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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Fake Videos | Reforestation | Puppy-Dog Eyes - The Week In Rap

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a very special shout-out to Joseph's

class at unit school in Bakersfield

California let's get into it let's talk

about fake videos on the internet when

we see a video online we assume that

it's real a video is an accurate

recording of something that happened

right not always it's easy to edit

videos to make the subject to look bad

this is often done for political


someone will edit the video of a

politician they don't like and spread

the video online thousands or even

millions of people will see it some of

them will think it's real and then

they'll have a negative view of that

politician want to see what I mean this

is Laura first I'll do a regular

interview with Laura Laura what's 1+1 2

now Laura what's 4327

times 732 I'm not sure Laura what's

something that you hate I really hate

when people bully each other and what

are some things you love I love dog this

pizza and my family thanks Laura okay

now edit that video to make Laura look

as bad as possible roll the tape

Laura what's one plus one I'm not sure

and listen to what lore hates a really

hate dog this pizza and my family see

people can manipulate a video by cutting

different parts together slowing it down

so that the person looks like they're

slurring their speech and even using

deep fake technology to edit someone's

face to make it look like they said

something that they didn't say we're

entering an era in which our enemies can

make it look like anyone is saying

anything at any point in time so when

you see a video on a social media app

make sure you check the source before

you believe it moving forward we need to

be more vigilant with what we trust from

the internet let's talk about forests if

you've heard it once you've probably

heard it a thousand times the climate is

changing and earth's temperature is

rising one of the leading reasons is


releasing a ton of carbon into the air

mostly by burning fossil fuels carbon

traps heat in our atmosphere and the

temperature goes up the Nature has

already built an incredible machine to

get carbon out of the air the tree yeah

actual trees their leaves pull carbon

out of the air and stored in their

branches and roots and when trees die

the carbon goes back into the ground

many scientists are encouraging

countries to work on reforestation that

is replanting trees to create more

forests the three biggest countries that

have land for deforestation Russia could

reforest 373 million acres the United

States could be forest 255 million acres

in Canada could be forest 193 million

acres this wouldn't solve climate change

but it would make a big difference

let's talk puppy-dog eyes ever seen a

dog look like this some call that

puppy-dog eyes I'm not even a big dog


but I'll be real with you it's pretty

cute when dogs make eye contact with

humans they'll often raise their inner

eyebrows this is also what people do

when they want to show care and concern

so our dogs mimicking humans the dogs

start making that cute face in response

to living alongside humans or was it

something they can always do humans

first domesticated the dog about 20,000

years ago and before then all dogs were

wild like wolves a group of researchers

recently examined the anatomy that's the

body structures of six dogs in four gray

wolves don't worry all of them had died

of natural causes they found that the

six dogs all had a muscle in their face

that the wolves did not have the muscle

that makes it so they can go like this

that suggests that domesticated dogs

evolved to make this face over the last

20,000 years perhaps because they live

so closely with humans one of the

researchers says that making that face

gave dogs an advantage in their

interactions with humans compared to the

dogs who couldn't and so that trait

became widespread in dogs and that's how

natural selection works this is who we

can rap oh yeah we can rap I'm around

the news line after line just is what be

- once upon the time video was true now

edits and indeed faked a car use to

manipulate footage it look pretty good

it can make it cousin say daddy babes

and put it next time and change we

released too much carbon dioxide it

keeps the temperature I'll go out on the

limb just the plant this scene one way

to suck carbon up is plant in tree last

puppy dog eyes are cute but how research

says they raid their inner eye brows

when we look them in the eye they seem

so caring I forgot my line I'm filtering

that's a wrap yeah I'm done the news

never stops but I got a rush

do you have a topic or a headline in

minds that you want to learn more about

answers a shout out contest for a chance

to be featured in a future a weekend rap

video good luck thank you for watching

anything rap definitely like and

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you next week


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