shoe how's your chicken

barbecue I've had better why don't we

get out of here excuse me can I have the

check here you are

what $55 I think there's some mistake

really well let me double-check it I'll

be right back a hello can I help you yes

I bought this shirt here yesterday and

I'd like to exchange it Oh what's the

matter with it well when I got it home I

found there was a rip in the sleeve


let me see yes you're right I'm very

sorry ma'am be here you go your jumbo

burger and a large orange juice oh I

believe I ordered a small orange juice

not a large one you did okay I'll change

it and I ordered french fries as well oh

I'm sorry

what can I get you today I'll have a

corned beef sandwich okay and would you

like a salad well let's see what is that

stuff on the bottom row third Bowl from

the left

that's potato and cheese salad I'll try

that will that be all

yes that's all for here or to go here

okay coming right up

would you like to see some engagement

rings sir yes may I see the one in the

back row second from the left of course

this is a beautiful setting isn't it

yeah I guess so but can you show me that


in the middle row third from the right

certainly this diamond is one carat very

high quality hmm it's expensive though

how about that one there no the one next

to it right here you are it's simple but

elegant does your fiance like simple

things oh I don't have a fiance

I just like to plan ahead

excuse me do you work here yes can I

help you yes I'm looking for a skirt any

particular style well I like the one in

the window oh the blackboard yes but do

you have it in another color

let's see no it only comes in black oh

that's too bad

this one is similar and it comes in blue

and grey oh it's too expensive what

about this one I don't really like the

style I see

excuse me yes

can I help you do you have this in a

smaller size what size do you take I'm

not sure could you measure me for my

size sure let's see size 8 well here's a

size 8 oh do you have this same one in

blue yes we do that's great how much is

it $200 plus tax

excuse me can I try on this dress of

course here's the dressing room thank

you that's very becoming I really like

it but the sleeves are too long well we

could shorten them for you oh okay I'll

take it will this be cash or charge do

you take Visa

of course would you sign here sure can I

help you may I try this on sure the

fitting room is right over there

what do you think it looks very nice

well thanks I'll take it all right

do you accept traveler's checks


sales department miss Yoshida speaking

I'd like to talk to mr. Jones please may

I ask who's calling this is mr. Smith

from the Georgia corporation just a

moment please

thank you I'm sorry but mr. Jones has

gone out to lunch oh no really he should

be back at about 1:30 may I take a

message I guess it's not necessary are

you sure yes I was calling to tell him I

wanted to cancel our lunch appointment

Johnson trading company may I help you

is mr. Turner there please may I ask

who's calling this is Miss Friedman from

dragon machine incorporated just a

moment please

thank you hello I'm sorry but mr. Turner

is on another line right now can he call

you back

no he doesn't have to I'll call back


how can I ask a big favor of you what is

it do you think you could possibly mail

these letters for me no problem I was

going out anyway

thanks a lot could I ask you to do

something else what's that

would you buy some stamps for me oh ok

what do you need I need a hundred twenty

five cent stamps alright got it Steve

hmm want to give me the money actually I

was wondering if you could lend you the


it depends on what whether you'll make

dinner while I'm out it's a deal

hey Mark will you do me a favor

it depends would you mind going to the

supermarket and picking up something for


well I'm kind of busy well so am i I

have to finish this report tonight

please just go from me okay okay now may

I ask a favor of you will you type up my

resume for me tomorrow

forget it

hi nice sweater

Thanks but you've seen it about 10 times

oh really

I guess I didn't notice it speaking of

which you didn't notice my haircut

you got your haircut oh yeah

don't you like it sure I think what do

you mean well it makes your face look

kind of fat fat my face isn't the least

bit fat I know it isn't but that haircut

makes it look round you mean I look bad

no I didn't say that I spent three hours

at the beauty salon I'm starting to like

it I paid $50 it's absolutely beautiful

oh do you really think so

hi Jesse wow you look nice today

Thanks I'm going to a party tonight I

really like that suit you do yes

although I don't think purple is really

your color

you mean this tie well I've always liked

purple oh I mean the tie really suits

you but that shirt in that tie just

don't go together what's the matter with

them I like purple and yellow

do you have any ideas for Jack's

retirement party I haven't really had

time to think about it sorry to

interrupt but I was just thinking we

could use the grand hall over at the

Plaza that's an idea yeah but maybe

that's going a little too far what do

you mean

well Jack's a great guy and all but the

plaza that place is expensive you've got

a point there we'd better try and think

of something that suits our budget well

that about cancels out every place in

town except here here in the office yeah

hey I never thought of that that's a

good idea

I guess it's not such a bad idea okay

so we'll have the retirement party for

Jack in the office hey Alex

you have been rambling for the past 15

minutes what are you trying to say the

point I'm trying to make is that if we

don't get this project off the ground

this company could fold I think you're

probably right about that B it's about

time we talked about getting married hmm

we'd better think about it for a while

what do you mean well what I mean is I

really like you but I just don't think

it's going to work out between us

hi Teresa hi what's up well we just got

new dining room furniture really what

kind did you get it's kind of hard to


is it made of wood yes the table is sort

of oval but it's got three corners you

mean it's triangle not really I mean the

corners are more like curved so it's

kind of kidney shaped I guess you could

say that how interesting

what about the chairs well the backs are

kind of squared and the seats are sort

of round but not really I guess I'll

just have to see it for myself

Hey look at all these Christmas presents

the boxes are all different shapes and

sizes yes I made them myself the

bell-shaped one is for my mom hmm let me

guess it's a hat that's right and the

one in the triangular box is for my

sister yo chic Oh what could that be

hey I know a metronome uh-oh I hope your

Co doesn't guess well I bet you can't

guess what's in the star-shaped box it's

for my dad that's easy a tie right again

mom have you seen my jacket I thought I

left it on the chair in the living room

you did I hung it up it's in the closet

uh-huh and you wouldn't happen to know

where my hat is should be on the top

shelf in the closet got it

and my shoes I'd say below the jackets

yes yes yes

here they are where are you going I

thought I'd go to Harry's for a while

well be back by dinnertime

okay okay hey can I get you something to

drink mark oh I can get it you sure the

coke is over there on the counter the

glasses are in the cabinet above your

head and the ice is under the ice cream

in the freezer okay

Bea then let's meet at the brain of

Vista where is it it's on Hyde Street in

Fisherman's Wharf oh I see

excuse me but could you tell me how to

get to the Oriental bazaar the oriental

bazaar it's a big store where they sell

Japanese ceramics and oh right that's on

this Boulevard a motifs and oh is it far

from here no go over the pedestrian

overpass to the other side of the

boulevard okay then go straight down

that way for a few minutes you'll cross

a Boulevard called Meiji dottie Meiji

Dori then you'll pass a couple of large

cafes and a building called vivre 21

that's V IV r e right just pass vivre

and you'll see the oriental Bazaar on

your right

I see thank you very much you're welcome

excuse me can you tell me how to get to

Matsui apartment store go straight down

this street for blocks until you get to

Haru Midori then turn right uh-huh

follow Haru Midori for four blocks and

you'll get to a large intersection cross

the street turn left and cross the

street again go down two blocks and

Matsui a department store will be on

your right okay



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