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From talking in the hallways to clapping at school assemblies, the Planet Dolan crew

re-enact some of the best true stories from our subreddit about the dumbest things our

schools have ever banned.

Im Doopie and today Ill be your narrator.

Number 10 was submitted by Tom_Odayama Danger Dolan

Being in a Catholic school, Dolan was in 5th grade, and his sister was in 7th grade when

they learned of the silly things that were banned.

There were usual things that were banned like Beyblades cards and hand held gamesbut

the dumbest thing to have been banned happened one winter from the new principal at the time.

There was plenty of snow, and many of the kids liked to make snow forts and snowmen,

but there were a good amount of troublemakers who would have snowball fights on the school


So, the new principal had taken action one day and turned on the speakers to talk to

the school.

"It has come to my attention that there have been many incidents involving snow.

Therefore, there are going to be some changes.

There will be no more playing with snow, touching of snow, or even standing on snow.

I hope that our school grounds will be a safer place everyone while at school."


Dolan doesnt know how someone bans standing on snow during recess, WHEN THE WHOLE GROUNDS


Needless to say, the walk home from school with his sister was full of laughter at how

stupid it sounded.

Number 9 was submitted by Cape_Industries Snewpee

One time when Snewpee was in 3rd grade, there was a ban on sneezing.

At the time, there was a large amount of dust in the school so whenever the teacher called

on her, Snewpee would sneeze three times and would get yelled at.

They would ask her to leave, but she would tell them to clean the school better because

there is a TON of dust just sitting on the desks and nothing is done about it.

In the end, Snewpee left the school and, in the next school year, the school was closed

due to health code violations.

Number 8 was submitted by AnonymousRed_ Tolop Once when Tolop was at school he decided to

eat his sweet snacks only.

He went and sat on a bench in the field and, after opening his lunch, he pulled out 10

different sweets.

When he started eating them, a teacher strolled by and looked over his shoulder.

She saw the 4 empty rappers and looked at the 6 other sweets and said to him, "Haven't

you read the new rule in the school diary?"

Then she took all his sweets and dumped them in the bin.

Tolop was so in shock that he went up to the school principal and asked him about it.

All he did was say, "I'm sorry but many parents are blaming us for tooth decay for selling

sweets and allowing them at the school."

He walked away, so Tolop decided not to get angry but to get even.

He went home and planned his revenge.

He made 12 batches of cupcakes but without the sugar and salt.

He put a cupcake on almost every teachers desk with a little note on the bottom of the

cupcake paper saying, “Since sweets are banned, I made all the teachers SUGARLESS

cupcakes so they aren't sweets anymore.


The ban was lifted, and the principal gave Tolop a detention but also thanked him.

Number 7 was submitted by VolitantTooth MKyleM Just a few years ago, when MKyleM was in his

senior year of high school, the school started to really crack down on security, following

every last law and rule there was.

This included the laws of stalking of a minor.

In the state where he grew up, it is illegal to take a picture of a person younger than

18 without their direct consent.

At certain times of the day, like lunch, students could have their phones out.

But as soon as these rules came into play, they had teachers monitoring them at all times.

People caught using the camera app, even if accidental, were given detention and even


Cameras were confiscated immediately, and their memories were wiped.

The school photography class was shut downnot that bad for a normal school, but

this was a school well-renowned around the country for its art program.

The strange thing is, it is perfectly legal to take a picture of a minor without consent,

as long as you yourself are a minor, which almost everyone in the school was.

Number 6 was submitted by Fredistair_Alcatraz Emojie

When Emojie was about to leave his primary school, the principal became meaner and unfair.

He made a rule that the students couldn't say anything to censor out a swear word like

fork or shoot.

Emojie thought this was a bit unfair, so he went and talked to the principal.

We should be allowed to say 'fork' if we get hurt but not if we are talking about sex”,

Emojie said.

Almost everyone in his year level agreed with him.

The principal said that it was a stupid idea, so Emojie said, "Go fork yourself," and left

the office.

To this day, hes still proud of that.

Number 5 was submitted by Ermack-Valken Dolans Brother

Dolans Brother went to a charter school for most of his young life, so there were

lots of things banned from the get-go.

When he was in 9th grade, the school suddenly started getting stricter.

They enforced a rule banning everyone from TALKING IN THE HALLWAYS between classes.

Unfortunately, it was extremely easy to enforce because the school was only one floor and

had only one hallway spanning the length of the building.

They gave some stupid excuse like, "Students should be on their best behavior during school


As if they thought taking away their only time to socialize, besides lunch time, would

make them behave better.

You can probably guess why mostly every student became a jerk after that.

Number 4 was submitted by TheAuCalledMeh Hellbent Hellbents middle school banned the red


If a red pen was used, students would get suspended from school.

It all started with one kid, Nixxiom, telling his parents that he did not like the red pen

marks that the teachers did on their tests or class work.

So one day the parents went to the school and talked to the teachers and the principal

about the red pens.

The next day, red pens were banned.

No one, not even the teachers, could use a red pen.

Instead, everyone had to use a black or blue pen.

Number 3 was submitted by BeverageGaming Andiemations Andiemations was in 3rd grade when a stupid

new principal entered her school.

Now everyone thinks a new principal should be cool and stuff, but this one sucked.

She literally took away clapping at assemblies because she said, "it was too loud".

Everyone had to do this stupid jazz hand thing.

Probably the worst, though, is that she took away the gametag’.

Andie was so mad, and literally all they did was throw balls at each other from that day


But then they got a new principal who was a guy and was so swag.

Andie and the other students can do whatever they want now.

Number 2 was submitted by TigerFlame703 Legna So in Legnas middle school, hugs and high

fives were banned.

The reason was because it would make other people feel like they were not included.

In Legnas opinion, it was the dumbest thing he has ever heard because it sounded like

they were trying to say that if you hug one person, you had to hug everyone elsewhether

you knew them or not.

Number 1What was the dumbest thing my school ever banned?

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