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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 썸탈때 하면 않돼는 7가지 - [ENG]sub

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I don't talk.

Just act!

Eww, It's bitter.

Where's the...



What the...

He is really insane!

"JunPark" 's~ favorite~ ra~ndom game!

What kind...

I don't know any games I play at drinking party.

Good! Bye!

Cleo~! pa! t! ra!

[When are you going? ha]

[It's almost time for the last train.]

[I'm scared to go alone.]

[That must be scary. he]

[Come with me. I'll make sure your not in danger.. ha]


[Ah Not 'Your' but 'You'. ha]

[It was dangerous. ha]

[You're not in danger...]

Seven thinks your shouldn't make mistakes when your seeing someone.

Seven thin yo shouldn't make mistakes when yo seeing someone.

Seven thi y shouldn't make mistakes when y seeing someone.

Seven thing yo shouldn't make mistakes when yo seeing someone.

Seven things you shouldn't make mistakes when you seeing someone.

[You're not in danger...]

Of course, You shouldn't make such a mistake.

You're gonna be okay, Bro~.

When I confessed to a girl I liked,

I misused "I want you in my arms." as "I want you in my army." so I just went to the army.

(Faintly) Naver Smartboard.

But why do you care about these things all of a sudden?

Are you seeing someone?

Milk candy, Peach, Owl.

Wow, the world has gotten better.


Do you happen to know how to tell Tawny Owl from True Owl?

Tawny Owl's face is O. (He.)


You know that, don't you?

Talking about owls reminded me of "HaeJi".


Are owls that resemble "HaeJi" prettier?


"HaeJi" is pretty.

Tawny Owl's face is O. True Owl's face is V.

Ding! You're wrong.

Don't call "HaeJi" an owl...


XXXX Do it if you can, You XXX of a XXXXX.

Give it a try, FXXXXXX XXXXXX.

Hey, tell me your phone number.


I don't think "Jun" would do that.

I play LOL.

But I don't think you're going to say anything rough like that.

Playing "LoL" is...

The same as using abusive language.

Hey, you got a call?

That bXXXard...

Blamed me.


Hey, You FXXX.

Where do you live? XXXXXXX.

You really want to XXX XXXX.



How old are you?


[L P L]

[Love Peace L???]

[Live Park Lose???]

[What do you mean?]

[Oh, ha. I sent you the wrong text to send to "HyunJae". Sorry. ha]

[What are you doing? ha]

I think your ex-girlfriend would have been pretty.

She was pretty.


She must have been really pretty to see you say that.

Hm... She has about 10,000 followers...


She had a high nose and a pretty ankle...

Wow, I never imagined it.

Isn't that great?

Listen, There's another interesting story.

One of my friends was a good student.



I just heard the ending of the Japanese story from "HyunJae".

[Ok, I'll listen. ha]

"HyunJae" 's friend who went to Japan, his father was Japanese.

Professor Min called him to his office to ask why he went to Japan.

After that, Professor Min said to him...


Why aren't you saying anything? Do you even listen to me?

Even when you text, you say "ha","he"...

You have no sincerity.

I should hang up now.


Why are you hanging up!!!!!!

What is it?

Is it the latest fad?

How could you hang up like that?

I don't think "Jun" likes me.

Was it you that Jun was interested in?

Why don't you know?

Aren't you his friend?

I asked him, but he didn't tell me.

It was you.

You didn't know.

Generally speaking...

Doesn't the person you like want to brag about and talk about?

I like you, you are pretty, have a good personality,

And you play well.

I told you.

Best as a friend is the worst as a lover.

Well, he didn't want to brag...


You can love others even if you like only one thing.

If you don't love someone, one disadvantage is greater than a hundred advantages.

Don't say 'Generally speaking'.

Some people are quietly in love with others.

'Generally speaking' is not the word used in this situation.


You such a...!!


The World's Best Potato Chip.

Look at this.

This is 'ha'

This is 'he'

Ah...I don't laugh like this...


[When are you going home? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha]

[Do you want me to take you? hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe]

Naver Smartboard

[Do you... ]

[Do me?]


[Wh... ]


[I just... ]

[I just... I just like you...]


In short

Short paper

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