Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Wie is de Mol (The Mole) S14E07 with English subtitles

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Welcome to Hong Kong.

What you're not familiar with yet, is this: the black exemption.

There's a mega laser show starting.

Oh, crap!

The phone fell on the ground, completely apart.

I have this for you guys.

Because the pot is not always safe on WIDM, you can use these envelopes to secure money.

What if we just decide to send that money?

Fyi, the money has been sent.

All the money has been posted.

They just decided to do so on their own, in their room.

Maybe we need to select another treasurer?

I think it's starting.

And go! And go! And go!

I found it, I am the first who has it.

So everyone is equalized again.


I'll see you in the Philippines.

My Moles keep getting executed. What's up with that?

First Maurice, then Owen.

Then Daphne and in the end Jennifer was sent home too.

In a minute, we're going to cast an eye into the future.

Yeah sure, so now I know who the Mole is..

There's no exemption this time, nor a black one.

I'm not surprised at all.

I think I've done something rather clever just before the execution.

I wanted to share what we saw on those screens.

A quarter of a sign with a fingerprint and a bunch of brown horses.

So now I know what Aaf saw.

I know just what she saw.

Aaf was the third woman in a row to go home.

Leaving a confused group behind, as she put it herself.

An apt description.

The game is being played with such ingenuity ...

... that it almost seems as if there are multiple Moles, at times.

But the Mole division is fixed: there is only one Mole and four contestants.

For now anyway, because within a few days yet another contestant is going home.

But not before the return of the topitos have posed them for some devilish dilemmas.

' must see'

Good morning.

A cup of coffee for Mr Bartels. - Thank you.

Willem, before you go: Either you, you, you, or you will be going tonight.. Bye now!

It's going to be a beautiful day today. - Yes it will.

And a very heavy day too.

Yes I think so too. - Me too.

This is not the time for alliances anymore.

I feel very much alone in this game, I really do.

It's kind of hard, because Susan is hanging out more with Freek.

Tygo and Jan-Willem also hang out together a lot.

I don't really have anyone.

After a very long drive through the magnificent Philippine landscape..

...we arrived at a place that I already knew.

Which is weird because I've never been here before.

But I have seen this in my video.

I saw these windmills in my video of the future.

I knew there would be money on top of one of those turbines.

Bangui wind farm supplies almost half of the energy in Ilocos Norte.

20 wind turbines, each 70 meters high.

In one of these windmills, money is waiting for you.


The only thing you have to do, is find the right windmill.

You'll even get help to do so via three tasks.

The better you do that, the more windmills you will be eliminating.

Your first challenge:

Walk 70 meters precisely from this line on.

Three, two, one ... go!

First, we had to measure 70 meters on the beach.

After 70 meters there were some poles where we probably had to end up.

Sofie went quite quickly with yoga-like frog leaps.

It was clear she was taking steps that were way too big.

I thought everyone had very tall legs and I'm the short one.

So I shouldn't take steps but leaps instead.

Tygo walked beside me for quite a long time.

That got on my nerves, because he is always playing games to get you out of sorts.

I measured my steps carefully.

I ended up at a post where Susan stopped too.

The question being: was that correct or not?

I have quite a head start. - Yes, you've come the farthest.

This pole, right?

Let's have a look.

Nothing at all.


Also nothing.

Jan-Willem and Susan.

At the same pole.

That's green, so it's 70 meters.

Well done.

70 meters, exactly. Well, great!

Tygo, that's not correct.

Two windmills have been eliminated.

Now for the next challenge.

There's a bag of sand of exactly 14 kilograms.

You will also need to fill your bag with 14 kilograms of sand.

Together adding up to 70 kilos.

But I'm feeling lenient today.

You'll have a margin of two kilos more or less.

Before you start digging, you may feel the bag with 14 kilos of sand once.

Good luck.

There was a bag of sand, which weighed 14 kilos.

One by one, we were allowed to sense how that felt.

Then you had to fill an empty bag and get as close to 14 kilos as possible.

I really lifted it into my arms, so I could feel how big it was.

Because I thought estimating the weight might be very difficult.

I don't know what happened.

But it somehow felt much lighter because of the adrenaline pumping.

It was very difficult to estimate correctly.

It's time to weigh.

Freek, go ahead.

It should be 14 kilos.

Just over 16 kilos.. - Yes.


I thought I would be quite close to the 14 kilos.

That's 30 kilos, Jan-Willem.

I had 30 kilos!

Oh this is pretty awful..

You're even surpassing Jan-Willem..

31 kilos.

That's not good.

I think I have more than you two added together, almost my own weight.

25 kilos.

Tygo, all hope is resting on you. - No...

I can already feel it's way too heavy.

Are we heading to 40?

35 kilos!

You've eliminated no windmills at all. - What a shame!

I hope you'll do better in the last challenge. It's that way.

You'll be counting till seventy seconds in silence.

Once you're there, step over the bar.

I'll give you another margin: It's give or take 5 seconds.

On my mark.

Three, two, one ...

I've never been more excited just counting.

Those wind turbines make a huge blow.

I thought: That's just short of a second.

I shouldn't get distracted by them.

So I'm standing there, with my ears and eyes closed.

Not paying attention to the others, just counting my own 70 seconds.

Timing is my profession.

I'm giving intros on the radio all day long, with no trouble at all.

So I was eager to do well in this challenge.

I didn't do anything right today.

Well life goes a bit faster in my head, so I can't count to 70 properly.

So I start counting very quickly: 21, 22, 23 ...

Tygo was very quick off the mark.

I stepped forward in my own time.

I really thought I would do this quite well.

Counting up to 70 seconds should be doable.

70 seconds went by in silence.

Tygo stepped forward first, after 55 seconds.

That's not right.

Then Sofie stepped forward, after 62 seconds.

Also incorrect.

Susan and Freek stepped forward simultaneously after 69 seconds.

Both are correct.

Jan-Willem was the last one, after 71 seconds.

Awesome! - You eliminated three windmills.

Great job!

To be clear, there are 20 windmills here.

If you'd had everything right, you would have eliminated 15 turbines.

If all five of you had done well here, you might have all climbed up.

You've eliminated five windmills.

That means there are 15 left to choose from.

The three who did well here, Freek, Jan-Willem, and Susan are allowed to go up.

So three windmills out of the 15.

I hope you choose well.

We had eliminated five of the twenty windmills.

But I saw the video.

I thought that the windmill with the money was the one most on the right.

So I wanted to go for windmill number one, the rightmost turbine.

You eliminated five windmills.

Number 19, 14, 8, 3 and number 1.

After a moment of confusion, I thought: I'll go for number two then.

As that was the rightmost mill that was left.

So tell me, Jan-Willem, Susan, and Freek.

I'll go for number 2. - Number 2? - Yes.

Jan-Willem said: I have seen these windmills before.

So he took number 2 and I took number 4.

Number 3 was eliminated, right? - Yes.

Number 4?

Actually, we were hoping Freek would take number five but he took 18 instead. - 18.

Ok. I hope you'll find something.

I'm entering windmill number 18.

So you find yourself standing in this kind of huge, long pipe. Really hot inside.

Because you hardly feel anything of the wind inside of these mills.

Then I had to climb up a ladder.

I started a little too enthusiastically, because I thought I could just climb it in one go.

A very steep ladder, going straight up.

Going up for 70 meters, which was really quite exhausting.

It wasn't too bad in terms of claustrophobia.

I thought: as long as I don't look down, I should be alright.

My arms turned sour for a bit so I had to take a rest every now and then.

I thought it would be a kind of spiral staircase.

Why make it harder than necessary for the people who do repairs?

I think this is very, very scary.

I have no idea how much higher I have yet to go.

I'm kind of afraid of heights so I had to get over that.

After some five to eight minutes you notice you can't even sense your pulses anymore...

..because of the acidification, and you lose your grip.

Along the way, you're trying different tactics on how to climb up the easiest way.

I thought: I just won't look down. I'll look straight ahead.

Oh boy, I think this is so scary.

Oh my God.

I thought it was really scary.

I didn't make it. I just didn't dare to, I was too scared.

I thought I wouldn't dare come down anymore once I would be up there.

After all, there is only one way up and down, via those scary stairs.

It really upset me a lot and I thought: How will I tell the others?

Eventually I did make it up there, but I found nothing.

The view was fantastic, though.

Because you get to look out over the sea and the island.

I really felt like an action hero at that moment.

Though I was completely beat..

I arrived at the top of the windmill.

So then it was the question of whether the money was there.

Please let there be some money.

An envelope.



At the top, there was an envelope containing 2000,-

Money, baby!

Tygo and Sofie are looking rather relaxed, while the other three are looking a little hot.

You've climbed three windmills.

Did you find anything? 2000,- maybe?

Unfortunately, I could only have a quick peek up there..


Holy crap! Fantastic!

Three out of the twenty..

2000,- going towards the pot. Congratulations.

I'll see you later.

2000,- for the pot. - Awesome! - Good job!

Jeez, you got lucky. - Yes, indeed.

Well done, Willem. You worked hard as you want to win that pot.

And so do I, so thank you, Willem.

This was really, really heavy.

I didn't expect it to be.

I went up but at some point I started to cry.

Really, did you cry? - Yes.

Also because I had the chance to go up there, you know.

It was just much too heavy. We were already huffing and puffing.

I did everything wrong too. My kids probably lost all respect for me.

No, not at all. - Really!

Stop it, we earned 2000,-. - I put myself in a twist too.

From the beach we drove off into the mountains.

It became greener and greener, and bumpier.

We drove through some sort of jungle.

We were gaining height along the way, so I knew we were driving towards a mountain.

We arrived at a beautiful scenery.

All jungle, green, mountains, caves.

It was like a Jurassic Park.

Coastlines like in Northern Ireland. Very rugged.

Sofie wanted to have a private talk with me.

I told Susan: listen, before the execution Aaf and I exchanged notes.

On those notes, we wrote down what we had seen on those screens.

It was a quarter of a sign, like a traffic sign with a finger print, the Mole logo of course.

I think it's a clue about how we can earn some money during this challenge.

I had the note from Aaf and I wanted to do something with that.

I wanted to use it to my advantage.

Why are you telling this just to me?

I thought: what if I share that information with the one who is most eager for the challenge to fail?

I'm thinking: what kind of game is Sofie up to now?

Let's put it this way: You're really quite something..

My theory is that she's the Mole.

But she needs a buffer.

An alliance with someone with an innocent face.

Yeah we still need to hang on to the ladies alliance for what it's worth, right?

Yeah right, the ladies alliance... I know enough.

Here on the rugged Northern shore you can see many things.

Among which four parts of an image.

Collect those four parts, and you'll know the key to earning money for the pot.

You can earn 2000,-

There's one practical downside.

You can't actually take those pieces with you.

You'll have half an hour.

Good luck.

There was a very large compass and a card with various degrees on it.

Four of us needed to go to a location and find a part of an image there.

Which we had to communicate to the one left behind at the compass.

The one that stays here should know their coordinates.

I don't want to just stand here. - Me neither.

I need to move, I haven't done anything yet today.

Immediately it was like 'Susan will be staying behind.' Fine with me.

Wait a sec, what do I need to do?

We'll tell you what we see. - And you need to draw it.

The first one is 350 degrees up.

This is 360. So that's 350, exactly.

It's that way. - The grooves are per 10.

I want to go there.

18 degrees down. That's 10.

Shall I do that? - That's fine.

Freek is going to the beach down there. We still have 93 degrees up.

I'll take a look over there.

We decided on some markers. 'You pay attention to this, you to that...'

Does everyone know where to go? - Yes.

It's so pretty out here! - Yes, very nice.

Susan, do you read me, over? - Hello can you guys hear me?

I can hear you. Great.

107 degrees up, right?

It's 107 degrees down, Jan-Willem. - Ok.

Jan-Willem and I walked alongside for a while.

But eventually I had to go my own way.

Because my arrow pointed slightly more towards a very high rock formation.

This is a good path downward.

Freek, I'm not wearing long pants.

Are there many thistles out there? - No it's doable.

I had 350 degrees up.

I didn't feel like the beach, I wanted to walk in the green.

The idea that a snake could creep up on me, or animals rushing away. I love that.

I love this climbing.

It was quite a climb down in a rather rocky area.

Suddenly the jungle ended and I hit the beach.

That was a cinematographic moment, in a Blue Lagoon-like setting.

Susan, this is Freek. I'm on the beach.

You should be able to see me now? - Ah yes, I can see you.

You need to go quite a bit to the left! - A lot to the left...

Susan, look in my direction please, as you should be able to see me.

Am I far off or am I near to the spot?

You still need to go quite a bit further.

Now that you're looking this way, this is Sofie over here.

I can't see you, Sofie.

How many degrees did you have? 107?

No I had the 93 degrees.

Sofie you need to go much further than Jan-Willem. - I was afraid of that.

Susan, this is Freek. Can you check if I'm going in the right direction?

A bit more to the left, it should be right there that you need to search.

Let's switch off that jabbering on the walkie talkie for a bit.

This is correct. I just crossed one mountain.

I need to go to that mountain I think.

Suus, can you see me over here? - Yes I can see you.

You're spot on! According to the arrow you're spot on.

A little bit more to the left.

I think I got it.

Yes, Suus I found something. - Good job.

Finally I found the piece of the image.

Freek found something. - What's on it?

It's a part of a kind of... map of a maze.

A map of a maze?

Straight away I thought 'those are the fingerprints'.

Am I going in the right direction, Suus?

According to the arrow you still need to go more to the left, Jan-Willem.

Susan was doing very well. She had a good idea where the contestants were.

She tried to spot them so she could give directions. She helped me too.

I found it, Suus. - Jan-Willem? - Yes.

I found my part of the image but it didn't make sense to me. Just stripes.

Suus, we need to make sure that we can explain this to you one by one.

If we keep talking all at once, nothing will come of it. - Did you guys hear this?

Ok Freek I'll learn from you. It seems like a tough job.

Tygo, come in please. Where are you now?

Suus, I think the whole will form a circle with lots of lines.

With that you'll get some sort of round maze.

Freek started to tell me everything very meticulously.

I'll start at the top of the paper.

At the right next to the stripe a slight bend downward? - Yes.

He said it was a maze. Many lines to the left.

So the second line is quite long? - Yes, much longer than the first.

So I drew it. I had no idea what it was, I just followed his description.

He was very precise about it.

He said 'I know it takes time, but it's the only way.'

Bottom right. - No, middle right.

Oh, within half an hour...

This is too scary. No I won't go through there, it's a jungle.

This is only going down. I need to go back, on top over there.

I'll check at the top if there's something over there.

Finally I arrived at the top and there...

Right at the top of the rock there was the wooden sign.

Yeah, it's definitely a fingerprint.

Maybe that's enough as a description.

We might not have to go all complicated like Freek.

So the second line is splitting off at some point.

Freek had found his and was describing it very meticulously to Susan via the walkie.

That took quite a while.

Then you leave some white space and basically...

...after that you keep drawing in the direction of the line before.

I don't understand that.

A very long description..

So you drew that line till about halfway.

Halfway, there's some white space.

Not a very clear one, either.

You continue drawing the last bit on the right side.

Yeah, I really took my time.

I'm done.

I didn't know how to do it in a quicker way.

Sofie, do you have a good idea how to explain this?

Whoa, there's a cow coming.

Then it was Sofie's turn.

She started off very vaguely.

Think of a circle. You need to draw a quarter of a circle.

So I started with something that looked like a round bracket.

It ends in some kind of a V-junction.

She came up with junctions underneath and above the bracket.

I couldn't make heads or tails of it.

About wrist-size.

When Sofie was describing it you could hear from miles away...

..that Susan was never going to get it.

What does wrist-size mean?

Shall I just join you again? I'll never be able to clarify this.

Sofie just passed on two or three lines and then she stopped.

I'll take that other path, that way.

We'll get to the other side of the mountain.

Maybe it's high up on that side. Nice game, huh!

We have three minutes left. - I'm going to try another way, Suus.

I trust Jan-Willem. He had the perfect plan!

I'll ask you to draw dots at the top, which will become lines later on ok?

During Freek's elaborate story I had the time to think of how to describe this.

One centimeter to the right you put a dot for a line, and right next to that another one.

Little dots at the top, at exactly the right distances. - Got it!

You should have eight now.


Dots at the side. - From the top line which hits the side... go down five centimeters. You put a dot there.

So I had Susan connect the dots. - Got it!

Then connect the third dot at the top...

...with that dot, also with a soft bend.

Time was up.

Three out of four managed to give a description to Susan. Only Tygo didn't.

So Susan. There are four fingerprints in front of you.

They're the Mole's.

Only one out of those four is correct.

The choice is yours, Susan.

I needed to pick one. There were four.

I thought I'd only look at Freek's and Jan-Willem's descriptions.

Drawn quite professionally.

Yeah, I uhm..

I need to say it now, right?

I thought I'll just choose one.

I'll just pick one. It's the best I can make of it anyway.

If it's correct, you'll earn 2000,-

Have a look inside.

Nothing. - Zero. -Damn.

It's empty. - Yeah.

This was the correct one.

Then I'd like to scrutinize it some more.


I'll take those with me, you guys can have a look at the fingerprint.

See you tomorrow.

Well, an empty envelope.

Jan-Willem was the most trustworthy one.

Which drawing was that?

Time was up, but you had the best system.

You just said to connect the dots. First these dots, then these dots.

How did you know? - I didn't, it was just a hunch.

It was easiest to draw it like that.

Because the lines go like that.

Did you find yours at all? - No. - You didn't find it?

No I was close, I saw it lying there.

I didn't find it, it was two mountains further.

Sorry about that. - Did you take a wrong turn?

Well I just went down here, because I thought I needed to enter the green here.

Tygo got lost in some mysterious way.

So I followed Freek, but then I thought that would never work.

The jungle there was impenetrable so I thought that's impossible.

Strange that no one noticed that it was a fingerprint.

It's also weird that Susan, who should have remembered it...

...because we were talking about that just minutes beforehand...

..didn't think of to make that drawing with some kind of circles.

If Sofie knows that this is a challenge...

...why didn't she share it with the whole group beforehand?

I trust Susan completely.

I can't imagine her being the Mole.

If she is, she deserves to win an Oscar. Instantly.

Maybe we should be sharing more than we did up to now.

Should we do this? I want a new buddy. - Here I am.

I am the new Aaf.

Susan and I agreed to share a cabin... well as to share information.

I had her down as a potential Mole.. - Did you?

For a long time I answered one question with Aaf in mind.

Just to be sure, because part of me kept thinking:

I might turn out to be the victim.

Then I am the idiot who became friends with the Mole.

If Freek is the Mole, I'm gone.

Pact? - Yes, a pact. - Check.

With the finals looming, in the group of five there seem to be three main suspects:

Tygo, Susan, and Sofie.

Freek suspects Tygo en Sofie, just like Susan, who in turn is suspected by Tygo.

He is one of Sofie's suspects, as is Susan.

Meanwhile Jan-Willem is focusing entirely on Sofie.

Suspicions all over the place, with Freek and Jan-Willem being the least suspected.

A blind spot from the others, allowing the Mole to run free?

We arrived in Vigan by bus.

I truly imagined myself living in ancient times for a moment.

A beautiful Spanish, colonial town with charming streets.

Nice little shops with antiques and souvenirs.

There were a lot of horse and buggies, as well as those tricycle taxis.

Really a cute town.

We had to meet Art there, which is always a rather intense moment.

Good morning. - Good morning.

This is a topito.

Five of these pieces together make up a 'topo'.

Your task for today: collect as many complete topos as you can.

Because each complete topo of one colour will earn you money for the pot.

Each of you will be using a traditional mode of transport of Vigan.

Horse and buggy, a tricycle. Make sure you meet each other as often as possible.

Because each time you do, you can trade one piece.

You'll have half an hour.

As seed money you will each get five topitos.


Art called me to him first.

Grab a bag.

Keep looking at me while you scrabble for five topitos.

We had to blindly pick five topitos from a bag.

That's the fifth, right? - Yes.

You were to put those in your own bag.

Better not show them to the others.

Then you had to return to where you'd been.

You've got five? - Yes.

Sofie. - Yes.

I had to keep looking at Art, who is quite easy on the eyes anyway..

So I kept staring at Art as I wasn't allowed to look at the pieces.

But from the corner of your eyes, you can see a glimmer of colour.

I thought I was picking all these green pieces.

So I thought: This is going well, I've got many of the same colour.

Keep looking at Art, keep looking at Art.

I think this is the fourth. - Go ahead and count.

I think so.

I lost count. - Five?

Better not show the others.

But I think in the end I had five.

When you meet each other, you get to trade just one each time.

The last one.

I wouldn't show the others. - Ok.


Finally I had the chance to look Art straight into his eyes.

Just like he does with every test and execution, sitting in front of you.

You can get a bag.

When you know he's holding your fate in his hands.

Now I got to stare back for once, which was pretty exciting.

Eventually I had put five topitos into my bag.

That's five, right?

I hope you got what you were hoping for.

Thank you.

Collect just one colour.

My mode of transport was a horse and buggy.

A red one.

I was allowed to look at what I had in my bag inside of it.

Green, green, and orange.

Let's see what I've got.

Almost a complete yellow one.

I've got a red and a green one.

Orange is a question mark.

In the back of the buggy, there was a note.

All the colours were worth 250,- except for orange.

Orange had a question mark.

So maybe I should go for orange after all.

This is the Mole after all.

So if you come across a question mark, you want to know what it means right away.

In my bag I had two green topitos, one red and two orange ones.

So I thought: Orange, that's the one I've got to get.

I'm already halfway there with a blue one, so that would be nice.

But maybe I know more than the others do.

I saw topitos near a nameplate.

At Crisologo, that street.

There's an exemption over there.

Here we go.

We had 30 minutes.

I was given a tricycle with a really sweet driver.

We had to drive around in circles.

This is a nice little tempo...

We had hardly left that street when I spotted Freek.

Freek! Freek!

You're in one of those things.. Stop, stop!

Where did he go? Did he leave already?

That was the first trade I could have done.

Why didn't he stop?

A missed opportunity, just like that.

Pretty soon I ran into Tygo.

Do you have an orange one? I've got three of those.

Not that I'm very keen on them.

No, I've got yellow. Do you have yellow?

I have no yellow ones.

I can trade you a red one. - Alright.

So you don't have any orange ones? Because I have almost all of them. - No.


Jan-Willem! I want Jan-Willem.

You decide who you want? I'm right here.. - Yes.

I trust him more, though.. Crazy, right?

I have two orange ones.

Can I have an orange one from you?

I had just one orange topito, so not a great starting point for negotiations.

But I still gave it a shot.

I've already got two as well. - What have you got?

Two as well. Do you want to trade a blue one?

Really? I don't have any blue ones, I've got a green and a red one.

Susan doesn't trust me anymore? Ha!

I'm the one who can't trust Susan instead of the other way around.

I really want to have the orange one.

I thought: dammit! I want those things.

If you're getting an exemption out of this, I'm not inclined to help you.

Then I would put myself at a disadvantage.

Everybody's going for the question mark, because we all have similar thoughts.

It could also be a meeting with the Mole, where you can ask questions.

That's possible too.

You really don't know what you'll be getting? - No, I really don't.

I promise I will share it with you.

100 percent? - 100 percent.

I had no idea what that question mark meant.

Maybe the question mark is a black exemption.

Maybe the full green topo could be worth a green exemption.

In that case I want a green one please. - A green one, yes.

I thought that was the best colour to go for.

If orange isn't working, I will go for green instead.

I've got another green one and a red one too, if that helps you?

We were only allowed to trade once, so I said:

Let's circle around, so we'll meet again.

Then we can trade the other one.

I go left there and you go right there. - So we'll end up in this street? - Yes.

I had to ask the driver several times if the horse could go any faster.

All traffic was coming our way and we were completely blocking the road.

Suus, stop!

What do you need? - Orange.

I have three of those.

I have blue, yellow and orange too.

How many? - Two.

Then Freek said: I have two.

So I thought: Of course you do.

That means Jan-Willem was lying, because he said he had two as well.

You don't want to trade the orange for a blue one? - No.

Susan was quite open and honest giving information.

About the fact that she had three orange pieces in her bag.

So I had her two missing pieces.

We don't know what orange means obviously, as a question mark is very appealing..

So I don't know yet if I want to give this to you.

But I have three, and majority rules. - Well..

Where are Tygo, Jan-Willem, Susan and Freek?

I'll keep going now, sorry.

No, no! No way. No way!

This is just mean!

Alright, I'll give you one, I want a green one in return. - Ok.

But then I'll have to meet you again. - Yes.

At first I gave her one.

I want to meet you again, my friend. Which way are you going now?

So I told my cab driver: Follow the horse!

I didn't see anyone after Freek, which is a little unsettling.

I think everyone has a different type of transport.

You really don't know what you're looking for.

We'll lose half an hour in no time.


Susan was following me of course to get that other orange piece.

What do you want? - I want to say something.

It's because of the time limit as well.

You know I've got four now.

Soon we'll be out of time and we'll have nothing.

I just have to trade one friggin' more.

It's ludicrous that you've got that one orange piece left.

Well then, I'll give it to you...

But only if you agree to let me be the only one who knows what orange means.

So you can't tell anyone else. - Ok.

I am in a generous mood today. No idea why.

Let's get some overview.

Freek! Tygo! Stop. Yes?

I met Freek. Finally, a different face.

Do you have yellow?

Freek traded a yellow one with me. Nice.

I have two of those now.

Suus, shall we trade too?

I have nothing for you. - Why?! We want to make money, right?

'No I don't want to trade with you.' Well, good luck then.

I hope you get one as well, Tygo. - Yes, I hope so too.

Well played..

Not there, not there either..

Well, I'll just continue on foot.

Guys, where on earth are you?

Did I go too far?

Jan-Willem! - I'm working on the green one.

Do you want a green one? I want a blue one. - I've got it.

Great! - Now I had four.

Did you see Sofie somewhere? - No.

I was looking for Sofie, but she was nowhere to be found.

I have four blue ones, and a red one.

Soof probably has yellow. If I meet Soof , I'm good.

*O, o, Sofie, where are you?*

Either he doesn't speak any English...

..or he doesn't know the difference between left and right.

We are the only ones playing it tactically.

Where is Sofie? - I don't know, I didn't see her.

Everyone is making big loops, but you have to make small circles.

Things were not going well.

Everybody took such a stupid route.

This is weird, this is.

No one is going in circles. What the hell?

So I will look around again over here.

I just don't know.

Let's go that way, I think.

Oh, horse and buggy.

Sofie, do you have a green one? - A green one?

Guys, we're never going to make it. Too bad.

Good job, buddy.

They really are orange, all five of them.

I'm really happy.

I don't yet know what I'm happy with...

But I'm really happy nonetheless.

It's time for the test.

20 Questions about the identity and the actions of the Mole.

The one who knows least, is out of the game.

Except for the Mole, who is never going home.

Sofie and Tygo are both still on my list of suspects.

Because I think they sabotaged both at the windmills as with the fingerprint challenge.

For me, there are only two options for the Mole: Suus and Soof.

If I'm wrong now, it's not Suus but Soof.

I'll know that if I am sent home.

I have one joker left, of which nobody is aware.

I think I'm going to hang on to it.

I don't know if there's any point in hedging my bets anymore now.

Last time I had answered 12 questions on Susan..

..and I had answered 8 questions with Tygo in mind.

I'm going to push this a little more in Susan's direction now.

My biggest Mole is still Sofie.

Tygo is in second place.

Suddenly I had this hunch that it might be Jan-Willem.

Because he still seems a little mysterious and reserved.

Taking that into account, I'll be voting for him too.

I have just one big, fat hot seat which is Sofie.

She's the only contestant having a double agenda.

She gets along fine with the girls, yet has some dealings with the guys too.

Sometimes she's telling the truth, yet at other times she's sabotaging hard.

Sofie is the Mole.

You earned 2000,- for the pot in this episode.

More due to luck than smart thinking, it seems.

Still, now that the group is getting smaller.. seems as though you're more in tune with one another.

Then again, the Mole is still around too.

Right, Jan-Willem?

Yes, I would assume so.

Jan-Willem, did you collect a full topo in the previous challenge?

Yes, I did.

Can you show it to me, please?

Five green pieces.

Well done.

In this case that means..

...that you've earned 250,- for the pot.

Congrats. - Thanks.

The question still is if it will be any use to you, though.

I was the first person that Art spoke to.

Probably because I collected a full, green topo.

250,- towards the pot but I was up right away too.

Because I was the first person to see my screen.


Did you collect anything during the last challenge?

May I see them?

Well done.

Five orange ones.

Those together..

... are worth 2000,- for the pot.

Good job!


You may use your topo as a group exemption instead.

That would mean nobody has to go home this episode.

So you would be through to the next episode too.

You can think about it for a sec, Susan.


That's heavy.

Tell me.

The exemption.

That means all of you are through to the next episode. Congrats.

Susan chose the group exemption for 2000,-!

So either she was very unsure about her test, or she's the Mole..

Or she just likes things as they are now.

I think it's either the first or the latter.

You can pack your bags, because we'll continue by plane.

Five tickets to paradise.

This beach will be your home for now.

Camp North.

Who will make sure we'll be having food?

What you're not familiar with yet, is this exemption to the finals.

An exemption for the finals!

We can eliminate Freek in one go now. - Well thanks a lot..

It's nothing personal, right..

The hunting season has started.

Guys, I found Art! - Seriously? Where?

Where is Art? - Near a basket ball field.

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