Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MUZAFFARPUR Veg FOOD Tour I Bihari Snacks: Kachri, Pyazi, Ghugni, Aloo kachalu, Kachori, Dahi Puri

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Situated on the banks of river Budhi Gandhak, it is a historical and industrial city

that is know for its Shahi Litchi

Welcome to Muzaffarpur

Muzaffarpur is my hometown and my birthplace

So today's food tour is no ordinary one but is an emotional food tour

I will take you to those chosen places where I spent my childhood

And whose taste are still there in my memory

Come let's start Muzaffarpur Food Tour with Anubhav Sapra

Jai Baba Garibnath

Om Nama Shivay

Har Har Mahadev

Presently we are at Muzaffarpur's Sunar Patti which is a jewelry street.

Right at the corner there is the Makhan SHah Halwai that is known for its traditional snacks

Come let's taste over here some Kachori, Sabzi, malpua and jalebi

Hoe old is this shop? -It is 80 yrs old.

I remember during my childhood I have come here many times to eat.

All those things that were available then can be seen today as well

Jalebi, Kachori sabzi

What other things are there?

litti, kachori

And samosa. -Samosa is there also khasta kachori

The taste that used to prevail 80 years back is still intact

It is our specialty that no onion,garlic is used in any of our food

Give us a plate of kachori and sabzi

And with it we will try the malpuas for jalebis we have tried often

During morning time you get this very popular breakfast platter

You have these kachoris that are also known as puris

Along with this there is the malpua, aloo channa curry and hot jalebis

Come let's taste it

Very nice

There is a nice flavour of the Panch Phoran

These puris haven't been stuffed

Whole wheat puris

Along with it there is this hot and fresh malpua

Very delicious

For how long you have been coming here?

Since many days

I am coming here since my childhood

Where do you live?

You have come from there to have your breakfast. -Yes

I come daily. -Daily! You like it so much

Yes I like it that's why I come here

Very nice. Their malpua is very tasty

Kachori is also good

Thank you. We enjoyed it.

Here the singhara masala is being prepared

And it has panch phora, ginger, garlic, peanuts, coriander leaves, kasuri meethi

garam masala

It has bay leaves as well. -yes everything

You have added dry red chilies as well

It is full of spices

Here the samosa is called singhara

In English it is called samosa and in Hindi it is called singhara

Namaste! Did you recognize me or not. I didn't used to have specs back then

I didn't used to put spectacles

Yes you have come here earlier

Why won't I recognise you?

I saw you from distance and recognised the blue colour. That same blue colour is prevailing

I am so happy to see you

I am fond of this colour

This is ghugni muri

Puffed rice is mixed with onions and masala

On top of it goes the aloo channa curry

This spoon is made with banana leaves

Earlier there used to be a different bowl

The bowl has changed

Earlier it used to be of sal leaves

After many years

Today as well you have the same taste and the same spiciness.

Don't you add curd any more. -No

See I met Prem Ranjan

Finally I met someone known

You are running your Delhi Food Walks over here

I was just telling that during our school time...

The old man is good in this

I remember that after school we used to park our cycles over here and....won't leave without having ghugni muri

We used to be together in school

Alu Kachalu

Everything is childhood memories

I come and eat here in a month or half

It has been more than 22-23 years

Yes it has been 20-22 years

It has been fifty years

30 and 20 its fifty years

The taste is the same

Once the school got over we would come her for casual meeting

Does the school kids still halt here. -Yes all of them

This too was fixed

So it was fun to mix muri into the gravy of alu kachalu and eat it

This whole set up of yours is the same old one. Nothing has changed

From the colour of the containers to the utensils

Everything is at the same place. Nothing has changed

It was fun to try ghugni muri and alu kachalu

Do tell your mother that Bhunja wala was remembering her. -Sure

This much you definitely convey to her

Thank You

This is another famous sweet from Bihar

It is called Launglata

Can you tell us how is it made?

Khoya is made from milk

Then we make a dough of maida and besan

After the dough is ready, we stuff it with khoya, fold it, we put few raisins, fry it in oil and dip it in sugar syrup

How does this yellow colour comes

We add a little edible colour

Both maida and besan is used. - Yes for crispiness

bring some water

It seems like a peda

The khoya is prepared by us. It is not the ready made khoya

It is not the ready made one

Very nice. It has a sweet flavour of the cardamom

This is the masala of the samosa

Wow sir! It is spicy

Sodium Bicarbonate isn't mixed to this. Right -yes no soda is mixed

See how it puffs up

The shop has been there for 75 years

Your grandfather started it

There is my father. Before that was my grandfather

I remember that we used to have lot's of sev bundi from here

What ever things are there... it might appear old

but many people consume it

The infrastructure is old

Quality is been maintained.Everything is being prepared right in front of your eyes

It is being prepared fresh

We will sell fresh sev

Everything is freshly prepared. -Yes nothing is stale

Sev Bundi is a traditional dish over here

We had tried it at Patna. Sev Bundi and Dahi

Did you try this? -No you haven't served it

We will have it only when you serve it

I find it more enjoyable to have sev bundi and curd. All three of them

Curd is there. Shall I add some?

Yes it will be great if you add a little bit

This sev bundiya too is a traditional snack of Bihar

This sev don't have any spices. It only has salt

It is made with besan

The bundi too is made with besan and it is dipped in sugar syrup

It will tasty much better if you added the malai of the milk to it

I have never tried it but since you have recommended it, I will definitely try it

The sev is very crisp

Very delicious. -It is made of only besan that too pure besan

This is the Launglata in which you can see a clove

It is quite sticky

It is sticking to the teeth

The addition of this clove adds a fragrance to it

Thank you Baidyanath Ji

We loved the sev bundiya and laung lata

Where is Chintu Ji?

He is standing there

Oh here he comes

Chintu ji give us some Dahi Puri

The fly over is ruled by Chintu Ji

One chintu Ji is her, another one is there and there. There are three chintu ji

Someone told me about you that you make dahi puri with raisins and cherries

That is why I am here

This is Chintu ji's special Dahi Puri that has raisins, sev, cherries and onions

Spiced potatoes


You have made a great dish. How long you have been here?

It has been 7 years. -Right here.

Yes here it has been seven years. Before it I was in Kolkata

You have come here from Kolkata

People go to Kolkata from here to sell puchkas. You have come back here.

In Kolkata most of the puchka sellers are from Bihar

We too used to stay there. Now we have shifted here

Very nice. It has unique, interesting flavours

Sweet, savoury and spicy. It has all the flavours

Make us taste one water filled one as well

Although you have written it as Pani puri, but it is called Gupchup

It has many names

Locally it is called gupchup

The main difference between Gupchup and golgappa is that this one is made with whole wheat flour

And in the potato masala

there will be kala channa, raw onions, green chillies

Lots of spices and coriander leaves

The spiced water is always made of tamarind

The spiced water that Chitu Ji has prepared is made with both tamarind and mint

Okay chintu Ji namaste

First goes the cabbage, cauliflower

onions, peas and capsicum. It is first fried

Once it is fried then we will add tomatoes

Then boiled potatoes

Then it is mashed

And some spinach is added

The shop has been around for 8 years and

Due to the self made masala, the quality is very different from other places

Now the special bhaji is being made

let's see how it is being made

This masala is of garlic and chillies

What is this? -Garlic. -More garlic

And due to too much butter...It is a little spicier

This is the special bhaji that has been fried twice

A lot of butter has been added

There are lots of veggies as well. Capsicum, onion, tomato, potato, spinach

Bhaji masala that your mother prepares

Give us a pav s well. -Give here a pav Suman

Loved it. It is delicious

The best thing about the Bhaji is that

the taste of all the veggies that you have added is coming through separately

You were telling that it would be spicy but it is not

No it isn't spicy

It is zesty and it has a strong garlic flavour

Thank you. I haven't eaten a better bhaji than this

Not only in Bihar, but in the whole of India I haven't tasted any bhaji better than this

It is a great task indeed to make it with so many veggies and make is so delicious

Thank you

We have arrived at Muzaffarpur's Suta Patti Market

It is a big retail and wholesale market for clothes

And this cart is right infront of the Sheetala Mandir

It is known for its Kachoris and ghugni

Come let's taste

There is kachri and sattu ki kachori

Along with it there is cauliflower pakoda

Flattened rice, Channa i.e known as Ghugni over here

I will make the bread one, pyaju and chup

Is this the stuffing for the chup -Yes

Tell me what you want to have?

First give us a piece of Kachori

We have taken a kachri that is made with moong dal. At many place sit is made with Kesari dal

Had it been hot it would have tasted better. -It is still very tasty

In this too you have added green chilies and garlic

It is too crisp

It tastes great with flattened rice or puffed rice

In fact it goes much well with rice and dal. -Yes

This is cauliflower pakoda

This you must be making during the cauliflower season

Cauliflower is now available all throughout the year

Very tasty

It has been fried in mustard oil

There is a nice flavour of garlic

come lt's try the choti kachori that has been served with ghugni

This is quite spicy

The ghugni is spicy

And the way it is served is quite different

First the dry ghugni that is there is added and to it the curry is added

Here comes the chup

It is very hot

This is again a very popular street food of Bihar and it is called Aloo chup

People like to have this one too in the evening

It is eaten with puffed rice, flattened rice, ghugni and just by itself as well

The potato stuffing of this aloo chup is very spicy

Into it goes in a lot of garam masala and garlic

It is dipped in the besan and deep fried in mustard oil

Hence it comes out crisp

During the winters peas is added to this

while during the summers, peanuts are added to it

I like it without the chutney. You get to taste the spices

On adding the chutney mostly you get the taste of chutney

I think Aloo chup should be eaten just the way it is

Give us a pyaju

It has onions, besan, green chilies, nigella seeds and carom seeds.

The dish that Hari Ji is making is called Piyaji, Pajuya

It is different from Onion pakoda.

In case of onion Pakodas

Sliced onions are dipped in besan batter and then deep fried

This one isn't made like it

Sliced onions is mixed with dry besan

Then it is kneaded along with nigella seeds, carom seeds and green chilies

Then it is fried in mustard oil

Give us a piece of Pyaji


Crisp and hot

It is having a great aroma of mustard oil

What are you making now? Oh you are taking a break and will resume when customers come

you make lots of item

There are ten items

Many indeed


It looks like a pakoda but it is very different from it

This is more crispier than that because when you use the sliced onions dipped in batter, it releases its moisture

So it remains soft from the inside

This one is crisp

very little spices were used like only Nigella seeds and carom sseds

Still it is so tasty

Not much spices goes into this

Much spices goes into the alu chup

Behind there is the cloth market, Suta patti Market

In one of the lanes there is Sheetla Temple and he stands right in front of it

If you ever come to Muzaffarpur then do visit his stall and taste all these snacks

Very tasty. Thank you hari ji

I was born in Muzaffarpur

I remember whenever there was a family outing with parents

then we always came to Bharat Jalpan

It was fixed that we would have the dosa over here that was made with ghee

And then have the Rasmadhuri

Now there are many restaurants in the city

At one time this was the only restaurant. People used to come out to eat over here

Inside their used to be cabins. -They are still there

When families come for meal they are given that place to sit

So that they have eat peacefully with their family

This dish of theirs is quite popular

Sir tell us what is the difference between Rasmadhuri and Rasmalai

This one is round in shape and that one is flat in shape

Its size is small as well. The milk part of Rasmalai is thinner and that of this sweet is thicker

We can see the chironji in this. You add them too -Yes

Pista is also added

It tastes the same

Very tasty. Chilled rasgulla

Its not rasgulla but you can say so

It is the bid daddy of the rasgulla

Very nice

This is the Balushahi

It has been thoroughly cooked in sugar syrup -Yes

It is cooked in the sugar syrup

That one is made of maida and sooji

Maida chura sooji

This one is pure chena

Though both are called Balushahi. -There is a difference in taste between the two

A huge difference

In this we add cardamom

In the Rasmadhuri we add the Kewra essence

This is too sweet

It is due to the sugar syrup

This is a unique dish that we haven't tried over here

You can call it chena khejur or chota gulab jamun

If it is a little more longer then it will become a langcha

That is quite popular in Bengal

This too has a nice taste of the cardamom

This is the smaller version of the gulab jamun

It is used like additional...

In marriage feasts these are used as first serving

Is this chocolate? -It will taste like a chocolate. Please taste it

These are like the ones that is available in the mountains. -This is the gond pak

It is not available anywhere that easily

It is totally made with ghee

This mithai is called gond pak

at many places it is called chocolate

If you go towards Haridwar or Dehradun, you get it there

people like to have it during winters

very tasty

Singh sir

Sharma Ji. Thank you

This is kada tas and that one is madhur tas

Meaning -Please explain.

This less cooked one is used for religious rituals or to make some food items

This kada one is properly cooked and it is heated and used directly

Okay this one is cooked for a longer time

Yes it is

Brother give us a Kariyaka and Uriyaka

After having the Rasmadhuri at bharat jalpan now we have arrived at Maharaj

It is a famous sweet shop in Muzaffarpur

We have taken two kinds of sweets

This one locally known as sponge or rasgulla

Here it is also known as Ujalka as it is white in colour. Ujjal means white

This one is called gulab jamum or kariyaka as it is black in colour

In fact it is of dark brown colour

they have been served together

This sweet is called sponge because it is soft and spongy

It nicely absorbs the sugar syrup

The characteristic of a good rasgulla is that if after squeezing out the sugar syrup, it goes back to its original shape

It is made with pure chena and is a big sized rasgulla

Very tasty. Pure taste

Pure chena based sweet

Its completely grainy

It has a nice flavour of cardamom

Nastha kariya means have sweets

Without the sweets the snacking is incomplete

After dinner too one should have sweets

Give us a Raskadam and meethi ladoo

Uncle you like Kaju Burfi quite a lot -Yes

I have already eaten Kariyaka and Ujalka

Now we have taken raskadam and meethi ladoo

Their sweets is of number one quality

For how long you have been coming here to have the sweets -For 25 years

And it is quite crunchy too

Jamun sherbat

After having so much sweets at Bharat jalpan and Maharaj

We finally tried the jamun sharbat

It is good for digestion

I remember that this shop ...someone used to sit on a raised platform outside this shop

Father expired in 2015

then I have remodeled the shop

Yes that is why it couldn't be recognised. when I came during my childhood days.

You father used to serve all sitting over a raised platform

The soda used to be made over there

The shop is the same only the person has changed and the shop has changed

You take little of this as per your taste

You can have it

The lime makes the paan taste better

It forms more saliva

The bitterness of the pan will change to sweetness

It is an amazing paan. Totally fragrant

What is your good name? -It is Rishu Akash

How old is the shop

This shop is around...father had arrived i seventies

From where? -Rajasthan

Okay you are from Rajasthan. Maharaj ji is also from Rajasthan

Bharat Jalpan is from Rajasthan

Bhagwan Bhojanalay is also from Rajasthan

So almost everyone who is running a sweet shop or restaurant are from Rajasthan

Rajasthani people maintains quality

There is no adulteration thing neither in Maharaja

There is purity

Not even at sundar maharaj we have any issue of adulteration

We have opened our hotel over here. It is the Sunder Maharaj Bhojanalay

There you get pure vegetarian food

Tell us something about the dalmoth

That dalmoth too is a popular snack of Bihar

This is the dal

And this is the moth

In Rajasthan this dal and moth are mixed and eaten together.

This is the moong

This is the sev

What is this? -This is masoor

Masoor and peanuts

And you combine then all to make the mixture

It is spicy

In Bihar people eat spicy stuff

Into the khoya you added one forth proportion of sugar

that means into one kg khoya goes 200 gm of sugar

After mixing this what else would be added

We will add green cardamom and finally roll it with some large cardamom

It will get cooled under the fan

On cooling it will thicken further

When it becomes a little more stiffer then you will roll it along with some cardamom powder

In the whole of India the shape of the pedas is usually flat

Here it is totally different. Oh how amazing.

It is a fresh peda made with pure khoya

To which one fourth proportion of sugar was added

Then green cardamom and finally large cardamom

Very delicious

I haven't eaten a better peda than this

Mathura is known for pedas

Where Lord Krishna was born

But when you eat the pedas over there

You will feel the granulated sugar in your mouth

That thing is not there in this peda

It seems that we are having pure khoya

And there is the taste of both the cardamoms-Green and large one

Very nice

Thank you. It was enriching

How many years have you been in this Chaat business

We are the ones who bought the chaat to Muzaffarpur

We are from Dholpur in Rajasthan

In Muzaffarpur there wasn't any chaat business

My grandfather began to sell chaat for 60 paisa a plate in front of New Delhi chaat counter.

His is popular throughout North Bihar

Is the shop still there

No there was some space related issue after the construction of the flyover

The workers didn't wanted to continue. They went off to Hyderabad and set up stalls over there

I remember that earlier there used to be two chaat places. Delhi one and Agra one

Agra chaat is still there at that place

Yes it is there

The owner too has passed away. Now the nephew runs it but the quality has declined

When Mohan jI were there the quality was maintained

Many people from Rajasthan have been selling these fares

Maharaj ones are from Rajasthan, Sunderlal Pede wala are from Rajasthan

You too are from Rajasthan

There are the old residents over here

This one has kasuri meethi and it has been binded with arrowroot and refine and in the inside it is stuffed too

He has spent nearly 16 years in this line

He makes different types of chaat

there is the samosa chaat which he said is called pet bharua chaat

which means if you have a plate of samosa chaat, your tummy will be full

There is kachori, dahi vada and aloo tikki

we have ordered and aloo tikki chaat

They have special gulab jamun as well

The aloo tikki chaat in Bihar is preferred with chole or ghugni

People like it that way

Very nice. It has all the tastes -Yes

Sour, sweet, savoury it has all the flavours -yes

It was great meeting you

I feel so happy seeing and meeting you

The childhood memories came in flash back

It is the same place. The hand pump is right there at front

During the childhood days during evening

I always came here to have ghugni chura

We also had the littis dunked in ghugni

Rest of the dishes are the same. Kachri, Pyaju, Beguni, Bread

I am eating for the sake of childhood memories

My childhood has passed by at this place only

Every evening I would come here passing through the lanes...

we used to live right here at and I used to come here walking

I was this small

And would eat 10 pieces of kachris for 1 rupee

How many years have passed in this business

43 years

This is the Beguni

It is fluffy

It is made with brinjal slices dipped in besan

I always maintain that food is a memory

It results in bonding

I can't express what all memories are crossing my mind

Coming here as a kid and asking for my order.

There used to be a huge crowd over here.

At times we would go back and come again

Then I also bought chups for myself and even packed it for the family

Yes you used to take parcels

We used to carry our own tiffins

to get things packed

Very nice. The taste is the same

The masala is the same

I have never changed the oil as everything depends on the oil

If the oil is not up to the mark then the taste is compromised

Very nice

I can't express in words how happy I am feeling

Thank you Bindeshwar ji

This is the Silao ka khaja that we had tried in silao enroute gaya

This is the Topi Khaja that is shaped like a cap

It is being made fresh over here

This is called gaja

these are the maida blocks that are deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup

This one is crisp and firm

It is firm and crisp

In Bihar there are so many varieties of khaja

It is popular in Bihar

It is a integral part of our culture

Without this tradition is incomplete

However grand be your marriage event

If this is not sent then it is incomplete

You have to send this

Khaja is an inevitable part of the tradition of the edible things that are exchanged between the bride and the grooms family

Ladoo and khaja will surely be sent to the respective families

Ladoos, Khaja, Firkiya

Dry buniya, Shakarpala

all these things are sent. -These are the traditional sweets

With this the journey of Anubhav childhood memories comes to an end

We will meet again at a new city with renewed enthusiasm

Till then keep walking and keep exploring

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