Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Binturong Smells Like Popcorn I Freaky Creatures

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NARRATOR: Hello, Mother Nature.

What are you up to?

MOTHER NATURE: Checking on the binturong.

NARRATOR: What's a beeratong?

MOTHER NATURE: The binturong,

also known as a bearcat,

even though it's not a bear or cat.

NARRATOR: I can see how it looks like both.

MOTHER NATURE: It's an arboreal animal,

which means it spends most of its time living in trees.

It uses its tail for balance to hold on to branches.

NARRATOR: Like a monkey!

MOTHER NATURE: And it can turn its ankles 180 degrees.

That way the claws can grip the tree

as it climbs down headfirst.

NARRATOR: How does it communicate?

MOTHER NATURE: That's the best part.

There are scent glands on the base of its tail

that it uses to mark its territory

or attract a mate.

NARRATOR: Why is that the best part?

MOTHER NATURE: Because it smells like buttered popcorn!

NARRATOR: That's Freaky!

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