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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: India Alert | New Episode 348 | Andhadundh Ishq ( अंधाधुन इश्क़ ) | Dangal TV Channel

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Vinit, I am here.

People were right about you at the wedding.

What were they saying?

That they are not able to make out

if you are an angel disguising as a human

or a human disguising as an angel.

I see. So, what do you think?

Were they right?

Roshni, I can't see your beauty.

But I can definitely feel it.

Your face is as beautiful as the moon.

Your eyes are like the glittering stars.

Your lips are like

petals of a rose.

And your voice

can become inspiration for musicians.



Yes. Yes, Vinit.

Roshni, I have no friend.

Since my parents passed away,

I thought I would spend my life all alone.

But then you came into my life.

I am fortunate

that you agreed to marry me.

So what, Vinit, that you are blind.

I fell in love...

with your heart.

Vinit, I will go and get milk for you.


Here. I got milk for you.


He fell asleep so fast.

How many tablets did you add to the milk?

I hope he won't die.

You know

that it isn't good to make the bride wait on the wedding night, right?

So, shall we?

-Good morning! -Good morning!

Breakfast for you.

Thank you. Rajat, please feed me.

Speak softly.

Or else your blind husband will wake up.

The effect of the sleeping pills would be about to wear off.

I see.

So, are you scared of my blind husband?

Why should I be scared of that blind man?



-You are up! -Yes.

Come on.

Hey... Careful.

Come on. Come on.

I heard a voice.

-Voice? -Is anyone home?

There is no one here.

I was watching cooking videos on my phone.

Sit down relaxed.

I have made an omelet for you.

Roshni, I am sorry about last night.

I didn't realise when I fell asleep.

Why are you saying sorry, Vinit?

So what that you slept last night?

We have to spend all the remaining nights of our lives together.

Taste the omelet and tell me how it is.

How is it?

Tell me how it is.

You are so good, Roshni.

Will you play the piano for me?


Thank you.

What would you like to hear?

A romantic song.


Aunt Sarla.

Vinit, who is she?

-She... -This is aunt Sarla.

Your neighbour.

We met at the wedding.

You have forgotten.

I gifted you a dinner set with six bowls.

Do you remember now?

Oh! Yes, aunt.

Vinit, he is my nephew, Monu.

He wants to learn to play the piano.

He knows a little bit already.

But you teach him well.


My students will get here soon.

It's time for them to arrive.

Abhishek, Jay, all of you are here.


Monu, I will get going.

You practice well.

-Aunt. Do you need anything? -Yes.

-Aunt... -No. Nothing.

-Okay, I will get going. -Okay.

-Okay, Vinit. -Yes, aunt.

Practice well, Monu.

Monu, you play now.

Let me see how much you know.

Come on.

Come on.

-Roshni. -Yes.


I am here.

-Is the class over? -Yes, the class is over.

Now I will have to run to the club.

I have a performance today.

It's your club. Why do you need to rush?

I will have to go on time because it is my club.

Will you come to see my performance?

I have a lot of work.

But I want to talk to you about aunt Sarla.

Yes, tell me.

She has the keys to our house.

Yes. I have given them to her for emergencies.

But, Vinit, earlier you were alone.

Now even I live here.

Then why is it needed?

Can we take the keys back from her?

Yes, we can.

But what if we get locked out?

Roshni, don't you worry.

I trust aunt Sarla completely.

She is like family.

And we will never face any problem if she has the keys.

Are my clothes ready?

-Yes. -Thank you.

Roshni, this belt...

Whose belt is this? It's not mine.

It is yours.


No, this is not my belt.

Vinit, what are you saying? I gifted it to you.

Sorry. Thank you.

Keep this belt here.

I will go and freshen up. Then I will wear it and go.

Keep it right here.

I will go and freshen up.

-Bye, Roshni. -Bye.

I love you.

Come on.

I love you too.

Why would I be scared of that blind man?

I heard a voice.

I was watching videos on my phone.

Recipe videos.

Sir, to the club, right?

No, Pushkar.

You be at home from today on.

It will be a help for Roshni.

And book a cab for me.


Pushkar, you are here?

And how did you get the keys?

Sir gave it to me.

The bell is not functioning.

He has told me to look after the household work from today.

He has asked me stay here

so that you don't face any trouble.

Okay. Then go and clean upstairs.

Okay, ma'am.

Roshni, is your husband crazy?

He gives the house keys to everyone!

I thought we could live peacefully in this huge house.

But I had to hide so many times in one day.

Speak softly.

Why are you getting so worked up?

I have an excellent plan.

Aunt, I have a headache.

Do you have a medicine?

Yes, I do.

-You have a seat. I will go and get it. -Okay.


-Hi, Monu. -Hi!

How come you are here?

I came to meet you.

Monu, your cap is very nice.

I wanted to tell you

that if you practice for some more time,

then you would be able to play better than Vinit.

-Really? -Yes.

Thank you.

Look, will this do?

It is for headache.

Take some rest after taking it.

Okay, aunt.

Thank you, aunt.

-Bye, Monu. -Bye.




Roshni, are you crying?

What happened?

Why are you crying?

Vinit, the diamond necklace you gave me

has gone missing.

No problem.

I am sure you didn't lose it.

You must have misplaced it.

No, Vinit. I had kept it safely in the cupboard.

Then it must be there only.

-Let's check once. -No!


You know what? Pushkar had come to clean the house today.

I think he must have stolen it.


No, Roshni. He cannot steal.

He has been taking care of my office for so many years now.

He has never done anything wrong, Roshni.

That doesn't mean that he cannot.

I am sure he has stolen my necklace.

Come on. Come with me.

Come on.

-Pushkar! -Sir, ma'am!

-Open your cupboard. -Why?

Why? I see.

Ma'am, why are you going through my stuff?

What happened, ma'am?

You will find out right away why I am going through your stuff.

Look at this, Vinit. Didn't I tell you?

He committed the theft.

Sir, I don't know how it got here.

You committed the theft and on top of that you are lying.

Sir, believe me.

I do not know anything.

Pack your stuff and get out of the house.

Or else I will call the police right away.


Get out of here.

Come on, Vinit.

Didn't I tell you that he was the thief?

How can he do that? I don't believe it.

He must have been taking advantage of you for so long.

I am not able to believe

that Pushkar can stoop so low.

No problem.

I know that he took advantage of your blindness.

But not anymore.

No one can take advantage of you while I am with you.

Thank you.

-I am really sorry. -No problem.

Come on.

Give me your glasses.


Don't stress over it. Forget about it.

Go to sleep.

Shall I say something?

You are a very good actor.

I think that's needed.

Then let's act some more.

Relationship between a husband and a wife is based on love and trust.

Vinit also loved Roshni so much

that he wanted her to have all the happiness in the world.

But Vinit didn't know

that Roshni was trying to

ruin his life.

Greetings! I am Girish Jain.

Welcome to today's episode of Crime Alert.

Friends, human body has five sensory organs.

Using them you can see,

hear and feel.

When one of them stops working,

the other sensory organs become sharper.

Taking advantage of Vinit's blindness,

will Roshni and Rajat trap him or get trapped themselves.

Let's have a look.

Vinit! Vinit!


I should tell Roshni

that I have lost the keys to her house.

Roshni, until when will we live here?

I am tired to giving sleeping pills to your blind husband.

I want to live freely with you.

Rajat, even I want the same.

But if we want the entire property,

then we will have to be very careful every step of the way.

Have some patience.


Aunt Sarla.

You are here!


I rang the doorbell, but nobody answered the door.

But I didn't hear the bell.

I see. Then it must be faulty.

I have your keys with me.

I mean, I had them.

I can't find the keys since last two days.

Did I leave them here?

No, aunt. You didn't leave the keys here.

And anyway, aunt,

you don't need the keys to our house from now on.

I have come into Vinit's life now.

Aunt, go absolutely straight now.

Don't dash against anything.

Doctor, I don't know what is happening to me these days.

I feel very sleepy.

I do not realise when I fall asleep.

Don't worry, Vinit. Your blood reports are here.

We will come to know if you are suffering from any deficiency.

Please let me know.

Yes, sure.

-Vinit. -Yes, doctor.

When did you start taking sleeping pills?

No, doctor.

I do not even take a painkiller without consulting you.

-Why? -Your blood test report says

that you have been taking sleeping pills almost daily.

If you continue taking the sleeping pills,

then they will affect your kidney.

You can even suffer from a heart attack.

I have got milk for you.



Thank you.

Aunt Sarla, what was so urgent that you came to the club?

I wanted to talk to you in private.

Yes, tell me.

Vinit, Roshni...

She is having an affair with someone.

And that person is living in your house itself.

No, aunt Sarla. That's not possible.

I wish you were right.

But I have a doubt. That's why I am telling you.


Roshni, I think it's time for Vinit to get home.

I should go to the other room.

No! Rajat, not now.

I want to spend more time with you.

I see.

Vinit! Vinit...

Vinit? Vinit!

What are you doing, Vinit? What happened?

You are scared as if there is someone here.

Here? Who can be here?

It's just you and me.

There is someone here.

-Vinit! -Who is it, Roshni?

There is no one...

-There is someone here. -Vinit, there is no one here.

Vinit, please trust me.

Where is he?

Vinit, I am telling you there is no one here.

Vinit! Vinit!

-Here? -No.

-There is no one. -There is someone here.

-There is someone here! -Vinit!

-Vinit, have you gone mad? -Yes, I have gone mad.

I have gone mad.

Because I had told you

not to lie to me.

-I did not... -And you lied to me, Roshni.

Aunt Sarla just told me

that she saw someone with you in my house.


And when I went to the hospital, the doctor told me

that I was being given sleeping pills everyday.

I swear, Vinit. That's not true.

If you do not love me,

and are living forcefully with me,

then I beg of you.

You may leave.

I will not stop you from going.

No, Vinit. That's not the case.

Listen to me for once.

And about aunt Sarla.

She lied to you. She has instigated you. Do you know why?

Because she tried to enter the house in the afternoon.

She is suspicious of me.

And she poisoned your mind.

Now you are doubting me.

Vinit, it's not true.

Trust me.

I really love you.

And about the pills.

I can never do that.

You have so many enemies.

God knows who must have done that.

I... I can never do that.

Do you think I am that bad?

I really love you a lot.


I am sorry, Roshni.

I am really sorry.

I made a mistake. I fell for somebody's words.

I am not being able to fulfill the duties of being a husband.

That's not true.

I never took you out.

I am blind but you aren't.

I am sorry. I am sorry. Please forgive me.

I made a mistake.

I made a mistake.

I fell for somebody's words.

I made a mistake. Forgive me.


Listen to me. Now you do

as I tell you to do.

I will cook for you daily.

You only eat what I cook.

Nobody will be able to give you sleeping pills.

And we will go for an outing tomorrow.

-Okay? -Sorry.

I am really sorry.


Vinit, this place is so beautiful.

I have never come here before.

Have you come here with anyone?


-You are happy, aren't you? -Yes, I am very happy.

Vinit, I have read

that people who cannot see

have heightened senses.

You are right.

Okay, then.

Then let's play a game.

Hide and seek.

-We can try. -Okay.

You catch me.

-Ready? -Ready.


Wow! It feels so good.


Let's end this game, please.

I am feeling scared.

-Where are you? -Vinit, I am right here.

Please! Please come here. Please.

Yes, I am coming. Vinit, I am coming.


-What happened, Roshni? -Vinit, I am hurt.

I am coming there.

I am coming there. Roshni!

-Where are you? -A little further.

A little more.

A little more ahead.

And some more.


Pushkar, you!

Where is Roshni?

Sir, ma'am is fine.

I was passing by.

And I saw your vehicle.

So, I thought of meeting you.

You are fine, right?

Thank you, Pushkar.

You saved Vinit.

Why do you need to thank me?

I have been his servant for years.

It was my duty.

I am glad I saw you here.

I want to apologise to you.

I have a request. Please give me my job back.

No, Pushkar.

Thank you for saving me.

But we can't take you back.

Vinit, take him back.

He is a poor man.

He will not repeat his mistake. We are indebted to him.

Forgive him, Vinit.

He won't repeat his mistake.

Okay, Pushkar.

Since Roshni is insisting, you can join from tomorrow.

Thank you, Sir.

Thank you, ma'am.

When both of you wrongly accused me of theft,

and threw me out of this house,

I had understood that there was something going on.

I had been watching the house since then.

That is when I came to know

that ma'am has two men.

-Hey! Use your words carefully. -Rajat!

Rajat! Rajat, leave him.

And you. You are acting so smart.

What do you want?

Exactly what you both want.

Vinit has property worth Rs. 300 million. And a business.

I just want 50 million out of it.

-What? -Rs. 50 million?

Don't forget your position.

-Do not forget. -Rs. 60 million.

And yes. The more you raise your voice,

the more I will raise the amount.

Just a minute.

And you. You can't get the money that easily.

You will have to help us for that.

What sort of help?

I have a plan.

Vinit couldnt see.

But on the basis of his determination,

he didnt let his blindness become his weakness.

He took care of his business well.

But by marrying Roshni

he didn't know that

his life will be ruined.

Roshni along with Rajat was not just cheating him.

But she was also planning to kill him.

Now we have to see

what will be the consequence of Roshni's plan.

What happened? What happened, Roshni?

-Vinit! Vinit... -Roshni! What happened, Roshni?

-Vinit, no! -Who is it?

Vinit, thieves.

Thieves in our house?

No! No! Don't shoot.

-Don't shoot! Please! Please! -Just a second.

You people can take whatever you want.

But please. Please spare Roshni.


Stop it and tell me

where all the money and jewelry are.

They are in the cupboard in the room.


Did they leave? Come on, let's go.

No, no! They haven't left.

-Come with me. -He is standing right here.

Get the money quickly.

Pushkar! You scoundrel!

You are committing a theft in my house!

I took you back on the job and you...

Sorry, Sir.

Sir is no more.

Poor guy!

What are you staring at?

Go and call the police.

Get the money quickly.

Hello? Hello, police.

I am calling from NG Chowk.

Thieves entered my home.

They have killed my husband

and my servant.

Please come here quickly.

How was it?

Rajat, it feels so good.

Both are dead.

This is calling killing two birds with one stone.

-Is he your relative? -No.

He is my college friend.

He couldn't come for our wedding.

That's why he had come to meet Vinit.

I got saved because of him.

Or else they would have killed me too.

How many thieves were here?

Sir, there were two of them.

Vinit begged them

to take whatever they want.

But they killed him.

And while trying to save Vinit,

our faithful servant also got killed.

Get a hold over yourself, Roshni.

Control yourself.


What has happened?

Are you the neighbor?

She was very close to Vinit.

Okay, Roshni. I will get going.

I will send an ambulance to take the body for an autopsy.

Ma'am, I am really sorry.

Listen. It's too late now.

-You people should leave. -Sure.


Who will light the funeral pyre?

I will light the pyre, Sir.

Vinit didn't have anyone...

apart from me.


Catch him!

Not you. You are a disgrace.

You cheated Vinit right in front of him.

But keep in mind

that truth can be hidden

but not destroyed.

Look at this.

Along with Vinit, both of you killed his servant Pushkar too.

Because he was blackmailing you for money.

I looked everywhere in the house.

I think I will find something in Pushkar's room.

Tell the truth at least now.


Catch her.

Take them along.

If human brain is used well

then it can do wonders.

It can cure dangerous disease.

But the sad part is that

some people use their brains to make such plans.

Roshni and Rajat were blinded by greed

that they could stoop to any level for money.

And the result is right in front of you.

That is why it is said that one should give charity,

take knowledge

and give up greed and pride.

With this, me, Girish Jain,

say goodbye to you on this episode of Crime Alert.

I will meet you again to alert you about another such crime.

Until then, be alert, be safe.

Crime Alert, voice against crime!

The Description of India Alert | New Episode 348 | Andhadundh Ishq ( अंधाधुन इश्क़ ) | Dangal TV Channel