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Ep. 18 I have decided to ask him out today.

Were you crazy?

Why did you call him out so late?

Outgoing Call

Why did you cry in front of him?

Why did you keep bugging Ho Yeon?

You keep owing to Ho Yeon.

What do I do?

Should I call him and say sorry?

Should I call him and say thank you?

Should I call him that he made me feel better?

Ho Yeon : Are you feeling alright? Get better.

Message first!!!!

Hey guys, He messaged me first!

Hey guys, the world is such a nice place to live.

Hey guys, why is the world so beautiful?

Hey guys, please all be happy!

What should I say?

Min Ha : Thank you very much

Min Ha : I am so sorry.

What I really want to say is

Min Ha : I really want to see you.



Youve sent it?


You really sent the message from your mind?

Su Bin : I am so sorry Ho Yeon. I know this word cant make it up all the faults Ive done to you. Su Bin: I am sorry that this is the only word I can say to you.

Su Bin : I am now worrying what if youve done wrong in the interview because of me.

I am sorry that I have always been hard for you. How hurt have you been?

I think I got blocked by Ho Yeon.

How hard has it been to you?

How hurt have you been?

How difficult to get it over with for you?

How difficult to get it over with for you?

Why do I regret this now

After all this time?

For me, by thinking of something so unreasonable,

By listening to you saying that we broke up

It is so hurtful...

Su Bin : I am so sorry Ho Yeon. I know this word cant make it up all the faults Ive done to you.

Su Bin: I am sorry that this is the only word I can say to you.

I know I should be more hurt

Then sad

And suffering from broken heart.

Even though you deleted and blocked me

And said you will never see me again

I can do nothing...


I dream of you every night.

The moment when we were happy

The moment when we loved each other

All the memories back then

After those dreams,

I miss you so much

That I put my make-up on

Then dress up

For no reason And wait for you at the bus stop,

Who would never come.

I go over to the caf where you often visit

Think of you who would never come

I go to streets where you often go

And look for your footprints

And think of memories with you

And imagine that you would see me

That you show up magically from nowhere

A day passes by like that

Then, I missed a call from you.

Why did I pass out on that day?

If you hesitated so long

Then called me to hear my voice

What if I couldnt pick up that call?

What do I do then?

Fool Stupid Pathetic

You are not a human.

What are you going to do?!

Ho Yeon : ^^ Ho Yeon : Dinner together tonight?


Was it too obvious that I like him?

Does he feel obliged to answer my signal?

This is so Embarrassing Embarrassing Embarrassing

Wait a second.

Calm down.

If you think,

This might be better.

You only think of Ho Yeon,

Even looking at passing by couples

That coat was so warm

You think of Ho Yeon

When you get hungry.

Is he having lunch?

I should give this for housewarming gift.

Did his moving go well?

Why did you get this when you do not know when you will see him?

I only think of him all day long

We could see movie together

We could have a cup of coffee together

We could fool each other

We could spend days together

We could love each other

Just like others



My mind grows bigger inside,

What about Ho Yeons?

Hey, all is set up now

Lets be honest at dinner.

I could get rejected.

I am afraid I might get rejected.

This might get awkward.

I have never asked any guy out first.

Mind as well just be honest,

Than regret after not being honest.

I have decided not to do this again.

Liking someone this much does not come often

Should I ask him out?

Should I be brave?


I found it!

What does he like to eat?

Which color does he like?

What place does he like to visit?

#BestKimchiSoup #Hatingcarrotsinit He likes Kim Chi soup. I see~

I hate carrots too!

He is so cute.

Should we have Kimchi Soup tonight?



#BestKimchiSoup #Hatingcarrotsinit

Are you eating well?

Is your sleep okay?

#ItisonHoYeon #CelebratingMyAcceptance

He got accepted!

I am so happy for you Ho Yeon!

I knew you would make this.

Woo Sung : If you keep ignoring my message, I am coming over to your place.

Why are you here?

What are you doing?

I told you not to message me again!

Unread messages 36 Woo Sung : If you keep ignoring my message, I am coming over to your place.

Wait, What if he does come over to my place?

Never! No! Never

I wont see you ever again.

Min Ha : What about Kimchi Soup?

Min Ha : I will come over to your place.

Is this good enough?

Unread messages 35

Woo Sung : You are not picking up. Please message me when you see this. I am starting to worry

Woo Sung : You are not seriously passed out after being drunk. Stop drinking

Woo Sung : Please msg me.

Woo Sung : If you keep ignoring my message, I am coming over to your place.

What is this?

Are you really worrying about me?

Su Bin : I am sorry. You are right. I saw you when I had boyfriend

Su Bin : It is all my fault.

Su Bin : Dont worry about me and dont message me anymore.

Su Bin: I am blocking you.

Woo Sung : Wait! I see.

Woo Sung : Lets meet up for the last time tonight. I need to give you something.


I just laughed watching TV.

I just finished my meal.

Am I really okay?

Colleague A : This is Strategic Development Team Park Young Min. We are meeting all up at the training course for newly recruited employees. Ho Yeon: Yes We will. Colleague B : This is Ad. Sales Hwang Hye Jung~ I am so up for the training. Colleague B : What should we pack for the training?

Colleague C : I heard that packing up some comfortable clothes and toiletries would suffice.

Colleague D : How long the training will be?

Colleague E : It is for 10 days.

Ho Yeon : This is PR Tem Han Ho Yeon. Nice to see you all!

Meeting new people

Working with new mind

Would make me feel much better.


Kim Min Ha : I really want to see you.

Really? You want to see who? Me?

Want to see me? (In Japanese) (In English) (In Chinese) (In French) (In Spanish)

When one misses someone,

Like this

Like this

Like this

I missed all the time Su Bin because I liked Su Bin.

I ran to her, jumped to her, flew to her because I missed her.

Hmm? Wait, Maybe?

Min Ha likes me?

If you look into it,

She worried about me very much

She cared for me very much

She leaned onto me very much

She really is similar to me.

If I start new love,

I may be able to forget about Su Bin.

No, it cant. I am using Min Ha.

You already used her to forget about Su Bin.

I shouldnt do this anymore.

Min Ha is a good person.

I feel warm with her.

I get healed by her.

I may like her someday if I try.

What should I do?

Ho Yeon : Dinner tonight together?

When do I start?

I need to tell him tonight.

How do I start?

I keep saying the wrong words.

Come on. Lets just do it


Although stars do not show itself in daylight

They are there.

Although my mind does not show itself to you,

It is there.

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