Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kitchen Hack Testing 10

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(dramatic music)

- [Barry] Oh dear.

Stop lifting it, stop lifting it!

- Ah!


What the heck is that?

I really hope something works.

- What could go wrong?

- Hello.

Don't leave me here on my own for too long.

- Hello everybody, you all right?

- Yeah.

- Welcome to Kitchen Hack Testing number,

we don't know.

- I reckon eight or nine.

- Eight or nine.

The series in which we test kitchen hacks.

And I can't do it alone, Mrs. B's been here

for everyone of those videos as my glamorous assistant,

or maybe I'm your glamorous assistant.

- Yes.

- If you've missed any of the other ones

after this video, put on your headband

and have a Barra-thon, a Mrs. Barra-thon, all right?

- Yeah, oh okay, I get it now.


- What, you don't watch my videos?

I say that a lot.

- I do.

- I say, I say that a lot.

- Put on a headband, do you?

- Yeah.

It's fine.

- No you don't.

- I do!

- I need to watch your videos.

- Jill Coggins got in touch, here's the tweet.

Lift the tweet up a bit.


I don't know if that's gonna work.

But she said "hey, check out these crazy hacks," right?

- Yeah, she did.

- And we do that from time to time

and some of these look really weird.

So let's do them.

- Okay!

- All right!

The first one we're gonna do

is an actual really strange one for us.

It's a milk flan, right, you make a flan in a milk carton.

I picked up this lower-cholesterol skimmed cow's milk

which is nice.

But the problem we've got.

- I doesn't fit in the microwave.

- So we're gonna hack this, yeah?

We're gonna hack the hack.

Yeah, what we're gonna do,

we're getting the milk, all of it out of there

for the time being so a litre of it.

- You do realise it says on here "not suitable for cooking"?

- Well how the hell is milk not suitable for cooking?

That's ridiculous!

- Because it's not proper milk.

- We're gonna carry on.

So if our microwave was tall enough,

it would literally just stand like that.

But we're gonna have to.

Then we'll put that over there.

- Look, this is thinner than that.

- Getting all arts and crafty here.

Right, we're gonna make that fit in there

and we're Wrapmaster 3000, because you can

put clingfilm in the microwave, I checked that.

Right, we'll wrap it in that.

Oh, we don't even know if that fits in the microwave,

have a look.

Oh please fit, please fit.

Does it not fit, after all that?

- No.

- [Barry] Push down a bit, oh there you go, look at that.

If only your milk cartons did that.

- If only.

- [Barry] Keep pushing it down until,

that's it, get the angle in there.

Oh, that'll be all right!

- I'm a bit scared.

- [Barry] I think it's gonna be all right.

Where is it?

Oh that's good, that's almost perfect!

Right, we need two eggs then.

You're gonna try and get the eggs,

we've gotta get it into that little funnel thing.


you know what would be good?

- Pour it in the jug.

- [Barry] Genuis!

- Do I have to whisk them up or anything?

- [Barry] Nope.

- Oh, surely that'd be better though to get it in there?

- [Barry] No, it's an extreme whisk to take.

- And I'm willing to take the whisk.


- [Barry] Oh, steady hand.

- It's not, look, it's gonna go everywhere.

- [Barry] It will, it will, it will, it will.

Look, it'll just fall in,

it'll do this weird like bloop.

Look, look, look, watch, watch, watch!

- No, see!


I told you!

Sometimes you need to listen to me.

- [Barry] Right, so now into our makeshift carton

we can just post the marshmallows through

like a little letterbox.

- [Mrs. Barry] You sure, because last time you thought that.

- [Barry] Oh, gosh!

- [Mrs. Barry] What are you doing?

- [Barry] Well I don't know, I don't normally put

marshmallows in a fake milk bottle, do I?

I'll just, look, I'm gonna rip it up

and put little pieces in, there we go.

The mailman has arrived and the delivery is marshmallows!

- Oh no, look, it's got a milky bottom!

- [Barry] We've all got a milky bottom, leave it.

- No it's spilling.

- [Barry] It's fine, it's fine!

Stop lifting it, stop lifting it!

- [Mrs. Barry] It's coming out the bottom.

- It's fine.

All right, that's good, that's good, that's good.

Right, in there for 10 minutes.

(microwave beeps)

I don't know what's gonna happen,

we might just end up with a bowl of milk

but apparently that will be a flan in 10 minutes.

Find out soon!

All right, so we're about seven minutes to go,

three minutes in and we'll leave that to it.

These are some bananas, but what colour are they, internet?

- Green!

- Yeah, but, you might see green,

and I might see yellow.

Remember that argument?

We always have this debate.

If you wanna speed up the process of ripening your 'nanas.

Right, and that's not your grandmas out there,

'oh, I really wanna ripen her!'


Sorry, that sounds wrong.

But you can do it.

Did you preheat the oven?

- No.

- We're gonna preheat the oven.

- I was waiting for you to tell me to.

- Go, preheat the oven please Mrs. B.

Preheat your oven, apparently to 160 C fan,

which is 180 C non-fan.

- Done.

- And these, by the end, they'll probably blacken

but inside will be a lovely soft tender banana.

- Yes, sorry, I was just looking at the milk.

- What?

Oh there's more coming out, oh my gosh.


Let's not worry about that.

Shall we put these on a baking tray?

- Yes.

- [Barry] So there's no art to it,

you just basically just make sure they're not.

Well, you don't, we're gonna have a bruised one now.

- You said there's no art to it!

- [Barry] Well be careful, look after the banana,

care for the banana.

- Sorry, sorry.

There we go, three, that'll be enough won't it?

- [Barry] Uh, yeah.

Oh my God.

Let's get that out, yeah.

It's gonna be red-hot mate, leave it.

You're gonna burn yourself, asbestos fingers.


Right, so we'll make another one in the jug instead.

So four marshmallows, one, two, three, four.

- Oh, careful!

- [Barry] Sorry.

- You're not on your own today.

- [Barry] I'm never on my own, am I mate?

Uh, mix that together and then

we'll bung it in there sealed.

And here comes our gorgeous milk flan!

- Ta da!

- [Barry] Let's have a look.

Uh, yeah, that didn't work, oh dear.

The oven is preheated, let's ripen these bananas.

Apparently in five minutes,

that's all it's gonna take, five minutes.

- Okay.

- [Barry] Oh, I never knew you could do that!

- Done it.

- [Barry] Right, 10 minutes.

Oh, bananas have only got one more minute to go,

they're not looking blackened though.

Look, the alarm's just gone off.

Uh, oh, you can see it's starting to go.

- [Mrs. Barry] Bit longer?

- [Barry] Bit longer, yeah.

- [Mrs. Barry] Maybe our bananas our too big.

- [Barry] Yep.

All right, so we've bunged it in for an extra three minutes

because our microwave is a little bit low powered, but.

- Ready?

- [Barry] Yeah.

Oh my gosh.

- [Mrs. Barry] Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!

- [Barry] Oh gosh, I don't know what to say about that.

- Yes, it's like cottage cheese.

- Is that your posh accent?

You've never done that for me before, amazing!

So that's supposed to cool down

and then we have to chill it,

and that will be, apparently, a milk flan thing.

But it would be in a carton,

but now we've got the shape of a jug.

So, we'll let this cool,

stick it in the fridge and work on the other hacks.

Actually, we should check our bananas now.

Let's go!

- Oh they're dark!

- Dark?

Oh my gosh, look at them!

So here's before, and after.

- They're not that hot, oh yeah they are quite.

- We'll let them cool I think, yeah.

Hey, Mrs. B!

- Hi!

- Hello!

- Hello!

Where's the pancake lady?

- Ow!

I just whacked my knee on the draw.

- Sorry mate.

Do you wanna make pancakes?


So, in this bottle here is pancake mix,

and I thought you had to add eggs

and all other stuff like that,

we've never used this stuff before.

Apparently, you give it a good shaky-shaky.

- Oh, ow!

- Apparently all you do is add 290mls of cold water

and shake it up.

That's your chance to shake it up and throw it at me, okay.

So 290mls of cold water, you take the lid off the.

Come on!

- Uhhh!

- [Barry] Watch out for the guns!

- Okay.

- [Barry] You pour the water straight in there.

- Yep, I've got it.

- Right, that's it, and now we just shake it up.


There you go!

Pheebs, catch!

All right, nice!

Okay I think that pancake mix is mixed.

We're gonna make the crepes in a pan

but on the bum side.

The bum side.

- The base.

- [Barry] The derriere, the gluteus maximus of the pan.

But we're gonna put the mix into this.

- [Mrs. Barry] Right, ready?

- [Barry] Yep.

- Oh it's nice and smooth, no lumps!

- [Barry] Well it's been shaken up like crazy,

it's like what the heck is this!

That's it, just rest it down, yeah.

Tip it upside down, literally just get

a very light coating, turn it over.

- [Mrs. Barry] Like that.

- [Barry] Yep, apparently, and then straight on.

- That's not enough, surely?

And look, it's all dripping off.

- [Barry] Oh dear!

- It's like a see-through pancake.

- [Barry] It looks like a jellyfish!


Oh, look, I don't know, I think you've ruined my nice pan.

- I think that maybe I have.


- [Barry] Look at that for a pancake!

Well it's thin, it's a crepe.

- Yes, you said you wanted them thin.

- [Barry] What?

We have whisked some flour into this

to thicken up the batter

and we're gonna try it with this one.

You want me to try this one?

- Yeah.

- I think it says it needs to be a thicker batter,

it'll cling more, do you know what I mean?

- [Mrs. Barry] Okay.

- In here.

That looks thicker to me.

- [Mrs. Barry] That looks a lot better already.

- But is that a bad thing, the fact that

it's actually smoking, is that.

I hope I'm not ruining the pan.

- [Mrs. Barry] Maybe it's smoking

because there's no oil on it or anything.

- Yeah maybe, or it's like

'why are you cooking me upside down?'

- [Mrs. Barry] Yeah,

that might have something to do with it.

- Oh, I don't know, I think it's stuck.


- [Mrs. Barry] Maybe it's just not done enough.

- Well that's pretty done.

- [Mrs. Barry] Yeah, no, yeah, oh no.

Yeah it's not, that's not cooked.

- Yeah that ain't cooked.

But this is not working.

I reckon a bit of cooking spray on it.

All right, we've got some cooking spray,

and this is the best, well at least you made a crepe!

- At least I did it, at least it came off!

- [Barry] So we've cleaned it.

And we'll give it a very very very light coating in oil

just to try and help it.

Although the video didn't show that.

- Okay.

- [Barry] There it goes, get a nice good old coverage on it,

there you go.

Oh, here we go!

Mrs. B, we just need one pancake.

- Just one, please, just one!

Look how quick that's cooking!

- [Barry] Oh yeah!

- [Mrs. Barry] Look!

- [Barry] What is your confidence in a percentage?

- Ahhhhh, yes, look, it's doing it, yes!

Yes, I'm very confident.

Just gotta wait for the middle.

- [Barry] Yeah that little puddle in the middle,

once that dries out you're pretty much nearly there.

And I wonder if it'll just fall off

with a little help of the spatula.

- Maybe.

- [Barry] That wants to come off

a lot easier, doesn't it?

- [Mrs. Barry] It does!

- [Barry] I think you are nearly there.

- Right, ready?

- [Barry] Yep.

Help it with the gravity.

Look at this!

Go on, there you go!

- Oh no, I made a hole.

- [Barry] That's all right, holy pancakes, Becky!

- Yes!


- [Barry] Yeah.

It's cooked there on the main heating elements

to the pan around there, isn't that weird?

- [Mrs. Barry] That's why it didn't wanna come off

because I don't think that bit is.

- [Barry] Well we've done one.

Oh I wanna do one now.

- Okay.

- [Barry] Let's jump to me trying to do one.

- Okay.

- Ow, that's twice!

I think we've nearly done it.


Pancakes on the bottom of your pan, done.

I told you these hacks were a bit weird.

- A bit weird?


- I think the bananas one's gonna be fine though,

we'll do that after this one.

Apparently this one we can make homemade popcorn.


But we can make caramel butter popcorn.

'When I were a boy my dad used to always give me,'

'or my grandpa used to always sit me on his knee,

'give me a Werther's.'

Do you remember that TV advert?

- I do.

- Do you wanna do an impression?

- No I do not.

- Brilliant.

And I'll grab

'when I were a lad, I had to individually unwrap'

'all me Werther's Original off camera.'

so they're going in there.

- Is that how many you get in a pack?

- [Barry] That's how many you get in a pack, yeah.

- That's nothing!

- [Barry] Complain to Werther's about that.

- [Mrs. Barry] I will.

- [Barry] So it's gonna take a little while

for these to melt down, but I'm excited for this one.

- Yeah, I thought these would melt a lot quicker,

I don't know why.

- [Barry] They're quite stubborn,

they're like rock hard aren't they?

- [Mrs. Barry] Yeah.

- [Barry] Oh yes, look at that!

- Mmm, smells good.

- Yeah, this is feeling a bit more positive

than the other one.

- We might actually have a hack that works.


- [Barry] Go!

- [Mrs. Barry] Oh my hand won't twist far enough.

- [Barry] Your hand won't twist!

Right, stir them round to coat it then.

Yeah get it nice and coated.

- Oh this spells amazing.

- [Barry] Awesome, all right, is it coated?

- Uh.

- [Barry] We need to cover it quickly.

We don't want it to burst.

- Yep, quick, quick, quick,

we don't want it to burst in our face

- [Barry] Right, go, go, go, put the lid on.

Take some man up pills, there you go.

Oh there's some on the side, that's all right.

All right they're in there,

we're just gonna keep it on a low heat

and let it do it's thing and I guess

the popcorn should start popping up.

- [Mrs. Barry] Okay.


- [Barry] We got one did we?

- [Mrs. Barry] One!

- [Barry] That means when there's one,

there might be two.

Look, through the gap you can see the popcorn

starting to do its thing.

All right, let's do this!

I've got a dangerous job, so thanks mate!

- [Mrs. Barry] Get your oven gloves!

- Okay.

- [Mrs. Barry] You turned it off?

- Well the popping has reduced significantly.

I can smell burning though.

- [Mrs. Barry] Can you, I can't.

- So what I'm gonna do, I've taken it off the heat

and then go like this.


- [Mrs. Barry] Oh, watch your hands.


- What the heck is that?

I could smell burning.

- [Mrs. Barry] I was like 'no, it smells amazing.'

- Ah yeah but what we need to do.

- [Mrs. Barry] Oh my gosh.

- That's so burnt.

Underneath here, if you look around the outer edges

is a layer of.

Oh no don't touch that, you'll burn your face off.

- [Mrs. Barry] No I wanna try it!

- It's gonna be red-hot, mate.

That's sugar, that's red-hot sugar, you'll kill yourself.

- [Mrs. Barry] What are you gonna do?

Make a popcorn tower?

- Popcorn mountain.


You can see though, but you'd never know.


Come to a kid's party with us and you'll never know.

- [Mrs. Barry] This bit I found looks really good.

- Oh good, do you wanna do a taste test?

Let's have a look.

- Ah, they're hot!

- It is hot.

- You were right.

- What are you doing?

Don't eat the sugar too much.

- Ah no, don't eat the sugar at all.

It's burnt!

- Ah, it is hot!

- That's be so good if that wasn't burnt.

- Yeah but your picking the burnt bits,

look get down and get a bit here

that's just a little bit coated, like this bit.

- Oh my gosh, that's amazing!

- Look at that.

- I just got a bit.

- Ah!

- And then you get the burnt aftertaste.

- Yeah, don't eat the burnt bit

but other than that that does,

with a bit of practise, it's got potential.

So a mix bag of results so far.

- Yes.

- Um, we haven't tried the banana yet,

I've got high hopes for that.

The flan, not so much.

But this one, and actually the one after that,

the last two, I think will be all right.

I think these should be all right.

This is poaching an egg in a microwave.

- Yep, easy.

- Yeah, what could go wrong?

Boiling water, about half way up

and then a little bit of pug salt in there.

- Bit of vinegar, right now when you say a bit?

- [Barry] Like a tablespoon, bit more than that.

All right.

- [Mrs. Barry] Crack it in.

- [Barry] Yeah, try and do it gently.

Try and keep it in in one, kind of piece, ideally the yolk.

Now we get a saucer, we stick it on top;

bung that in the microwave for one minute

and apparently we'll have a poached egg.

- Look it's poaching already.

- [Barry] Is it?

I wonder if we just left it.

Let's not.

What are you're thoughts, do you think this is gonna work?

- I really hope something works, I really do.

- Where did that sudden bit of drama come from?

Two, one, I haven't even been looking, have you?

Oh my gosh, what is that?

We've made a milk, we've made another milk flan

haven't we.

I can just see like a ghost of egg white.

- I think it might need longer.

- [Barry] All right, shall we do another 30 seconds?


- Well, yeah.

- [Barry] All right, an extra 30 seconds

because our microwave is 800 watts

and it's not the strongest.

- Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.

- [Barry] Shall I do it?

Okay, nice.

Wow, that is something that you do not wanna drink.

So I guess.

- Uh, don't inhale it either.

- [Barry] Well it's vinegar.

There you go, ah look,

you're left with something that looks like an egg.


Her face!


What's the matter?

- We overcooked it, look.

- [Barry] Ah.

- We were wrong, we should've have put it back in.

- [Barry] Right let's do it one minute then,

let's do another one.

I've got a feeling this is it.

Mrs. B, look.

- Okay.

- [Barry] Oh no, that looks amazing.

Yeah just drop it onto the spoon.

- [Mrs. Barry] Ah no that's not cooked.

- [Barry] It's it?

- [Mrs. Barry] No, that white is runny.

- [Barry] Ah, ah, one minute 15.

Ohh, I tell you what, sister.

Oh reveal the egg, I have got very high hopes for this one.

That looks amazing.

- You said that last time.

- [Barry] Yeah let it stand in there

for just a few more minutes.

- I like the shape.

- [Barry] It looks cool, doesn't it?

- It does.

- [Barry] Look at you, she doesn't care.

That serious face, she could be in the Avengers.


Stick it on my spoon, oh!

Oh, slice it, let's see if we can get some yolkage.

Come on now.


We just poached an egg in a microwave.

That works?

- It works.

- But there are many many gadgets for that.

I'm so glad that worked.

- Me too.

- It feels like we're actually on that home-straight now.

If you're like us, you have some frozen pizzas

in your freezer which you just bake, right?

- Yep.

- We have one here that's actually been in the freezer,

I think about four days; it's solid as a rock.

Now instead of bunging it in the oven,

apparently we can cook it in a frying pan

with a little bit of water in 10 minutes.

So effectively we're gonna steam it,

shall we try that?

- Let's try it.

It's solid.

- [Barry] Yeah, that's pretty frozen.

So a tablespoon of water, just cold water apparently

just right on top of it.

- [Mrs. Barry] On the pizza?

- [Barry] Yeah, anywhere,

it's just gonna steam it isn't it.

- [Mrs. Barry] Okay, and then put it on.

- [Barry] Yeah, get the heat on.

We shove the lid down and in 10 minutes time

apparently this should be cooked through.

I guess the heat is gonna help cook the bottom side of it

and the steam will just become like an oven, right?

- I hope so.

- [Barry] Well I hope so too, that's our lunch.

We're just leaving that to do its thing,

but meanwhile, look, there is the before and after.

This is cooled down, it's still a teeny bit still warm,

so let's just compare them, right.

- Okay.

- [Barry] All right, so here is the black banana

and we're taking that off.

It actually just feels like a normal banana,

it doesn't feel soft and squidgy.

- No.

- Oh this unripe one is so hard to peel, ah!

Oh wow, that is really stubborn.

Let's go for the unripened one first,

so this was the green one, it's tough.

- Ahh!

- Yeah, that's pretty unique.

It's not ready, it's hard,

it's like eating an eraser or something.

- It's not nice.

- But it's still a banana.

There's no sweetness in there though is there?

- No.

- Okay, let's try the softened one.

Ah, it's still tough.

- Still hard to get into.

- Yeah, I was expecting that to be

like really soft and squidgy,

but we have let it cool down.

- Uh.

- That is horrendous!


That actually tastes like a potato.

- I was gonna say that.

- Oh my gosh.

- No, my mouth!

- Don't do that, oh my God.

I was really, really like surprised.

- Did you get sent these hacks as some kind of prank?

- No, it was on a legitimate video.

- Because none of them are working.

- No, Jill said they were a bit excentric

and I agreed, I checked it out and like

'oh we'll try them out.'

- Oh my gosh I was really not expecting that,

I thought it was gonna be all sweet.

That tastes worse than the unripened one.


- [Barry] You wanna try it?

- It's got like, when you bite into a banana

it's got that weird feeling on your teeth.

It's still got that.

- [Barry] Why can I smell burning?

Is that all right?

It looks, oh it looks good, but it stinks.

The cheese has melted.


- Oh my God!

- [Barry] It's just about bearable that,

you do like a charred base on a pizza, but that.

- Yeah but look, the rest of it isn't even cooked.

- [Barry] Oh no.

- I don't think that one worked.

- What the hell are these hacks?


- Bring back the opening a bottle of wine

with a blowtorch.

- Yes!

There's only one way to find out.

It could be cooked through, we don't know.

It doesn't feel like it though.

- [Mrs. Barry] It doesn't look like it either.

- [Barry] Oh dear.

Yeah but that is like an authentic

wood-fired oven kinda vibe.

Do you fancy trying some?

- No thank you.

- [Barry] What I do like about it

it has got that token like bubble

which you were just about to slice through,

got for it.

- [Mrs. Barry] Shall I slice it?

- [Barry] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

How does that feel?

Oh that looks like it went through well.

- Oh it is kinda crusty.

- [Barry] Yeah, all right.

I've gotta try it.

Oh that is slightly too burnt,

but I reckon another minute less than that

you'd have a nice charred base really.

So it might be okay.

- That one might be all right.

Oh look, that bit.

- [Barry] Oh yeah!

- Maybe it is all right.

- No, no, it's all doughy!

It's all doughy in the middle.

I don't know what to do because it's in my mouth now.

- Do you want come kitchen roll?

- Yes please.

I think today's been probably

the hardest hack video we've ever done.

But that's why we test them,

to see if they work or they don't, right.

- And it saves you trying them because we try them.

- Sometimes they do, some of them are amazing.

- They are.

- But like poaching the egg one, you know,

with a bit of practise you could probably nail that.

But let's not forget, we've got our gorgeous flan

right down there.

Yeah so this is the final one we've done,

it's actually really nice and cold now.

That was normal milk, so none of this other special stuff.

We're gonna, because there's a little bit of excess fluid.

I feel like we've made cheese.


Look at that!

- Mm, scrambled egg, anyone?

- [Barry] That's a milk flan,

how dare you call that scrambled egg.

That is gonna be delicious.

- You can try it.

- Oh it smells like egg, doesn't it.


- I was so close to pushing that in your face just then.

- It smells like fart.

- I can't watch.

- It is just basically scrambled egg.

Why can't you watch?

- Because it just looks vile.

- I had to watch you give birth, twice.

- That's a beautiful, natural thing.

- Reminds me of this actually,

well the placenta does anyway.

That's another story.

- My placenta was not yellow.

- That is like the worse timing to tell me that.

I can't do it.

- It was pink, not yellow.

- Oh my God, it's disgusting.

Uh, it's like cardboard scrambled eggs.

It is basically scrambled egg,

but there's like hard bits in it where it's congealed.

That could just be like the former chunks of marshmallow,

where's the sweetness in that?



So Mrs. Barry, what was your favourite hack today?

Mine, I'm gonna get in there first,

was the poached egg one because it worked.

Mine was the popcorn because it looked so good

and I wanted to try it.

- Actually yeah, that was pretty good.

If you go that timing right, maybe,

how can you tell though?

You can't see what's happening.

- No, you can't.

- Just gonna have to use your nose and keep practising .

But there we go, any other cool hacks

you've seen and you wanna see us try,

we'll do another one of these videos

very very soon.

Thank you so much for watching.

Mrs. B thanks for joining in.

- Oh you're welcome, anytime.

- Fancy some popcorn?

- Yes.

- Eat this first.

- Oh.

- Bye!

- Bye!

Check your level player

No matter what your style

The kitchen's for me. ♪

Sideburns, moustache, goatee, ♪

Maybe all three. ♪

- No, normally if I'm here I don't feel like

I need to watch them because I hear you do them.

- Oh you mean, when you're at work Monday to Friday.

The Description of Kitchen Hack Testing 10