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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Eco-Friendly Natural Cat Care | Chemical-Free and Zero-Waste Goal

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I practice sustainability, Minimalism, and natural living. I try my best to keep my home Chemical-free for my cat.

Hello friends this is Youheum, my cat's name is Boru. She's affectionate, gentle,

and a master in meditation and mindfulness.

She's been declawed by her previous owner before we adopted her back in New York.

And she's currently recovering from a hematoma on her right ear.

My intention today is to share how I care for her in my natural home

while trying my best to keep it Low-waste.

I admit that I'm not 100% Zero-waste and

in no way do I think that my own practice is the best for all cats.

So feel free to send me suggestions and

insights so that the community of cat lovers can all benefit.

I keep an indoor garden for my cat. I use a clay sprouting tray to grow cat grass.

She likes to nibble on it occasionally and I also add a few cuttings to her food as well.

The organic lemon balm and catnip are her favorites. If you want, you can also get these at a local nursery.

I will also do a video on gardening and sprouting in the future!

Some of you wanted to know how I manage to grow some of my own food.I

I am an Extreme Minimalist practicing Furniture-free living.

The only thing close to furniture is the woven cat tower that I have in the living room.

It's made of natural materials and the reason why I choose materials like linen,

organic cotton, jute hemp, and straw is because I want to avoid

chemicals like flame retardants and mold repellents that are sprayed onto pet and human furniture.

Of course, no one can avoid harsh chemicals completely.

I try my best to align with my intention of natural living.

The cat shelf is handmade and the wood is kept unfinished.

My cat also enjoys sleeping on my meditation cushion. This one is made of buckwheat.

No synthetic materials.

I also don't use chemical cleaning solutions

like air fresheners or any kind of artificial fragrance at home so that my cat doesn't inhale any toxins.

If you want to know more about home detox, feel free to download my e-book.

Also, be sure to let me know what your pets favorite things are.

It could be their favorite plant toy or place to hang out.

I use holistic remedies and herbal medicine for my cat.

I clean her ears with a witch hazel and

gentle essential oil solution and I apply colloidal silver for irritated skin or open wounds.

I also add organic spirulina and kelp as a supplement into her food.

I add a bit of CBD oil to her food as well.

This one is from CBDistillery, and I've been using this for a while.

I'm grateful for their generosity of sending me this free gift.

CBD oil for pets and for humans hs

anti-inflammatory benefits and helps with relaxation.

I had some people ask me if my cat is also Vegan because I eat a Raw Vegan diet.

She's not and I feed her limited ingredient rabbit meat cat food.

I have tried giving her raw food to reduce packaging and for her health.

But she was unable to transition at that time, but I might try again in the future.

I'm aware of the waste produced from cans and I know that most are lined with toxins like BPA.

I'm looking into more of this and would love to hear what works for you.

She's allergic to poultry or at least low-quality conventional ones. So I'm trying to avoid that as well.

I enjoy grooming her once a day during shedding season when it's warmer.

I also just let her do her own grooming.

I have a metal brush a natural brush made of boar hair,

which I bought before I went fully Vegan. I also have a coconut fiber brush

which could be a good natural and Vegan-friendly option.

I try not to stroke too fast or with too much strength.

And I usually let her tell me if she wants to be groomed or not by letting her rub against the brush.

I'm currently using a walnut husk litter without any added fragrance.

I also tried clay and wheat

but found that the most natural and sustainable option for me is walnut from what I know.

Her litter box is made of stainless steel. So it's easy to clean Plastic-free and durable.

I don't have to worry about the litter box cracking and needing to replace it after a year.

I'm hoping to find a more Low-waste and Eco-friendly way to purchase litter.

So if you know any plant-based materials that I can get in bulk or in package free form. Please let me know!

We both love fresh air and taking a short stroll outside (supervised)

She also spends time on the balcony to watch birds and squirrels.

She's slowly building more confidence to venture outside.

I usually recycle paper and fiber to make her toys.

This one is made of a wooden stick, strings, and a piece of scrap paper.

I would love to know what your cat loves to play with. Boru loves anything string and scrunchie.

I truly enjoy the time I spend with my family. I love being in this present moment with my cat.

Of course, I love the outdoors,

traveling, and excitement but it is so special to be able to return to my peaceful home where my cat is.

It is truly a gift to be able to share this moment with this gentle soul.

I hope you also enjoy the presence of your companion. If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to my channel.

Feel free to leave any comments on how you care for your cat and any suggestion the community can benefit.

Thanks again for being here my friends and I hope to see you again soon.

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