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Are you gonna sit here and lie like, the entire time?

What am I lying about, Marcea?

The first thing you put up there...

Everything that you just said.

If you actually met the customer

that I slept on her couch,

you would laugh at that statement.

It's the couch now?

Because it was the floor.

It was the couch the entire time.

(audience claps)

That's not what you said.

It was the couch the entire time.

That's not what you said.

This is exactly what I'm talking about.

I know.

I know this is exactly.

Stop stop stop stop stop.

See you wanna argue this.

It doesn't matter whether it was the couch or the floor.

What matters is that you believe--

You're right.

That he was being inappropriate--

Of course.

And untrustworthy.

Yes, you're right.

Okay, and whether you were or not doesn't matter.

That's what I prefaced this by saying

it doesn't matter whether you were over there wrapped up

like a monk in a sheet.

It doesn't matter.

You believe what he was doing was inappropriate, right?



But your reaction to it's what I'm concerned about.

Okay, then you find his profile on a cheater's website

with all of these characteristics.

I mean here it is.

I know, yes.

So what's your reaction?

You confronted, he admitted it and deactivated it.

Then January '18, we're driving down a few months now,

you discover on Dustin's phone that he had reactivated

an old dating profile,

created two new ones

looking for friends with benefits.


You cried.

You confronted him, argued,

he apologized and you entered counseling.


You discovered via Dustin's phone and mobile banking app

that he was being blackmailed over a picture,

explicit picture sent to an adult website,

paid the $257 ransom to take the picture down.

Your response to that was, you were dumbfounded.

Confronted Dustin, who asked for a divorce.

You were confused, questioned what you were doing wrong.

You're dumbfounded.

Like, this came out of the blue?


Then we jump ahead a month,

you discover transactions to adult websites

on his mobile banking app dating back to February of '18.

And your reaction now,

is you felt betrayed, confronted him,

who ended the relationship, and asked for a divorce.

Marcea couldn't understand why he asked for a divorce.

This is still up to him.

That's just the first page.

(audience chuckles)

Then August, we're getting close now,

you discover that he's lied about calling off the divorce.

He tells you he's calling off the divorce.

Your reaction to that,

you're angry, hurt, you confronted him,

he denied it, it's never resolved.

It just hangs in the air.

Then we jump ahead a month to September.

You discovered a bunch of receipts.

He's sending money to college girls between June and August

for services unknown.

You've got the receipts.

So your response to that when you find all this out

is you're shocked.

(audience chuckles)

We were separated at that point.

You're angry, upset, cried, then argued with him

and it's never resolved.

But you're shocked.

Now, we're just a few days later, you discovered an email

dated back to May

to a female with explicit images.

And we pulled some very tame images here,

and your reaction to this,

is you kept this discovery a secret.

You didn't even confront this.

And then a few days later,

you discover he's communicating with other women

on a sugar baby/daddy dating site

looking for something fun, casual and mutually beneficial.

Your reaction here, you kept this discovery a secret,

but you feel physically sick and heartbroken

by the ages of these girls because they're very young.

Now you say there's a point at which you say

I'm not taking this.

Where is that?

That's why I'm here.

(audience claps)

Where is it?

I don't know.

(audience claps)

I'm old school, okay?

I don't condone these, and when I say I'm shocked,

I'm shocked because every single one of them is shocking

and disheartening and devastating.

But it's the in-between all of it

that's leading me to think

I'm still gonna salvage my marriage somehow.

He's still gonna get help for his addictions.

He's still gonna surrender to this alcoholism

and be the best for my daughter.

He's telling me he wants to be a family.

He just rented a 4500 square foot home

for our family and expects us to move this weekend.

I am, I have no idea what to do from this point on

because I don't believe in divorce.

I hate divorce.

But what are you pretending not to know.

If this is fixable.

If he wants to be better.

Will he accept that he's an alcoholic.

That he has all of these disorders

that need to be confronted or are we just gonna

keep pretending like this is okay because we're separated?

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