Practice English Speaking&Listening with: $500 PC TEAM BATTLE - Scrapyard Wars Season 5 - Ep2

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Two teams try to build the best gaming rig they can for $500. The rules are

simple: you'll work within the set hours, you buy

the parts you use and you can't use your influence as a YouTuber to get deals oh

and the best RGB computer gets a 10% score bonus

welcome to Scrapyard Wars

now we got to figure out where to go next

is you're hoping by now the South Orange County option would would be where we

could have to go but discovered some motherboard H61

that you can't overclock with so it wouldn't be much point of getting in 26

arte an h-60 one mother were also sneaky-ass which we've got we've got the

second guy John who has the same CPU 2600 K but he actually has a z68 board

which we could overclock with and he's in Aliso Viejo which is about the same

direction as the last guy so it could work out I texted him offer two hundred

for both of them he hasn't replied yet I'm just going to call him maybe are you

gonna call your guy first or only holding office have to have yeah okay

and we could honestly come by right now if you're available we would probably be

maybe 20 minutes or so but obviously they're not busy

your address and yep your first drop by okay yeah just text me over the address

and we'll be on our way so Marie had a guy with the 2600 K and the e CS

motherboard that's 861 which we cannot overclock on I asked him if we could

film it the motherboard for a cheaper price I offered him 160 bucks for 2600 K

8 gigs of memory which is dual-channel and 180 s gig SSD which uh turn 80 gigs

that capacity means we probably wouldn't need a hard drive so that could also

save us some money and he seems like a pretty reasonable guy

but he also just wanted to ripped off obviously so just be really go be quick

guy in Murrieta with the 2600 K replied to our $160 offer and

said I will pass; I think is roughing maybe bluffing are you are you bluffing

are you shitting me are you see me this is an industrial area or commercial zone

and I don't know again it's going to be situation they're either going to try to

barter really hard and get as much money out of us as possible or if they really

just have a bunch of stuff stored and you want to get rid of it then maybe we

can maybe we can negotiate; so we've always come to a place that has lots of parts

and they seem to be pretty reasonable prices and they have some slightly older

stuff but not too old so lots of options here just matter what they have on hand

is definitely a power supply right now and they might have GPUs as well

which could walk into the alien place or alien place the Ilion warehouse there

were a couple people who sort of looked at me and Paul and kind of raised an

eyebrow like I recognize you and fortunately they weren't employees so I

think that helped but I think you know obviously Ed's will also helped us and

like kind of like nudge the guide the Phantom's like you know quiet ixnay on

the ball and Kyle say or whatever but it was cool to meet them after the deal was

done to sort of you know shake hands be like hey what's up thanks for not

ruining everything from so it'll work out they were mentioning some talk of

some fairly affordable 900 series geforce cards which definitely piqued

our interest I think are very overclockable that's the nice indeed and

you know they've got power supplies hard drives they also have a z97 board for

like 50 bucks or something I'm currently trying to email a guy for a 46

70 K potentially if we can get that hooked up and be nice w sweet

so we just came out pretty fat with some components here we've got a power supply

from Rosewill and we got a to 1,000 watt power supply so we've got some little

room there for the T4 cooler z97 motherboard no cpu yet and also a hard

drive we got all this for what 80 bucks 80 bucks

so my place is called Elyon wholesale and we found them via a Craigslist ad

for cases and it was just like what we're looking for a warehouse just piled

with stuff all slightly old and willing to make a deal for quite a few parts so

this definitely gives it some wiggle room we spent less than $100 and we need

to locate the big-ticket item so CPU graphics cards yeah so we're gonna need

to has well no no yeah as well or Devil's Canyon something like that we're

looking for a 4690k right now I've got a few leads on Craigslist hopefully that

works out we're also missing a modular cable for this power supply for the

peripheral we'll have to work that out but yeah yeah okay so I guess we got a

potential strategy we can go with here too since we don't have a GPU yet but we

do have a motherboard with video outs so let's say we don't get the GPU sell

if someone wants to meet in the evening one of us could stay back and

get the system up and running the windows loaded and stuff if somebody

else goes out to pick up a GPU and that would we can do that right yes we can

split up we never told Interpol no second I ain't wondering all right I

think it's lunchtime though yeah I'm hungry so right now we're meeting up

with a guy named John who by some miracle is selling his 4690k core i5 for

140 bucks seems like there's no strings attached I guess we'll find out when we

get there but that's putting us in even better shape than we are now

if we can get that part so for that much that yeah it's very close there's only

12 minute drive from where we had lunch I guess we're on our way there now so I

think at that point just need the main part after this assuming that we don't

get mugged here is going to be the graphics card and it gives us plenty of

time we've got all the rest of today it's only 1:30 p.m. and we're already

getting a pretty decent CPU and a bunch of other stuff

well I guess I could've just waited till I got the card yeah but he said he was

running at a four point four to four point six which is at 1.3 1.2 1.3 volts

that'll do that'll do Pig okay so we're looking up gtx 980ti at this point we

only have about 170 to 200 bucks to spend two hundred really if we need to

we can return the RGB LEDs I'm down to do that for an IVP i I'm looking right

now in Craigslist they're all like $300 and up but I pretty much have crafted an

email that I'm sending out to this guy saying hello can I can give you $200

cash for the gtx 980ti and i'll drive to you i know that's a pretty low offer but

that's literally all the money I have left and I need that card more than

anything if you've ever wanted to pay it forward to a fellow bro this is your

chance take it before it's too late and I'm planning the copy-paste that to

all the gtx 980ti users on Craigslist right

I hope there's no one who's like selling more than one of them and gets the

message for both Oh ram update RAM updates Oh Ram guy Ram guys guys had all

the RAM that's why we call the RAM guy he actually came back finally after all

Day of Silence he was like I can do it for 20 bucks so that's $10 off of other

Ram guy so I'm going to cancel other Ram guy and go with primary Ram guy and get

it for like 10 bucks less and that we can put towards a better graphics card

you know you know Cal that's RAM tastic okay so once I convinced Linus and

Brandon that it might not be the worst idea to get on a plane and go to Palo

Alto we took off I had to get us to the hotel immediately once we got to the

hotel I threw the car in park ran inside got both all three of our passports and

we sort of made it wait what ah hold on if this guy has a phone number I'm going

to call right now because phone number this guy has a

has a dual Zeon workstation SSD, keep that in mind; man I know I know he wants 450 but we

don't need all of the stuff in Hollywood this is make it help me help you hi I'm

calling about a listing that Matthew they're put on Craigslist all right

what's the listing it was for AZ 800 dual Xeon workstation all right on your

name my name is ash let me transfer you over to someone I think Matthew is

actually out right now but I have someone else you can help you out great

thank you hello this is junk hi I'm calling about I think you guys actually

have more than one workstation listed on Craigslist yeah what's going on okay I

am it's a kind of a long story but I am in kind of a bind here so here's what I

need basically Ram a dual socket motherboard and like two case power

supply cooling solution and in a perfect world that you guys had like an old SSD

that would be that would be amazing as well okay all right hey let me get right

back - that would be that would be super amazing sorry I didn't catch your name

oh my name is Tim okay great to meet you and I really really

really really hope you can help us out here that would be SuperDuper awesome

alright sound good yeah let me just talk it over and out give me callback update

within the show next 15-20 minutes that would be perfect thank you

okay all right okay bye okay so let's just start driving towards the airport

and then if we hear back from the local workstation guys then we will stop

driving towards the airport like basically the next hour we either

win this competition or we lose and like we have nothing I can cry like I'll cry

if that's what it takes I need the system okay it's been 19

minutes I'm calling call it 19 minutes

what was his name close the name Tim Tim Tim Tim

Patrick hi I'm calling for Tim Tim yeah I don't have to wait um oh I'm confused

maybe I maybe I dialed the wrong number I'm sorry I'll have to I'll have to try

again sorry Kurt okay who did I just call I don't know who I just called and

I don't have the number for these guys anymore

oh my god well Tim I don't know okay no no I remember when I searched for I

searched for zeon well there there's your 20 minutes this is like not funny

anymore like I like you know I like the tension for the sake of the show but oh

this is it oh and I called the wrong number I have no idea - I just hope

eg Hollywood's negative may help you hi I'm calling for Tim or Kim is what's

your name again my name is ash ash yeah Prince Larry just one moment let me go

grandma for you awesome thank you so I'm so sorry to call again apologize for me

please don't worry okay did you find that it so arms guy you backed me out

right now it's going to be back probably about 30 minutes he said that you can

double-check the computer because there's a few things you have to check

before we can sell it but that we may have one I don't know how long you're

going to be in town but I have your contacts I can give you boss he gets

back checking system ok I pretty much need to drive there right now it's late

really it's a very long really stupid story but like is it is it like so ok so

if you giving me the go-ahead on that my pricing is not totally unreasonable can

we just can we just come there we're we're really techie we could even test

it for you guys so you don't have to hassle around with like whether it works

or not and we're not asking for a warranty or anything like that that I'd

have to find out I think the price would be a little more it'll probably be

closer to like 3 but that I would have to I would have to talk to him and make

sure ok ah hold on let me let me pull up my spreadsheet we're working on a really

really fixed budget here closer to so would it be 300 with the SSD and CPUs

will be the one the unit that we have it doesn't have a shoe inside and then the

other one and it have a hard drive either so it'd be without those Oh No

okay but as soon as you get back I can have contact guys you know kind of see

where you're at and we'll work something out

I honestly I have to know in like the next two minutes

could I call - I call a solemn see if I can work something out with them uh yes

you want to do that and then go back yeah sure could could I get his cell

number I'm so sorry well you think you might be driving

right up to you not even the knob Oh No yes Andy in the back you have to check

on the specs and then kind of do the clean process make sure everything is

you know wives and everything's gone okay yeah okay um

okay okay okay okay it's time to point basics like if we can't if we can't get

something done with you guys we we have to go try and book something at the

counter and and walk on like immediately like we're in the parking garage I mean

I am pretty sure let me check I don't have a system

that's probably ready to go but that's going to have you know the hard drive

it's going to have like everything in there it's going to be closer to our

press that we have online which I'm sure it's over like three hundred and Coach

circles for like four that's what this is just like ready to go

back in not me something like that I can check on that we can't we can't do that

like we can Frank and Frank and signing together something is much easier and

better for us okay okay I'll just have to let you know if

anything changes thank you yeah no problems are go then

okay thanks anyways all right circling we have eight we have eight

minutes okay part part like that yeah I don't know we got to call them then get

over tomorrow because if we can't schedule for tomorrow then we don't have

a system anyways okay and we just have to go to Michael and get a system yeah

just go just go part I'm going to call Michael right now

I thought these guys were going to come through it seemed like we were pretty

close to being able to get something done like I don't think we can I don't

think we can fly out there because like we're still two dollars over even if

everything goes according to plan hi Michael hey um having a rough day to

be perfectly honest are you in the shop right now are you able to basically

every other deal we've tried to get done here is collapsing around us right now

you had said you had decent towers that we could put the video card in for like

pretty affordable like what kind of specs are you talking casebook do I just

look into my lip right now it seems pretty cool evaporation okay kind of old

but you can do it in there I'll for you guys um I'll throw you guys a Lenovo

ThinkCentre it's an i7 3770 eating some random a terabyte hard drive how much

could that be we think about a weird thing about 200 200 okay so we would

still need

can you okay this is going to this might this might be annoying but could you

could you do an SSD for that and then could we bail on the video card

what del Pilar obviously we have a so long story we have to build the best

computer we can here for 500 and we had a lead on a 980 TI for 300 okay you know

you know what has our nationís yeah all right man I'll throw the paper part I'll

throw the other thing do a 120 Tommy see I got a 120 so 120 or 60 I mean would

you be cool with a 6-0 Disney before point 120 would help a lot I can advance

on 128 SSD in here and of course tomorrow so I want to try to help out

okay you I want to have just saved our day in a lot of ways that won't be clear

until until all this plays out um we are a we're rich we are driving there right

now Wow okay so just to confirm thirty seven seventy eight gigs ram some

motherboard just know I'm going to let you know

right now small form factor but the multiple or get base normal case yeah

yeah okay that's that's cool that's fine not like we thought like one of those

like weird architectures like in HP's and some like the Philips but no it's

like if you can system up working in the other it's cool do if you have a model

number for it by any chance

yeah sorry to rush off I'm with another customer right now legacy budget okay

just go bail you've done you've done enough we're on our way we're coming all

right I'll see you through okay thanks dude how much is that pulley we just got

CPU motherboard RAM SSD and case oh my god I don't know climbed so I gotta help

these including a power supply 200 bucks

the worst case scenario we take the 980 also from Michael we get everything from

one source and we still have a 3770 with a GTX 980 yeah but if we can I'm going

to start following up 980ti v so the good news is I don't actually know how

much time we wasted 40 minutes - Michael I got a let I gotta let Omid know that

we don't need those CPUs and Justin they're not the emphasis

and just to know that we're not taking it if they're currently trying to part

that over yeah okay now I get to spend all the **** emails okay well I'm going to

let Dustin down first because we're definitely not going to Palo Alto yeah

whereas I'm still going to follow up the workstation lead I'm going to see if we

can get the dual CPUs done so I'm going to keep only hanging still yeah okay hey

Justin I feel terrible but we just found up 3770 gaming CPU for the decay really

really no I doubt it for really really cheap and you're going that route

instead you guys were awesome and I'll recommend you to everyone I know

hi is this Anthony yeah hi I'm calling about your 980ti on Craigslist okay can

you know I actually just sold it last time I offered this guy 275 and he said

thanks for the offer but as it stands I'm still offering the cheapest 980ti

and he's right what if I say should I just go straight to our limit just go

okay 290 okay hold it I would say what about 280

and a one terabyte hard drive external ok but we don't actually know that we're

getting that hard drive we know we're getting the SSD if you might want it

like he's already Michael's already doing us a lot of favours here I don't

think he owes us a hard drive at this point I want to offer 290 I want to get

a card and I respect let's do let's do Michael prick

we're like right here let's just see what we got thought I feel like I've

been in that car forever okay so we're hoping but we're here

Michael's shop let's go in and see if we're gonna get a deal down here

oh my slides undone oh wait wait up I will let you film it

like a picture you look like the white eye lash dude oh my god oh my god okay

look guy guy that I was just been texting right now 215 he said 215 I'm

free right now 215 for a 980 i if we get this card we win scrapyard Wars I do not

think - Lou are getting a 90 I I mean they might say my crappy s like stuff or

but dude this is a 980 I know Devil's Canyon this is a freaking miracle if we

pull this off so I I tried to get some cheap SSDs honestly we just got the $45

one for micro Center if we're gonna get this 980ti for 215 bucks we need to

return some stuff that we bought the SSD is a place we can cut corners if we can

just get a 32 gig or even a 64 gig for less than 45 bucks

and also the RGB LED that just said up a guy on Craigslist to see if I can get

his strip and not him to strip but his LED strip and a controller for ten

dollars which is a half the cost it would save us an additional $10 on the

strip kid that we just got at Micro Center which would give us technically

enough to buy an IEP I but I got to do this quickly because I don't know how

long this offers gonna stand I mean he might be second-guessing himself right

now like 215 am I really gonna do 215 for an IT guy so I got it I got to act

fast right now otherwise my chance could go wait it would stop you shuffling no

right he just replied hi I was just about to replace the ad I have a bunch

of items including HDMI cables don't care the RGB light controller a fan

I've input connectors consider that I'm selling as a lot for $20 no it's part of

the lot and I want to start getting together and not piece it out really

he's going to sell it as a lot RGB strips with with frickin HDMI cables who

are looking for those two exact things for 20 bucks which is the thing that we

paid for the current kit we have I'm going to try to even try to work some

magic here I forgot this modular SATA cable we need to make sure that we want

to make this work with this power supply so in a SATA plug here you have five

different actual leads going in there black is grounds yellows 12 volts the

red is 5 volt and I believe the orange is 3.3 volts I'm going to double

that's make sure I've got that right because I don't do this often enough to

have that memorized I should have memorized but anyway if I figure what's

coming out of here then I can repin the plugs on this end because I've got the

extraction tool just slip them wrap switch them around to match up with the

proper voltage and then this should work because we got to have this for our SSD

and our hard drive and since we've got some fans and a molex plugs probably

also need to do the same thing with this one with molex okay gtx 980ti guy

replied he said well first off he wants to meet at a police station I think I

scared him a little bit by now but he also said he wants to do the trade off

before dark so he's a vampire um possibly that would

make me scared of him actually no he would not be event we can we can be

careful we can know that he's not a vampire that I had that backwards

we should bring garlic just in case but anyway evening 7:00 p.m. is reasonable

yeah as we go south they shouldn't be too much traffic and coming back north

is where I'll be rough so if we can meet him right when it's hopefully letting up

and getting back here shouldn't be plays bad and then hopefully Starbucks guy or

RGB LED guy would be down to meet up at 7:30 ish in Rancho at the Starbucks that

conventions um 980 i guy can meet right now he wants me before dark but he

actually has to be somewhere by 5:30 which is in just over an hour so I have

to go right now I didn't text him right now that I'm on

my way because we're not going to give up a chance like this

I want to truth sees me rewiring worked to plug those in

my hands off of it well I switch

beautiful that I proper voltage reporting on all the rails so it looks

like like they're good I'm going to choose

that's a good time

your opal sisters maybe you learned how to do this I actually have no idea what

I'm doing

Lucy I'm home to bring dinner got a little surprise

for you the tasty it brands with mine ray T P I

I think just a hint that is gorgeous it's aunt extreme - I know it's not even

like a reference model that's beautiful it's awesome and and dual channel eight

gigs two by four hundred I believe hopefully it works a called the

prettiest but there's a functional hey yeah but this is really where it's at

the guy did that when I got in the car - it was really funny because you know how

I kept screaming sweetening the pot I was like you will be rewarded if you do

a embark on this on this leap of faith by doing business with me you know

you'll have a reward or something and like I'm like I show up and like all

right the new line of tech tips is he's like no no and I'm like whoa so and I

had to explain him like five minutes of like scrambling like oh my gosh what if

he doesn't want to do it now and I'm just like talking about he's got like

four billion subscribers and I'm gonna like shout it shout out your name is

like I was like give a website he's like no I'm like I'm like a name you have a

name I can say your name he's like Evan I'm like great and he's like so wait

that's the reward you were talking about like famous yeah but he was he was a

super cool guy um he ended up going through with it so we got this bad boy

again although slight catch it was agreed 215 but I didn't have exact and I

forgot to ask him for change oh I gave him 220 for it but I think if we return

the SSD and the RGB kit that we got at my crescendo we just barely break even

okay so it should be okay

looks good I even have front panel connectors wired up Wow look at you

yep FPC's in the house didn't work done clean yes fresh fresh cuts has actually

been pretty useful helping me keep track of all the stuff that we've been

spending gtx 980ti i think our strong point is certainly the gtx 980ti I think

that's probably going to Surprise them I don't think that they're going to see

it coming and that's sort of what I'm guessing right now because I feel more

confident in the graphics card in our graphics card than our CPU I think that

they might have a faster performing CPU but not necessarily as quick of a

graphics card so it'll be interesting to see how that balances out how that all

plays out when we actually run the tests sure this does not have a removable

drive cage how long is that yeah that was the only thing that I was concerned

about is that it is a fairly beefy GPU worst-case scenario we can just hack

sawdust out of here but it's probably a good 11 12 inches here let's take a look

is that no I know can you wait do six no there's no way we're going to rip

that out we'll just have to rip it out if you have tools that can cut through

that yeah okay that's good now I got a big Queen though doesn't have to be

clean that's fine you know aesthetics is not nearly

important as pages reforms riveted in here too so it's okay we'll find a way

I'll put that sucker in there it's less than we do this piece just cut the end

of the shroud off right that might be easier will it work without it

I don't know I mean it's just plastic but I mean I'd rather not do that if we

can avoid it yeah another yeah I mess up the $10 case

than the Rena dollar graphics card yes my wait wait I will live film if I can

picture oh you look like the wino ash my god did you know when we were on the

phone or did you just know when we showed up no oh okay good hold that

thought when we arrived at Michael's shop I immediately suspected that he

knew who you were I mean this guy was way too nice so sorry Ashley

no carry on what they have water

oh um so can you show specific that we've been bad

we get them by the truckload cool okay do you have arm weight was that so it

was a 3770 right you have something that will take a full-height graphics card i

could throw in a case for a little bit extra and if the motherboards at that

you can drop it okay let's uh I don't want to do that that's stupid

okay yeah I was looking for something that could fit a full fledge graphics

card the rest of the 980 yeah yeah and I suggest that I should get you right now

as far as I 7-zip and II got a we're pretty flexible if we're allowed to kind

of tool around a bit and mix and match you know how to get the side panel off

I'm not demonstrating my my skills here oh there we go

okay we're stationed OB gather potentially a workstation I mean really

it's like what works okay yeah this power supply don't work with a standard

case either so we got to be careful on that one so this is a 37 70 you keep

scram 240 watt max okay so our power supply is definitely definitely going to

be a problem what you guys happen to be looking for a power supply so we again

so here's here's the so the deal that we were trying to do was a dual pocket

workstation you that we were we were going to get for $300 and then we're

stupid the place we were talking to is in Palo Alto so we clearly if we're on a

budget clearly plane tickets are not going to work very well yeah for that

budget welder so we were going to get that for 300 and then we were going to

pair it with the 980 we were going to get from you for 200 and our max budget

is 500 however if we can so we have actually got like six different 980ti

guys kind of on the go for around a little over three so like 310 so we

basically need the rest of the system for 200 which means that if we can't get

a third generation Core i7 maybe we could work with you on something not

very generation ah

but we do need a full-size tower that can fit this one over here okay I can

this power supply looks like junk this is an i7 2670 shop that we were looking

for wow that is the derp pused heatsink design I think I've ever seen so and

this might be the proprietary Asst this must be like BTX or something maybe

there's HP I don't even think it is but like this power supply is non-standard

like there's very little that's usable in here but if this system didn't work

that could actually work in our favor here's a bear 2600 a bear 2600 CPU yeah

what about a motherboard though you want to go when they'd have to find an

overclock roll board 2600 K no no you can still overclock there's a little bit

even though than okay oh that's a thing everything that's fine also I don't know

the T I believe is two of those two dates I think so I guess that's it for

the one terrified I could do a 60 to get this D 4:15 we don't need a hard didn't

have a hard drive all ready to go yeah that's a seat pick you okay yes I would

have to do 435

60 gigs for 15 his windows even get Windows 10 even going to fit on that

look all the low trap on it I do budget goes from here all the time but that

still puts us at 195 and we still need a case and a power supply we have $5 $5

case and power supply combo I could get you guys I like going to notice to keep

the power supply maybe with the point you guys holding that thing out I'm

gonna be a star because I've asked for that case for a while so you know if

it's music I can no one going to notice you if you walk out your the power

supply okay what if we find a different a different like bare-bones to start

from sure sure and then that'll give a little because if we can find something

ATX with a decent power supply but as far as as far as i7 is concerned that's

the chief Illinois was cheap so I'm going to be able to get you can we do

can we start doing like CPU swaps and swap on i-5 for an i7 and as long as

they're the same in socket like if you could make a quick to play mix and match

up we can move fast if you chill up the systems and say do a CPU swap i 530 470

oh wait maybe I did look at this one maybe there was a reason though oh the

power supply was crappy but we could work with that because we should they

could have a as long as there's a power supply on the test bench and there's a

power supply in the system hold on a second oh boy

where'd I put this okay five levels here okay cool where was that one has a bio

support those please okay okay I'm feeling I'm feeling okay right now HP /

looks cool do you think so it's shiny so like this one the the desktops the lying

down flat one has a 37 78 so we were going to take the chip from one of these

and put it in there and take that and put it in here

that's what my boss don't trust my judgement so yeah do you think okay

thank you your judgement is X I think it's excellent to my judgment so uh you

know do whatever you gotta do because we're happy you know what look we like

this one better right I just thought the front looked cool

look cool okay I want no other reason they're actually yes this one does look

a little roomier and this one therefore was we wanted order like an 80

millimeter and could just walk away right if we needed a fan I think we

should take this one okay thanks so much you've been way too helpful in Michael

you have a ninety two millimeter fan by chance for 90s you that's an ad that's

an IV that's a 92 but I can't take your CPU to listen what kind of computer shop

is this anyway you don't have a 92 million fan I'm taking my business

elsewhere no no no okay you call that last you

call that left we're not going anywhere soft amazing boss yeah oh crap this fan

has a proprietary 4-pin connector on it Oh what are the odds you have a

sacrificial Dead fan that I can splice a standard connector onto so I don't ask

for much I know if we're going to go with a 980 I mean

this would be probably the 980 okay let me see if I've heard back from any of

our 980ti leads whoa 275 FTW 980ti that's thank you for a few bucks to work

with a little power supply my priorities we've got a 980ti

I mean let's try this but are you weighing those four parts but looks like

it's a quick way to know what kind of system I'm dealing with like how much

they spend on the heatsink and the power supply like yeah and the you know the

overall build of the chassis it's an indicator okay I'ma be all I'm going to

join you I'm going to waste it's not the be-all and end-all obviously in a

wasting system okay well I'm going to start digging out one that I found that

looks kind of promising here I don't think we're going to find anything

better than what we have like honestly that that that old workstation looked

kind of promising but I mean do you want to go do you want to go full ghetto and

do two power supplies we can kind of been done before but you got to do what

you got to do not effectively that's true

Wow I mean is it because you're in the Sun that you feel the need to throw so

much shade right now like I just could be involved or you don't

I mean this is a vanquished opponent we'll just drop in facts man this is a

banquet opponent and I mean you're taking all your salt and you're rubbing

it right in the wound dude what if we found a power supply in

that scrap heap if that $10 we'll see something there that you like

I thought something that's like probably not that far off this just the power

supply yeah that'll be times ten dollars okay even though it was in the scrap

heap yeah oh I can still - perhaps but I got to see

you can sell papers yeah how many of your body - five bucks five bucks for

the Dorada eat one from the front of the 7/7 one word stated if that fails we

don't know enough to buy flowers money no you don't so that deals on the table

so that's a gamble sooner you sit on it okay could we come back tomorrow and buy

a power supply for five bucks up Afghan people yeah that's what I'm saying okay

we stood on that good the system though because we needed services okay laughs

some power supplies on my own you guys I'm getting a call beforehand I'm

getting bored you're a person sure yeah that's different okay awesome okay but I

was allowed to swap these power supplies okay okay so I'm going to do I know what

I'm gambling I'm going for the film will take over the edge people okay I mean at

least it has PCI Express connectors and what I've heard is that it's just a

range that you get so if we get lucky then that might be all we need

I mean we're gambling no matter what we do at this point yeah what we do well

whatever we do is going to be our risk Thanks thank you

okay let's go dude but I'll take it we're out of it I mean yes North

Hollywood okay so I'll just go Stalcup straight to the point

we found one we haven't actually gone to pick it up yet but it's a little far

away from us but we found one for 275 is that is that close to what you were able

to charge for it or should we just go get the other one

you could do it for 250 what kind of card is it is it a

reference or like a could I get the exact model sorry it has a water courier

on it yeah two-fifty North Hollywood ah let me let

me just up are you wanting to not it's a 980ti hold on a second we might we might

have ourselves a deal did you want to get together today like very soon my

phone just died oh my goodness my power just turn off Oh terrible

next week I'm scrapping our Wars okay so what we have to know then though is I

see there's a little note in the box when did you figure out who we were do

you think just talking about blatant cheating now just wait

The Description of $500 PC TEAM BATTLE - Scrapyard Wars Season 5 - Ep2