Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cat Capers: Adventures in Academic Integrity

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So what do you think about my essay?

Honestly, I don't think your lecturer is

gonna like it.

Really? why not?

Well, you say that ninety-nine percent of cats are geniuses.

Where's your evidence to support this?

Oh, I read it in a research paper by some

cat lady called Professor Kitty Felix.

The problem is you haven't acknowledged

Professor Felix's research.

Whenever you use information from another source you

must cite it.

I dunno. This seems confusing and lots of extra work.

I'm too busy for this.

I've got assignments to do, cats to meet,

furniture to scratch.

Look, referencing is easy once you know how. The CDU library

website has all the info you need. Just click on the referencing link.

Is this really necessary?

Absolutely. Because if you don't acknowledge the work of others,

you're gonna get yourself into deep kitty litter for plagiarism.

Did you just say 'play'?

Yippee! Let's play!

No! I said plagiarism. As in, if you plagiarise someone's work it means

you're a thief.

Thief? Like a cat burglar?

Yes. Just like a cat burglar.

Look, the point is you don't want to be

accused of being a thief, so that's why it's

important to reference properly. It's just a part of academic integrity.

Academic what?

Academic integrity. It means being honest in all of your

academic work. Like referencing properly and making sure that the work you do is

yours and no one else's.

What? So I can't pay one of those genius cats to do my

assignments for me?

Errr. No.

What about if another cat gives me their assignment

from last semester to copy? Like, for free?

No! You're not allowed to reuse anyone's

assignments including your own. Just... you can't be a copycat, OK?


This is devastating.

I am officially devastated.

I'm sure you'll be fine.

OK. So it has to be all of my own work but what about group work?

That's different. In group work your lecturer wants you to work with other students,

but if it's an individual assignment and you secretly work with others when you're not supposed to,

that's collusion.

OK, so I think I get it now.

Academic integrity means being honest.

No plagiarism, no collusion...basically, no cheating.

That's right. No cheating. Because no one wants to be

called a cheater.

But I love cheetahs! They're such big, beautiful cats!

I said cheaters, not cheetahs.

Look, never mind. I've gotta go take a catnap.

Why don't you check out the websites at the end of this clip?

Great idea. Thanks! Bye!


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