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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Fortune Feimster Trained To Become A Debutante | Netflix Is A Joke

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- Now do you guys know what a debutante is?

(audience cheers)

Well it's defined as

an upper class young woman

making her first appearance in fashionable society.

(audience laughs)

Now I don't know what describes me better than that.

(audience laughs)

I spent the entire summer

after my senior year of high school

having to learn how to become a lady.

At the time I was working at the recreation department

as a maintenance worker.

(audience laughs)


I was lining softball fields

and picking up trash in parks, you know,

like a lady.

Then I would leave my job all sweaty and gross

and I had to go to etiquette classes

where they taught me how to use forks,

or how to use a napkin.

I know you're all just assuming

you pick up a napkin and wipe your face.

No, you're all savages!

(audience laughs)

- [Audience Member] Yep!

- You have to daintily grab your napkin,

and then you just dab the corners of your mouth.

I just spent my summer just

dabbing the corners of my mouth like this,

and just envisioning the rest of my life as a handmaid.

(audience laughs)

I had to then learn how to talk like a lady.

Apparently, you cannot just go up to potential suitors

to go, "What's up, Mark!"

(audience laughs)


They don't like that.

I had to dress like a lady,

because at the end of this

was a debutante ball

where all of us had to wear a giant white wedding gown.

Yes, I had to wear a giant white wedding gown

while my brother, in a tuxedo,

walked me down the aisle

and then I had to curtsy to him.

It looked and felt like I was marrying my brother.

(audience laughs)

Which is just a little too on the nose for North Carolina.

(audience laughs)

You know what I mean, you know what I mean?

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