Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BEAT 'EM UP #4 - USIFV Arcade Mode feat. Evil Ryu! (Hardest)

Difficulty: 0


You're still not KO

What an asshole, I wanted to chip him!

WTH, No!

Are you kidding me?

You are kidding me

In order to celebrate Akuma joining SFV

and aswell the holidays properly

Todays Beat 'em Down will be about

the instance that changed his appearance and skills

leading to his SFV incarnation

That instance is called Evil Ryu!

To fight Evil Ryu,

you have to accomplish 3 difficult requirements:

#1 - No lost rounds

#2 - get 2 perfect victories

#3 - defeat Seth with a Super / Ultra

Now we can start our Mission in the Arcade Mode

And we will pick the highest difficulty

Extreme easy,

very easy,



medium hard,


very hard,


Akuma is decent at hiding

However... he cannot escape my sight

We pick his standard outfit

which is also featured in SFV

And we use his Ultra Combo Double

to have more combo options

Beware, Evil Ryu

Here comes Akuma!


Ken will be our first opponent

Let's fight!

He went for a DP?


It's Flowchart Ken!

I can't believe it


What is he doing???

I have to fight him like online scrubs...

That's so annoying

He always does a DP when I input something

Damn you, Ken!

Poison is a female looking guy

Don't let his(?) look fool you!

Oh no! That's disgusting

Come on!


Please stop, please stop

Getting beaten down by a transgender

She fights like scrubby people in SFV

No, no, no!

Don't do it

Ouch, that hurt as hell!

I went for the chip there

That's a chance for 1 perfect

That DP saved my perfect!

That car is going down!

Beat the car,

destroy the car

I will reach a new Highscore

Come on, ...


Only one hit more was needed

? did he anti-air with a sweep?

Another one...

What's going on here?

He anti-airs me using sweeps

Is this really happening?

OMG, that did combo

I'm frightened

I will play it cheap

He grabed me during my sweep

He wanted to do another grab



Hugo's move looks like Mika's peach attack

You are kidding me...

I can't believe it!

Game Over

This seems to work


Tactical retreat!

I have to do this to get a perfect early

Otherwise, it's impossible

Fighting Yun or Yang is disgusting!

He mashed the DP

He mashed it again

He is mashing it all the time

WTH is wrong with him?!



I have a DP too!


All he did was mashing DP

even more than Flowchart Ken

Bonus Barrels... where are you?

Too close!

No, no!

Come back!

I screwed it up

Yes... got at least this one

I was lucky!

Almost got beaten here

We're almost though!

Sagat was the 2nd last


Let's go, Ryu!

I was waiting for you, Boi!

What a cheeky guy!

I will beat him down!

It's time... Ryu


Is this a fireball war?

I thought this would be my end




You're still not KO

What an asshole, I wanted to chip him!

WTH, no!

Are you kidding me?

You are kidding me

I am speechless

I have to start all over again...

He fools me!

I don't let him fool me!

Decapre is a silly bitch

This happens if you confirm badly

... she spams that move

REALLY, am I dead?!

**ck you!

I told you that she's a bitch

Of course!



I baited you, idiot!

Why no Shoryuken?

I'm fed up!


That Shoryuken-Spam is insane!

We have combos!

But that's not enough...

We have to chip!

That cancel-combo is difficult af!



No, I didn't input something


Yeah... finished him this way!

Next time, we will fight his alter ego

We won against normal Ryu...

Seth is our next opponent

Get over her, you moron!

I will succeed... I feel it

I should't have said this...

Seth likes attacking from there

I need to punish that differently

He went for it...

I hate Seth!

No chance!


Is my demon going to work?

Yes! Let's finish this!

I need to beat him using my Ultra!


He escaped it by Shoryuken, that moron

Seth you silly ******

Dawn you, that was the third time!

This time you won't escape!

It worked! moron

If I did everything right,

I will fight Evil Ryu next up


My hearth beats extremely loud!

Can you hear it?



There he is...

You look different, bring it on!

I'm ready... for the final battle!

What's that?!

What's that?!

Prepare yourself!

**ck you, you douchebag!

The Raging Demon works only sometimes...

the opponent counters it

What is that?

Why did my DP miss?!

Yes! The last round determines

Throw an hadouken at me!


I punished him every time

when he did his DPs

It seemed like his DPs had advantage

All boss-characters have different move specs

That's why they can spam silly stuff

But I took advantage of that...

and won!

Time to celebrate!

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