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`Hello, my dear! I'm really glad to see you on y channel again!

Well girls, today is a new tutorial! Let's go!

So, today we will do nail extension.

And today I have these nails are the nails of my student,

which are covered with gel polish.

We will completely remove this coating

and make nail extensions with aquarium french.

First of all, we prepare for ourselves a surface for creativity.

In what way?

We remove the old material, we completely remove the free edge of the nail,

so that it does not interfere with us to put the form for extension,

properly cut and put it in the form of hyponychium.

We lift a little the top layer of a natural nail plate with a nail file,

move the cuticle back, remove the pterygium,

apply a primer, apply a base coat.

In general, we do everything as usual.

Nothing changes because nail preparation is always the same.

And now our task is to correctly put a paper nail form.

So, we cut the nail form in the form of hyponychium.

We put this form under the nail, control the height of the installation of the form,

make incisions in order to get the side rollers out and

clamp the nail form narrowly than the natural nail

and it is this kind of installation of the nail form that is considered correct.

Now all the material that we will lay out as a substrate will be at the same level

and in some places where the free edge of the nail begins to grow and,

accordingly, the material will have a thickness at these places.

And now we will simulate the lengthening of the nail using camouflage acrylic gel.

In this case, we use one drop of this material, which calls us to save time at

one level of drying and at one stage of laying out of the material.

And accordingly, everything turns out much faster.

But ideally, we needed to make a part of the lengthening using camouflaging acrylgel, dry it,

and near cuticle, make the transition using a translucent material.

Then we would have a smooth transition from the color of the acrilgel to the color of the natural nail plate

and with the growth of the nail, we would not have any stripes of color.

And now we go directly to the aquarium french.

In this case, we had the following task:

My student did not want her nails to be of some bright shade.

Therefore, we had to do everything in such a way that the nails were modest,

but at the same time they looked very nice.

On the little finger, we had a small problem in that we clamped one corner of the nail substrate

and while we dried all the other substrates, one corner failed.

Therefore, we had to build it further with a transparent gel and only then draw a french on it.

And then we just file it out and that's all.

So, we laid out a variety of beautiful material that we had at hand.

And then we cover the french with a clear constructive gel.

In this case, we use a medium viscosity transparent gel, because it is the viscosity of this material

that self-leveling allows us to even out the surface of our french very quickly.

And at the same time we will not make dusting this material

and we get a crystal clear surface on our decoration.

Because if in this case the transparent material is not transparent enough,

but it happens, and I understand what it sounds like taftology.

But nevertheless, if the transparent material will have a shade, then all your decorations will fade.

And now the most interesting thing, of course it is filing.

We make roughing filing with a milling cutter.

And at high speeds we remove the material that clearly looks superfluous.

This materal that flows on the sides of the nail.

All the rest we file with a nail file.

We have a very small filing with the help of a nail file and takes literally a minute.

And of course, we can not let go of our man without any design.

Therefore, we decided to decorate our nails in the form of such stroke flowers.

The simplest and fastest painting technique in nail design is exactly the brushstroke technique.

Because, thanks to the brushstrokes, we can create 2 million flowers in which we never repeat

and can always make them bright, interesting and at the same time it looks very live.

Because strokes allow you to achieve the effect of live flowers.

So, as you all already know that flowers without a middle are not flowers.

We add glitter gel as a flower center.

And with the same gel we cover some shiny leaves.

And we get quite an interesting composition.

The whole design is very delicate, very restrained, very stylish

and at the same time these sparkles add playfulness.

We cover the nails with top coat.

And then we add a little drawing for our flowers.

As a drawing, we add glares to some of the petals.

and we decorate the middle even more.

To decorate the middle of the flowers, we use small dots and it looks very gentle and very beautiful.

So, in this place we begin to remember how we all started.

Our client asked for a delicate and inconspicuous nail design,

but it turned out too gentle and too imperceptible

and we wanted to add a little bit of brightness to it.

Therefore, we place such white dots along the smile line as bright decorations.

This is an indispensable element in the design of nails,

because such points along the smile line always decorate the smile line and emphasize the smile line

when the design merges with the extension of the nail.

To make the tip of the nail look like a separate element.

And our nails are ready.

They turned out amazingly beautiful.

Live they look unreal cool.

The depth of this design is amazing.

Girls, I hope you like this delicate nail design today.

And you will not forget to put a like to me.

And I say goodbye to you today! See you again! Bye!

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