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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Game Master Returns!!! Top Secret Abandoned Message Found Under Tonka Truck Tire!

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lego fort boys and girls and I say yes welcome back to our channel before we

get started I'd turn all cases get may I hear it thumbs up guys we had to get on

the camera because there are something crazy going on and we had to show you

guys yeah it's still under Tyler we have again alright just before you guys go

I didn't it's a piece of paper it's okay these girls are just overly dramatic

about everything right yeah looks like something and it has words on it

it was really weird yeah it's a note but we can only be half of it because I'm

driving over half of it so let's go outside and we're gonna see what it is

okay okay those words that Madison okay so here it is okay

man I don't know if you guys can see that but there's the Sun up there and

there's a helicopter this has been having a lot lately there's like

helicopters flying all over the place we see if I can zoom in and see it yeah

right there all day long you guys helicopters

airplanes keep playing around we don't know what's been going on but it's been

like this the last few days so I think something crazy is going back on in our

neighborhood so we don't know but let me show you as the note alright so here it

is it says the impostor ginge so now you look up so we have to get this out of

here I've got a Mumbai truck so we can pause the note and see what the rest of

it says but it does say look up so maybe there is something going on with the

helicopters and airplanes so let me back this out we'll see what it says

that stop

alright guys let's grab this note see what it says kickturn granite okay can

you see it the imposter gingerbread man he's gone

trim it says the gingerbread man is gone yeah we haven't heard from him for a

while but who's the note from I don't know we did says here on the plan

alright so pasta gingerbread man it's gone so now you deal with me look up

is there somebody named to look up I don't think so okay it looks like look

it is torn though yeah it looks like half the note is missing it looks like we

have to find the other half and put it together Madison are there any notes

over there okay see if you see anything girls look

see if you see any other notes there's got to be the other part of the note

somewhere in our yard I'll see it anywhere though okay girls you find

anything okay all right no notes just snails so okay

she's got perfect spot for a snail you guys so what I think this is if somebody

else is taking over the gingerbread man's work but I don't know what it is

because the gingerbread man went good and he was on our side but now we have

to deal with somebody else look up so I don't know what that means

if it's the helicopter that we just saw like five minutes ago or two minutes ago

or something else girls do to get something in our house

is there anything on the roof nothing wait what what what do you see what yeah

so that's like a wasp nest or something so train are you telling me you think

the loss produce a note probably not okay let me see if there's anything else

anything on the roof there's nothing there's nothing girls okay Madison

there's nothing up so what do you think it means what do you think it means okay

let's go in and look okay so maybe it's inside the house so we're gonna go in

and see if we can look up in our house I don't know how it would be because we

have security cameras in our house so no one's in here the security camera

security camera security camera all over the place so we got to figure it out

girls okay look up and find something Madison oh man nothing there's nothing

girls I don't see anything in here this makes no sense whoever wrote this yeah I

don't know what it means maybe you mean like look someone come on

okay let's go Madison right yes we're gonna fall Maxie if she sees anything

over here I'm going crazy back totally nothing yeah there's nothing in here

where's it gonna be girls the secret door kay let's go let's go okay let's go

okay so we have no clue what this note means we have no clue who this note is

from but the girls are saying that we've got to go look in the secret door oh my

gosh what is that turn book right there it's tiny you could barely see it look a

little piece of paper here mom hold the camera okay okay I gotta get the ladder

I'll get the ladder we'll be right back can't believe we're getting this thing

out again oh yeah a really really old ball first up again yeah

granny cold

okay here we go

you split aren't even open the door whoops P we don't even know what's on it

though it's the game master the game master wrote it

Oh get it get it get it trim careful ladies guys I think I can match it up

know so I think it's gotta be the gamemaster

because it says the gingerbread man has done so Jim must not be gingerbread man

it's godly the game master he's got to be back okay we gotta go check this out

guys all right guys back up the ladder into the secret door room one more time

alright guys it's been a while since we've been up here

okay it gets really tight here alright so here is where I found all the stuff

before I don't see anything it's a vent

I don't see anything okay I think there's something in that hole though

Mike you can see that well that's some wire or string I know what that is

all right we're gonna get out of here guys I don't think anything's up here

it's gotta be something outside it's gotta be this helicopters okay

nothing okay there's nothing up here Trin I think it's got to be something

outside with those airplanes and helicopters that have been flying all

around lately

all right yes so we know the gamemaster is back we're pretty sure it's the

gamemaster I don't know if there's been anybody

else that uses the initials GM but there's a lot of things there's the

gamemaster well toy master is the TM what else is there I think that's it

game master and gingerbread man okay so it's got to be a game master we don't

know we haven't seen anything we can't let the game master start taking over

our channel again this is not gonna happen

Trent how did we get rid of him last time we'd be every challenge that he

made for us and then we beat him so he's like oh you guys are so hard on me I

don't have any other challenges that you can't be it I'm leaving this place that

what happened nothing yeah I think he got afraid of kids that's why he quit

kids channels but I don't know why he's back so that's why I don't

know if it's the game master or not all right guys we'll keep an eye out for you

guys outside up in the sky everywhere and we'll let

you know if we see anything two hours later

alright guys so apparently something's going on outside

what oh my gosh you guys he is right there it is the gamemaster you are you

were right trin what is he doing back I don't know what what's he doing maybe

he's looking for something maybe you forgot something on the way back home

he's right over there where you guys were getting snails maybe he's getting

snails once maybe he did maybe he dropped something on the way back home

hope he's looking for that note he's why is he our house oh no he's going though

he's like he's over by the fire hydrant what is he doing maybe trying to get

enough water on Wow hold on let me jump up here really quick here mom Jimmy

okay I'm gonna jump up here and see if I can see him a little bit there he is

this guy's you'd see him all the way over there you can see all the way over

there you guys I don't know what he's doing he's doing something over by the

fire hydrant in that light okay he's gone he's gone okay good I don't know

what he's doing but he just won't watch from our house over in front of the

neighbor's house we have to go towards it and say he'd have our guard we're

done with you perhaps were challenging you a challenge why don't we just let

the neighbor take care of him yeah but then we have to worry about him

not catching us yeah we have to call him and we don't even know his phone number

alright guys so we know what's the gamemaster

you know he's back we don't know what he wants yet I'm sure we gonna get some

kind of challenge here in the next couple days but if you guys knew that it

was the game master give us a thumbs up and let us know

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