Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Calvin Loves a Plant

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(whimsical piano music)

- Hi, my name's Calvin.

Last week, my teacher Miss Glenda Hurst

told us the secret to eternal life.

She told us that if we wanna live forever

we have to take care of Mother Earth.

Even though Miss Glenda Hurst says

that we can water the plants in class,

she only lets Nicole Pitman do it

and I don't know maybe it's just me

but I don't really think Nicole Pitman

knows what she's doing when she's watering the plants.

So to get on Miss Glenda Hurst's good side

I stole all the plants from our classroom, see?

According to the Internet, the special ingredient

to make these guys grow is love.

Nicole Pitman doesn't know how to love.

So, to express my love and appreciation,

I thought I'd thought I'd write them a little something.

Dear plants, I love you more than the heroic

eagle loves the story of this great land

that we call America which is the home

of the free and land of the brave and that is a lie.

I hope all the love I'm giving the plants works

because if it doesn't work I'm gonna

have to resort to plan B.

Plan B is making my own fertilizer.

(whimsical violin music)

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