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hello everyone and welcome to our vegetable garden kirst in this video

we talk about the sowing the sowing tips in august why now at the end of july

that has a very simple reason many of the statements that i will introduce to you in a moment

we see them based on experience rather at the beginning of august and so that you can prepare yourself well

we decided to produce this video a little earlier we received a lot of e-mails

many inquiries whether we are doing well with floods and yes we have no

great problems it is ridiculous that too name if we look what happened

we can only guess how terrible it must be for those affected we also

thought about how we can help what we can do we have decided that

we will simply donate financially where we have donated that you will find in the

infobox under this video if you are affected our garden is again if you want

start have the opportunity to do so and would like a little support then feel

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then you have probably already seen it, we have shared some of the company

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and the second topic, what else is there, it is our summer break, we now do it every year

so that we can in the summer for a couple of weeks on youtube, so to speak, and relax,

yes, we may need to know, especially when you r new since we were actually a

little to mention we do pretty much everything alone, the garden, the videos, the cut the

block in the shop in the team there we have support in any case but everything else around

it we do it ourselves and we need it a break itself something like cleaning cameras

updates driving one of those things the technology these are things that we also do in the summer break

with the garden vegetable kiosk on youtube it is then planned at the end of august continue

with the garden tour and otherwise if the meeting works maybe you can see us

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and now we come to the actual topic of this video and the statements we

differentiate here on the one hand there are except had they should definitely come to our experience after the

beginning of august then it says we can be sown throughout august

and then there is of course, statements that can be sown

not only in august but also later we start with the leafy vegetables with the leafy vegetables it already starts

with this subdivision we have, for example, leafy vegetables that should be sown at the beginning of august

and that is the endive salad that is chard but of course also the radicchio

because it is very important that we have already done that at the beginning of august so that

with the culture and the harvest afterwards also works well with the salads it is a

bit less complicated we can look it up in august but even in september because

we have salads like batavia lettuce mood lettuce oak leaf lettuce or ice cream and lettuce, the

rocket, on the other hand we don't pull it So before the rocket, that's why we do the direct sowing

that works very well and it also tastes absolutely delicious, so if you haven't tried

rocket in the garden even if it blooms afterwards, it's great even the

flowers taste incredibly delicious when making lettuce we so that we just

look what it looks like in the garden if the bed is not yet free so a harvest

is delayed then we prefer it if the picture is already free then we work

here men directly says lettuce is very easy there is both feasible but a tip from

us is definitely to grow the lettuce in the raised bed if possible nn we

think about it in winter it is a bit uncomfortable and muddy because I

use rubber boots, scissors and shots and I can harvest the lettuce very comfortably I think the

winter cress and the post alone belong to the winter as well as the field lettuce

hard leaf green so incredibly important for us in winter we prefer the winter cress

and I am very happy that we have it in the garden tastes very aromatic but in winter it is

incredibly good and with postel 1 there is a trick that you probably know He already has

a temperature of 4 to 10 degrees and if we look in august it is too warm outside

, of course, what do we do so we take the seed tray and put it in the refrigerator

to germinate so that the post office should get this cold stimulus We

got the tip from you that you can simply put the seeds from post alone in the refrigerator

to give them to them And that it worked well with the sowing

, we did not try it here but and I think that it was a good tip that we

shared with you here thank you a leaf vegetable which is not really hardy but is

long in the garden Lasts until winter that the asia salads are a little more delicate in

terms of taste, a little more well-known, a little bit spicier, but we definitely find it

a gain for the garden, especially in the cold temperatures months and you can

easily do it through the Draw a pan blanch a little then it is a nice

addition to the kitchen the asia salads are preferred by us and then there is also a

green one of course it shouldn't be missing which we don't prefer but

indirectly since you came into the earth probably already knows exactly it would be nice bat

the spinach must not be missing it is of course twice in the yes hr cultivated and spinach in autumn i

think you have already tried it if not it is simply delicious and

one more tip from us for the loan numbers we do it especially in midsummer when it is very

hot that we shady our foreign plates and if necessary, especially with the salads,

even water them with cool water so that the germination works well and is

not too hot as soon as the seedlings are visible, then it is so far that we can put

them in the sun, so be sure to keep an eye on it make sure you

don't dry out, especially with the statements, it is important that we keep an

eye on you again and again we come to the next category that is our cabbage vegetable and this is slowly getting tight for us

now there are only two candidates in question, namely are that the chinese cabbage and the kohlrabi

is also important for us that we do this sowing at the beginning of august so that it is

harvested afterwards e also what will we see the panels then put them in the shade and when something is

sprouted the first sprouts can be seen these panels come into the sun afterwards when

parking we make sure that we set them lower and then the question arises where ins b

, they are usually the potato bins when the early potatoes are

harvested and the potato bins are free then we put the young plants in from the

chinese cabbage and also from the kurabi and are happy about a nice harvest if you

the third category here in our household calendars is big enough, that is the root vegetables here we have

two candidates again, once the radishes and the icicles they can

now be sown in august but also important in september is of course that they are sown

indirectly sown and in terms of taste, they have a well-known, slightly sharp touch,

if you like that, that's good advice j Now to see again if you still need good high

quality and solid seeds then please have a look at the infobox we have

linked our shop where we have now been able to build up a nice range and show you in

our videos how we grow it grows and how we harvest

it you live you know something is always sown with us and I hope you have now got an

impression that now in august there are still some vegetables that can still be sown

around autumn and winter to equip with a rich harvest, perhaps even

more interesting for you when I'm standing here to show what

planting campaigns are still in front of me here next to me we have the Chinese cabbage that is already

preferred, the forest in the ground can stand next to it endive salad that are about to

be quoted and here we have two boxes of our beloved broad beans and they are

now definitely fa ll already big enough they are waiting for a bed to be free and they can move in

next to the broad beans there we have the young plants or seedlings of the beetroot

beetroot it if you like me very much here we also like to eat the broccoli the

stands over there and waits to find another place in the garden and next to

the broccoli we have a plate with turnips and if you are

wondering what kind of grandma vegetable is no with the right variety a good cultivation

and the turnip is a wonderful vegetable in the self-sufficient garden during the early harvest,

I hope you enjoyed the video, maybe a bit inspired and motivated

to think about what statements I can now make about a thumbs up, of course, we are

happy and we hope that The weather is now calmed down a bit, we can all

still experience a nice summer late summer together and that we don't e have to experience

further disasters like the ones that have just happened under this video in the infobox

we have given the link from the donation account where we donated to I know there are many more

and that is also good, which is also particularly beautiful that there are so many people who are

now so committed to the matter, help, lend a hand, organize maybe you

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vegetables here your life we wish you all the best a nice summer lots of joy in your

garden good harvests and we are now saying goodbye to our summer break i'm curious

which one i want to go with will come back above all I'm looking forward to

coming down and then I'm looking forward to it when it starts again as I said if you

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in vegetable cultivation so its good and have fun until the next time with you in the garden

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