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Hey, Dan, I'm the head dissenter from your comments section. I'm Milo, he/him/his pronouns,

please. For all of my regular viewers, this video is in response to a video made by Dan

Brown and Arielle Scarcella, so you should watch that video first, maybe join in the

conversation, because otherwise this isn't going to make any sense. I want to preface

this video by addressing the reason why I think a lot of people were upset in the comments

- because we're not upset that you're cis people who have opinions on a trans things

that you're gonna talk about. It 's more about how you're talking about it and how trans

issues have been addressed in the past by certain people. Because, or course cisgender

people can have opinions on trans issues and can talk about them, but you should also be

concerned about being a good trans ally, and being a good trans ally includes being willing

to listen to trans people and being open to changing your opinion if you're presented

with a good argument or new information, and Arielle has just proved that she's not willing

to do that. And I don't want to throw too much shade because I know people can change.

I think a lot of trans people are just tired of dealing with poor trans allies. Now that

that's over with, let's talk about the actual issues here, beginning with how to introduce

yourself and how to make your pronouns known. First off, pronouns are neither an issue of

political correctness nor do they have anything to do with agenda setting or getting people

to join our cause, but they have everything to do with safety, comfort, and practicality.

I think that introducing yourself with your pronouns just makes a lot of sense and is

frankly just the easiest way to do it. When you introduce yourself with your name, you

do that because people need to know how to refer to you, and I introduce myself with

my pronouns because people need to know how to refer to me because if they assume, they're

most likely going to assume wrongly. Assuming a trans person's pronouns incorrectly can

cause them to potentially deal with dysphoria or just make them uncomfortable, and it's

sort of hard to find a way to naturally slip your pronouns into a conversation after you've

been misgendered. Pronouns are also an issue of safety, and I know this personally because

there was an incident last year in which someone assumed my gender correctly but then they

found out that I was trans and I was physically assaulted. So, it's just easier for me to

make sure people know my pronouns to begin with so that I don't have to get physically

assaulted. Seguway to the issue of cis and trans people dating! I don't think that trans

people really hold gay people to an unfair standard of expecting them to be open to dating

a trans person. It's just that we would hope that our own community would be more accepting

of us. It's like if you're getting in a fight, you wouldn't mid if anyone stood up for you,

but if your bros didn't stand up for you, you'd be like "What the frick-fack, I thought

you had my back?!" I think there's multiple layers to this conversation. I think there

are some blatantly transphobic reasons why people would not be open to dating a trans

person. Like, reasons that I've heard before are "Well, maybe you have a vagina right now,

but I just can't stop thinking about how you had a penis once." That.. that's transphobic.

And another one is like "Well, if you're pre-op, then you're a man in a woman's body or a woman

in a man's body and.." No, no that's not really actually how it goes because bodies don't

have genders. I think the other excuses for not being open to dating trans people are

sort of just lazy / excuses used to hide transphobia. "Oh, I would never date a trans woman because

I don't like penises." Guess what?! There are trans women who don't have penises. "Uh,

I would never date a trans woman because I want to have my own children." True, transgender

women cannot birth children under current technology, but that technology is currently

being developed. Also, have you heard of like surrogate mothers, and adoption, and dating

a trans woman who has children form a previous relationship? I would also venture to say

that having a preference for transgender women and men who have already been on hormone replacement

therapy is probably due to cisnormative beauty standards. It's not called a "preference."

It's called "your society has really transphobic ideas of what beauty is." And let me remind

you that being open to dating a trans person does not mean that you have to date trans

people. It just means not automatically excluding trans people form your dating pool for the

fact that they are trans. So that's my thoughts on this topic. Good luck with this conversation,

man, really, good luck. Good luck. Yeah.

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