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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Never Have I Ever / JustJordan33

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- Hey guys, it's Jordan, and I'm here

with my sister Audrey from the channel AllAroundAudrey

and today we're playing Never have I ever.

- Whoa! - Yay!

- We did this challenge before on my channel

and it was super fine, you guys seemed to love it.

So that's why we're gonna be doing it today

on Jordan's channel, so we have a bunch of

Never have I ever question in this bowl right here

and we're gonna be drawing randomly

from the bowl and saying if we ever have

or never have done these things and than explain,

why or why we have never done them.

- Yup, so let's get started.

Never have I ever been puked on by someone.

Oh, been puked on.

Oh yeah, okay.

- I don't think I ever have, I don't remember.

- I have been puked on but it's not by really by a person,

it's by a dog, our first dog Snoopy,

he was really car-sick, and he was sitting in my lap,

when we were in the car and he threw up all over me.

- Really? - Yeah, you don't remember?

- I don't remember that.

- Well, he puked all over me,

and than I also almost got puked on by my friend's dog.

We were waiting for Mom to come pick me up

from my friend's house and we're sitting on this ledge thing

and we brought the dog up and sat him next to us

and I was holding him, and then he puked

and he almost got it on me and I was like (yells).

- Okay, that's gross, well at least it's not a human.

- Never have I ever looked through someone else's

phone photos without their permission.

I have, pretty sure, but, okay, have you?

- I have.

- I'm like, if someone ever found my phone, though,

randomly just went through the photos, they'd get so scared,

because I have a bunch of grody pictures of me.

- Save! - And I have a bunch of

selfies from you that you go like...

Yes! - Taking tons of selfies.

- My photo thing is just full of weird pictures

so that's why I would not let anyone have my phone

if they were to go through the photos.

- That's same with me. - That'd be so embarrassing.

- Alright, next question.

Never have I ever dyed my hair a crazy color.

You have dyed your hair a crazy color?

- You have, we've dyed the ends of our hair red,

she dyed hers blue, it's like cool-aid,

it's not permanent, but kind of, it last for like a month.

- Also, my slime bag challenge,

I put this color hairspray in my hair to make it pink.

- So she had this full head of pink.

- Yeah, but it wasn't like hair dye, it was just fun.

- I mean, we've also had our hair highlighted,

but it was blonde, so that's not really a crazy color,

but we've had stuff done to our hair before.

- Yup.

- Never have I ever farted in public.

- Oh no! (laughs)

- We're both like, I have for everything!

Do I tell you story? (Jordan laughs)

You have many stories to tell.

- I think I've told the one

when I was back in elementary school,

this one was very embarrassing,

it was during the state testing and we were on the computers

and we had our headphones on and (laughs)

I tooted and it was loud, I was like...

Jeez, the guy next to me is really stinky. (laughs)

- You blamed it on some... (laughs)

No, but I was pretending it wasn't me, but it was!

(Audrey and Jordan laugh)

- I don't know, I just have, I never had like...

I just get away with it.

I don't remember a specific time, I just know that I have.

You have many... - I have specific stories.

Never have I ever gave my underwear to someone else.

(Audrey laughs)

You have?

- When my friends came over one day, we got super messy

and her underwear got stained,

so I had to give her my underwear.

- But that was brand-new underwear, you had never...

- It was brand-new, I've never used it, but still

I've given my underwear to someone else.

- Yeah, but you wouldn't have given it used .

Never have I ever had braces.

- And I'm not wearing them right now.

- Me either.

- We wear Invisalign, so they're like clear braces.

- Yeah, that you can pop out to eat.

- You can put them in and out to eat,

but we're not wearing them right now, we're supposed to.

- Yeah, 'cos we just ate lunch.

- Never have I ever had a surprise party thrown for me.

I don't think I have.

- Halfway, because it wasn't really a party,

from what I remember - I just decorated your room.

- Yeah, you just decorated my room and then popped out,

for my birthday. - I surprised you

after school but that wasn't like a party.

- It wasn't like a party - I didn't invite your friends

- But it was still like a surprise.

Oh yes, actually I have, because way back

in elementary school you guys tricked me,

thinking that I was gonna go to school

- They didn't trick you, they tricked me.

- On my birthday, they tricked all of us, my parents,

and we were driving to school,

and then we just missed the school, we just kept driving

and Audrey was freaking out, she is like,

no, what are we doing, I'll be late,

because she's like a straight A student,

she has to be there on time, she has to get...

- Well, it was in fifth grade,

you've gotta be at safety patrol so you gotta do

these super cool jobs like opening car doors

and cleaning the cafeteria.

You have to wear this badge,

so you have to be at school early

and this was my first day on the job

and we missed it to go to Disneyland.

- So then we drove all the way to Disney World.

And it was really fun.

Never have I ever pat an alligator.

- I don't remember.

- Okay, it's one of these alligators

that the person is holding and their mouth is taped

so they can't bite you, but I've been this close

to a real-life alligator because we used to live in Florida

and we went to the Everglades and I took a picture

next to an alligator and was super close by it,

but the alligators were sunbathing at that time

so they didn't go charging after me when they could've,

so they weren't crazy.

- Yeah, but you still gotta be careful.

- You gotta still be careful because they're wild animals

that can eat you, so you gotta be careful.

Never have I ever been in an embarrassing video

that was uploaded to YouTube.

(Jordan laughs) And comment down below,

if you can guess, which one that is.

There's probably so many of them,

but I have one in my mind. - I have one in my mind, too.

- But I'm not gonna tell yo, though. (laughs)

- Yeah, I have one in my mind, and I wanna see

if you guys can guess it.

- Yeah, comment down below,

what you think our most embarrassing video is.

- Never have I ever been in a talent show.

- We both have in elementary school.

We had a group of friends and we would do the talent show

- We'd dance to song. - Yeah, we did a dance, so...

It was fun but also very stressful.

I would never do a talent show that had crowds of people.

- I know, now... - Unless I had a group

of friends, I wouldn't go all by myself and be like...

- I got the moves like Jagger, I got the moves...

- Never have I ever been stung by a bee or wasp.

- Never!

- I have been bitten and stung by a wasp.

- Which is crazy. - Yeah.

I was helping my Mom in the garden

and a wasp flew out of a bush that we are trimming

and it bit me on the hand right here in the arm.

- It bit, not stung. - It bit me!

- It literally took a chunk of skin off.

- And then here, I was getting the mail

and we had a wasp next underneath our mailbox

and I opened it and it flew and stung me right on my leg

and it was so painful, I cried.

End of story.

Why are there wasps in the world?

What did they do to help mankind?

I understand a bee. - Yeah, this does sound...

- But a wasp? - They don't make sense.

- Okay, next question Never have I ever

ignored someone on purpose.

(both laughing) - I have.

- Yeah, we have selective hearing, so if someone says,

come do your chores... - We're like what?

- You never said that. - I didn't hear anything.

- Or when people try to show off all the time,

and you're just like...

- I know, just like, okay then!

- Never have I ever faked playing an instrument.

- I have, too.

- Okay, like when you're in class

and when you're just like ugh

or when you're in a concert and you lose your spot

and you're like, uuh

- Because Audrey plays the flute and I play the violin.

- And I used to play the violin.

- And what I do is, my teacher actually gave me this tip,

so if you're in a concert and you lose your spot

in the music, just pretend like you know where you are

and just keep playing and no one will notice

and then find your spot and then keep playing, yeah.

- Or when your learning a music piece

and you have no idea how it goes...

- Yeah, that's me, I'm like (making scared noises).

- Toodle loo, toodle loo loo loo loo loohoo.


- Never have I ever eaten my dogs eye booger.


- I'm not sure. (laughing)

Because I don't know, if you follow me on Twitter,

a long time ago I tweeted,

I think I might have just ate Logan's eye booger,

because I don't know, it was like,

something was on my hand and I don't know

how it ended up in my mouth but it was salty.


And I was out there playing with Logan.


It's a strong possibility that I have done it.

Never have I ever hyper-extended a body part.

I have in dance,

sixth grade or seventh grade, we were doing a dance,

and that dance the class tried to do a C Jump,

and (laughs) we would go like this,

and I did it and my foot hit my hand

and it was bend all the way back so it was down to here,

and it didn't break, it just hyper-extended,

and I went to the locker room and I was feeling so bad,

I went to my teacher and was like, I don't feel good,

and I threw up in the trash (Jordan laughs)

and she was like, okay, we're calling the office,

so then I went to the doctor and we scanned it

to see what the problem was and I just hyper-extended it,

'cos my foot kicked my finger all the way back.

Yeah, this hand has had rough days. (laughs)

Broken finger, hyper-extended.

- Never have I ever sung karaoke in front of people.

Wait, what was the time, I think...

- We used to look up YouTube videos

and they would just have the lyrics on them

and they had the background music playing

and we would just sing karaoke in front of our friends.

- But we wouldn't do it in front of a big crowd,

we would just be with our friends, and we'd all be doing it.

So it wasn't in front of a lot of people.

- Never have I ever gotten your splits.

I have gotten all three,

but I can only do the right one now.

- I've gotten all three at one point,

but I can't do any of them now.


- Dedication. - Yeah!

Yeah, I don't stretch anymore.

- We don't stretch anymore, we don't stretch anymore.

- Never have I ever been friends with the school janitor.


- All of us have!

- Everyone from our family has been friends

with the school janitor.

In elementary school, I would write letters to the janitor.

And wave to him after school, I don't know why.

- And actually this year, I gave the janitor

a Christmas present. (laughing)

I said merry Christmas. - You did?

- Yeah. - I didn't know this.

- I gave him a candy cane with mints, too.

He must think I felt that he had bad breath,

because it was all minty. (laughs)

And my brother Jacob is friends

with the janitor at school, too, and now we just need Ty

to become friends with the janitor.

- And then our janitor's - friendship circle

- Will be complete, our circle will be complete.

(laughs) We have connections.

- (laughs) All with janitors.

- Never have I ever broke something at a friend's house.

Too many things.

- I'm halfway because I don't know for sure,

but I think never, but I don't know, probably not.

- I've broken many things, one time

I was at my friend's house and we were doing a music video

and I jumped, I did a cartwheel off this...

I don't even know, its like this stone thing

and it went to the carpet, I did a cartwheel off of it

and apparently had a lot of power,

because I hit the light switch and I cracked it in half.

So I'm not allowed to touch anything at anyone's house.

- Never have I ever gone scuba diving.

- Disney Cruise. - Wooh.

- We went scuba diving in the Bahamas.

- [Woman Off-screen] No, snorkeling.

You have not gone scuba diving,

that would require you to take a class and get certified.

- We've been snorkeling. - Not scuba diving.

I think you meant snorkeling. - I did.

Well, we've been snorkeling in our Disney Cruise

in the Bahamas, but we have not scuba dived,

but I thought that was so fun!

We should get certifications!

Never have I ever touched a painting

when it said, do not touch.

Probably. - I feel like I have,

but I don't remember a time. - as a little kid, probably.

Which now I'd be like, oh my God,

you're not supposed to do that

because you'll ruin the painting.

- Never have I ever thrown up at a park.

Never. - I'll just leave my sign up.

We were at the park and there was this swing tire thing

that goes in a circle and I was on there with everyone

and then I got of - We spinned like crazy.

- I was super dizzy and I threw up by the swings

in the mulch so don't un-bury the mulch.


- Secret spot is the mulch by the swings.


Don't ever un-bury it. - Don't play in the mulch,

kids, you don't know what happens!

- You have tons of Audrey's puke" (laughs)

- Never have I ever broken a bone.

Yes, I have broken a bone.

This finger right here and there's a vlog on it

on That YouTub3 Family, so if you wanna know

how I broke it, check out that vlog.

- And I've never broken any bones.

Alright, let's see.

Never have I ever finished an entire jawbreaker.

- Maybe a small baby one, but those big ones...

- I've never... - I'm not that dedicated to it

- Except for, I did break my tooth on a gobstopper,

which is my favorite candy, I love gobstoppers,

and except for I was biting it, I don't know,

I was biting it and then a piece of my tooth chipped off,

and I had a good chunk chipped off of my tooth

and then I had to go and get it filled in.

It was cray cray. - Yup.

Never have I ever been in a fashion show.

- (laughs) Homemade fashion shows.

- I've been in American Girl's all fashion show,

that was a real one. - Yeah.

For me, when Audrey and I were very little,

we used to take a cardboard box

and we'd cut a door out of it and it was tall enough

for us to stand in and we get in fancy cloths

and we'd move the box out to the middle of the living room

and we'd have one person go inside the box

and just stay there while the other person announces

and it's like, and now we're introducing blablabla

and then they come out and then they do

a fashion walkway show and then they go back in the box

and then they'd secretly just sneak out

and have the other person sneak in for their fashion show.

Never have I ever not breathed by accident.

- Sometimes, when you're focusing so hard,

you're just like, and then like (breathes heavily)

- Yeah, I do that sometimes and I'm just sitting there

and focusing on, say a test or something,

and all the sudden I'll go (heavy breathing)

- Because you forget to breathe.

- And then you just go (heavy breathing)

- Never have I ever faked being sick

to stay home from school.

- When I was very little, when I was very little,

in elementary school, I didn't wanna go to school,

so I played sick, but I don't do that anymore,

I don't do it anymore. - Sure.

- That was a very long time ago,

and I only did it once or twice, I didn't do it that much.

- And I have to go to school.

- Audrey, if she doesn't go to school,

she starts panic-attacking.

- Yeah, I do! (laughs)

- If she's sick at home and she's throwing up

she'll start having a panic attack that she's...

- I'd rather go to school. - Because she's missing school

and I'm like, you're throwing up.

- I don't want to be at school but I feel like

I have to be there because then I get bad grades.

So remember to comment down below,

what you think our most embarrassing video is.

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