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Hello guys, welcome back to my channel

today we will review a movie

and this is

Block Z

I decided to share my thoughts about Block Z


I really like horror, thriller and suspense movie


i still feel

the excitement

after watching block z

here's our ticket

we just finish watching the movie

This movie is directed by Mikhail Red

His movie is so great

i also watched the

Eerie movie

bird char

Bird shot and dead kids

not yet


i might watch it too

so i will check

that movies

i really like the block z

there's no sugar coating here



i'm into horror


and thriller

and i'm really expecting more

if this is scary

or make you suprise

or good one

and then

also i am a fan of zombies movie


zombie land, warm bodies and other zombie movies

even train to busan

i watch it too

and you can say that

these movie is in this high level

so, you are in the side of

you are expecting

a good and a quality movie

And yes, thumbs up!

but i can't say that

you can compare

you can compare this movie to them

and at the same time

there's a

Similarities to other (zombie) movies


how they start it (movie)

how they discover the virus

and how virus spread

and how everyone panic

when you watch this movie

you can say that

this movie have uniqueness

and originality

the flow (story line) of the movie is great

from the start

i like part of

when everyone is panic

and also the part

that government try to cover up the virus

that spreading

(later on) they cannot cover up anymore


solution is slow

at the same time

everyone is shock (how fast virus can spread)

you will see how good this movie

and also the acting great

did you know the acting of zombies in international foreign and western movies

there's no awkward

they really look like a zombie

you will surprise and scared

and when you see them

they'll make you run

but then because your just watching

and can't do anything

just to watch

that is what i feel

i like the cast

how they portray their character

they're all good

they give justice

each character

what i like with block z movie is you have mixed emotion

you will scared


and then


they make you sad

there's a scene that makes me disappointed

Because we already watch

other movie about zombie

how they died

you are fighting with your life

and that scene

i'm not satisfied but

Sorry, I will not spill out the information

check it out


watch it

and share your thoughts below comment section

I like how they do the twist of the movie

the story

its great

also the open ending of the movie

that after you watch the movie

i'd say that there is a sequel


this movie has sequel (part 2)

and i say that

i will definitely watch the second one

its like

the same reaction after watching the whole movie

the movie is beautiful

because you so focus waiting for the next scene

your not like

i will got to restroom


i have to go

your just watching the whole time

i have a mood that if the movie is kinda boring

i will feel asleep

even if i try not to fall asleep

but then with this movie

i'm so focus watching from the start until the end

you've seen each scenes

it makes you shock (surprise)

and also there make up (zombie)

thumbs up!

it looks so real

and also the reaction

i mean the acting as a zombie

it's great!

but then


we can't say that

this movie is a same level like the other well known (zombie) movies

But it's a good start

that we already have this kind of movie


especially we are expecting for the next one. So like we're expecting more

Good and a quality movie

And I know it will level up

sir mikhail red

i really like that movie

like the twist

it's good how you make the twist of the story

you did not expect what will happen in the next scene

can we recommend this movie? Of course, we can recommend this movie

Especially if you are into horror thriller and suspense movie

thank you so much guys for watching

Hopefully you like this video

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thank you so much


god bless

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