Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Beginning Wing Tsun Techniques : Wing Tsun Basic Takedowns

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In this section, we're going to go over basic takedown techniques using Wing Chun. Continuing

the series on Wing Chun, we're going through some takedown techniques. Now, the person

is going to punch here. I'm going to use the tan sau that I used before, trap the arm.

I'm going to step behind his leg, bring my forearm into his neck, and sweep him over

my leg to take him down. Ok, again, full speed. Same thing you can do with lop sau, again.

You can lock, trap, and take down, same way. Now I'm going to change our stance. Now, he's

going to be on the left side; I'm going to be on the right side. He's going punch with

his lead on here; I go into a bong here. As I go into a bong, I step behind his leg, and

go into a fak sau - which is a knife-hand strike - to his throat, taking him down, sweeping

him over my leg. Again, full speed. Slow motion. Bong sau, step, behind his leg, fok sau, sweeps

over the leg. Those are some basic takedown techniques of Wing Chun kung fu.

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