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I'm an actor by profession I consider

myself a humanitarian by nature as I

think all of us are I've worked with

UNICEF now for 12 years as national

ambassador for India for about 11 and a

year for as a global ambassador when you

hear these kids asking these questions

and we sit in our incredible incredibly

privileged worlds as we do because we

have washing machines and we have

dishwashers and we have cars and we have

great clothes and you know we wake up

with planes not targeting our homes

sitting in that environment I don't

think most of us don't understand the

gravity of what kids like mizune and

Hana and I am have been through I had

the privilege of going to Jordan which

has been a host country of about 1.5

million refugees in a camp called

za'tari and which Muslim is from as well

that's where she went to school - yeah

and I think the one thing that I would

like to respond to these kids is thank

you to all the host countries who feel

the responsibility as a privileged

society and as a privileged world to be

able to take on these children when we

talk about not having a lost generation

these are not just words

this is literally a generation of

children whose choice who did not have a

choice in this matter

war was not their choice being displaced

with not that choice none of it was

their choice but the fact that we can

give them a choice is on us as a

privileged Society of the world the fact

that we can sit in our homes and just

funds compassion time belief faith and

letting those kids feel that you can at

some point become a dentist or you can

at some point become a singer when I

to za'tari and I met all of these kids

like Mizzou was saying each and every

one of them they wanted nothing else

they did not ask for because maybe they

knew I couldn't do anything about it

war should end or I want a better home

or I all they kept saying to me was we

just want our education to not be taken

away from us so that we can go back to

Syria and rebuild the country that was

broken and that is such a big statement

coming from teenagers who are not

supposed to think like that these are

children who are supposed to be playing

games and studying and getting an

education and thinking about the

possibility of their future and these

children are sitting there saying I want

to rebuild my country that is incredible

and so provocative to me as an

ambassador to go and tell all of you who

are messengers for these children and so

many of you who have done so much so

many host countries so many governments

so many representatives that we have

sitting here who have done so much but

it is still not enough and yes the

numbers are overwhelming but we are so

many more people in the world that can

actually just lend the helding holding

hand helping hand do these kids who have

so much hope and so much faith it takes

and maybe I have an extra emotional

sensitive person because I'm an actor

but it takes

I don't know how Muslim sits here with a

smile on her face after she lived there

all it took for me was one visit to

break my heart

and for me to have conversations with

these kids and ask them what do you want

to do and I have one six-year-old

telling me I want to become a doctor and

eight-year-old telling me I want to be

an engineer or I want to be an actress

and I know the reality I know that I

don't know if these children will have

access to higher education will they be

able to go to colleges will they be able

to find their feet again and those are

questions we need to answer sitting in

this room those are the

we need to answer for them as their

voices so my experiences throughout

meeting all of these incredible kids

whether it was in Zimbabwe South Africa

India Jordan has only been consistent

each and every one of them whether they

are dealing with poverty whether they're

dealing with war whether they're dealing

with the refugee crisis all of them just

want to be able to have a handle on

their future and we can give them that

so please I implore each and every one

of you to implore the people that you

work with to ask to just move their

spirits and say this is on us as

privileged society to remember those

children that may be forgotten who and

I'm gonna say this with the fear of the

fact that I don't know if I can but

these are children that can actually get

into the hands of people whose hands

they shouldn't be in of extremist

thoughts of ideas and these are the same

kids who by the way have to deal with

the stigma of being refugees of the fact

that they have been displaced from the

countries that they come from so all of

those things are something that we as a

society need to talk about educate about

create awareness about but we need to

remember that this Lost Generation

belongs to this one world and we are

part of that one world and it's on us to

be able to take care of that one world

that we have thank you very much



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