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Hey! It's Jaybot and today I have a beard :) I still like Affiliate Marketing.

If you're wondering what Affiliate Marketing is, go back and watch the first video.

Or stay confused, that's entirely your decision. I can't guarantee as much fan or entertainment as

a cat video, but I will try! So, Today,

I'm gonna go into a little more detail on two major pieces of the affiliate marketing puzzle:

Number One: CPA Affiliate Networks. A.k.a. Affiliate Networks: give you access offers

from many different advertisers or owners to promote or send traffic to.

Number Two: Advertising Traffic Source A.k.a. - Advertising Network or simply-

Traffic Source: a place we pay to run our ads on hundreds, thousands, millions of sites.

Number Three: What? I said two! What the f--?! Yeah well, we have some awesome bonus content

at the end to show you the exact steps on how to launch your first aff campaign,

so that counts as three. Affiliate Networks:

Give you access to Many Things: products, services, and offers,

that you otherwise wouldnt be able to promote.

These networks have relationships with "Advertisers" and allow

affiliates to send traffic to their offers. Affiliate Networks carry offers to promote in

pretty much every Vertical you can imagine. Common verticals are: Sweepstakes, Nutra,

Casino, Video On Demand, Finance, Crypto/FX/Trading, and Adult.

I described them in some detail on what they do earlier, but let's get some real-life examples

with three Major and three Minor networks. Major Networks-- These have the advantage of being

Major. They carry offers in every vertical you can imagine and can

pay you really quickly because they have a lot of cashflow and clout in the industry.

On the one hand, being big means you have tons of other affiliates on the same platform,

competing for the same offers. On the other hand, big networks usually have really large caps

(limits on how many conversions you can have in a day/week/month/budget) and

can take on much bigger numbers. Let's take a closer look at my

favorite 3 top Major Affiliate Networks. 1) Clickdealer it's Huge.

And its my first love :) Also, coincidentally,

one of my favorite Account Managers ever. Joel, if you're watching this: you're the

best and I want your affiliate babies :) Clickdealer is great for everything. Top

SOI* offers, CC subs* for sweeps, mainstream and adult dating, CPI* for games and apps,

smartlinks*, Crypto, ecom*, and even WH leadgen offers. The one thing they seem to

lack is Casino offers. I've never figured out why. (*on screen text explaining SOI, CC subs, etc.)

They also have several offices worldwide so when they pay you, you can get transfer fees

as low as $1 or less depending on your location. To sign up with clickdealer go to

and sign up as an affiliate/publisher. A quick hack which can help you get accepted

more quickly: Mention that I sent you! If they say Jaybot who? Tell them 87010. Its should work.

2) Gotzha - Best Account Managers. Great CC Subs. I've been working with them for over 2 years and

I still have no idea how to pronounce their name. Goat-za? Gotcha? Gat-the?

Whatever, I'm calling them Gotcha today. Slightly more picky about who they accept,

so not the best for beginners, but that shouldn't discourage you from trying :) Theyre

more likely to accept you if you have run at least a small bit of traffic already.

So I would suggest, run some traffic on any of the other networks first.

Then come back and apply to Gotzha after you have some stats to show.

Good or bad stats dont matter. All that matters is that you show you are willing to spend money

on traffic and able send it to offers. They dont want to spend time holding your hand and telling

you how to set up a campaign, thats my job! Gotzha has some of the best CC submit offers

anywhere. And great SOI offers with higher payouts on average than other networks.

They also have many Casino Offers. And why they really rock?

They will fight tooth-and-nail for YOU, the affiliate. Many times (and on many networks)

you will run into issues with caps, conversion quality, payout amounts, etc. and Gotzha will

always have your back, and every single time I've enountered an issue, Gotzha either won against the

advertiser, or covered any losses for me. And I honestly can't say that for any other network.

To sign up with Gotzha go to and sign up as an affiliate/publisher.

One hack which could help you get accepted when you apply: tell them you saw the Binom video

by Jaybot, youve been running traffic with other networks, and youre ready to take it

to the next level. 3) Advidi - Same offers,

better payouts, better converting? I'm afraid to tell you this, actually.

Advidi is like a secret club sometimes. They have the same exact offers as everyone else.

So why bother running anything there? Since theyre slightly less well-known,

they have different databases and well... the offers often convert much better than on other

networks, and even better: their payouts are usually much higher than the other big networks.

So, to think about it. To sign up with Advidi go to

and sign up as an affiliate. If they ask, just tell them you love

Jaybot for telling them about their secret club. They'll have no idea what you're talking about,

but it might get a laugh :) --

Quick Tip: When signing up for a CPA network,

be honest. There is no need to lie about making billions of dollars. Just tell them your actual

level (beginner, intermediate, God-tier) and your monthly ad spend ($0, $5k, $20k+, whatever).

Someone from the network will hit you up on Skype or Telegram and ask you a few questions,

maybe ask for a tracker screenshot, and you'll either be accepted or rejected.

-- OK! On to the minor networks.

Why minor? Wellll... They specialize in one or two things only.

For example, ONLY click2call offers: No SOI, no CC submit, no Casino, no Antivirus, etc. etc. etc.

You won't get bogged down with thousands of offers to choose from and you can get much

closer attention from your Account managers. So. Newbie. Friendly: One super great thing

about these networks is most of their offers are available in every geo possible.

You can find cheap traffic in random, unheard of geos with very little competition.

These networks also usually have much easier flows (the amount of effort needed to convert an offer)

and have lower payouts (making them easier to optimize). Because the flows are so easy,

Direct Linking (not using a lander) is OK and even encouraged! So they

are very newbie-friendly networks. But don't let that fool you! I've had $XXXX

days on these networks, and I've heard stories of some affiliates doing $40k in one weekend.

So, the potential is still there to make lots of money.

OK! The Top 2 'Minor' Networks are.... 1) Haka Haka? Hakka?

Hakkclick2sms and nothing else. This network has been around forever,

but was relatively unknown until the uber-affiliate, twinaxe, put them on the

map by showing how good their offers are. They really only have one flow:

click2sms. The CTA (call-to-action) for your offer will simply tell the user to send a

certain code via sms and you get the conversion. As you might imagine, this can be incorporated

into any type of offer. Sweepstakes (enter SMS to win!), dating (send code to start

chatting with Ivanka now!) and even Captcha (prove you are human by entering this code).

You'd be surprised which geos do best here. Geo? What the hell is a geo?

Right. AM speak. Sorry! Geo means country in AM speak.

As a general rule: The higher the Tier, the more expensive the Geos traffic and payouts.

But traffic volume also plays a role. For example, Tier 1 Geos are United

States and Germany. Quite expensive traffic and lots and lots of volume.

Tier 2 Geos are France, UK, Italy, and Spain. Traffic ranges from reasonably priced to medium

volume to expensively priced but low volume. Tier 3 Geos are Poland, Slovakia,

Czech Republic, and South Africa. Traffic can be cheap but can also high volume.

Or be reasonably priced, but low volume. Tier 4 Geos are everything else.

This includes very, very, cheap prices but toooooons of volume. But also very,

very, expensive but little to no volume. There are no hard and fast rules, as it gets very

murky when talking about LATAM (Latin American) countries: e.g. Mexico and Brazil have insane

volume, but reasonably cheap prices, so Tier 3? Also APAC (Asian Pacific) countries such as

Taiwan and Hong Kong are similar to volume and price of EU Tier 3 But India has the

most volume on the planet, yet the cheapest traffic on the planet: but still Tier 4.

Anyway, back to Haka offers: Lower Tier geos all the way up

to Tier 1 geos *can* work, you just have to test. And with offer payouts around 35 cents, it's very

cheap to test if an offer can work or not. To sign up with Haka go to and sign up.

If they ask (they won't), just tell them Jaybot wants a paybump on all his offers

2) Traffic Company - click2call and everything else.

This network has been around since the golden days of pops and 1-click offers and is

still going strong thanks to their in-house IVR (click2call) offers.

They actually have tons of offers to choose from and you can use them as a traditional network.

But. Their click2call offers should really be your focus. Flow is simple:

user makes a phone call, you get paid. Like click2sms offers, this can be incorporated

into any type of offer. Sweepstakes (call now to win!), dating (call and start talking with

Victoria now!) and even Antivirus (call to authorize scanning your device!).

Even better? You can choose the offer 'prize' (like iPhone, Cash, Gold, BMWs, etc.) and the

lander (spinner, gift boxx, quiz, etc.) on their network and they will do all the magic for you!

All you have to do is direct link to the offer. And the geos, man... I've been running offers

in the Ivory Coast, Morocco, Tunisia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria for almost a year now.

You won't find any other offers that work in these countries.

One small thing to mention: their payouts are variable. You can get conversions as

low as 1 cent. However,

you can also get conversions as high as $17! Since the flow is so easy, you simply have to

test the offers and geos a bunch and find the average payout and optimize for that.

A good starting point for most geos is 10 cents :) Again, don't let such a small payout fool you.

I am one tiiiiiiiny affiliate and I've earned thousands on this network,

mostly by direct linking. Another great thing? If you

want any of their landers to host by yourself, you can simply ask and they will give it to you!

To sign up with Traffic Company go to and sign up.

When she asks, just tell the amazing Tess that Jaybot says 'Hi!'

-- A Few More Quick Tips:

I said earlier: When signing up for a CPA network, be honest.

If you do get rejected. Don't get discouraged! There are literally

thousands of affiliate networks out there. I just gave you 5 to try and you will definitely

get into one of them. When you do, work with them, get some conversions, spend some money,

get some money and stats. Then, you'll have experience

and you'll be able to use that to get into any network that rejected you previously.

Also, the longer you work with a network, the better your reputation

with that network can get. And the better relationship you can have with your Account

Manager. When your Manager likes you and the network likes you, its much easier to ask for

(and get) payout bumps (where you get more money for each conversion). Your manager

will also start to give recommendations on new and promising offers before anyone else.

Alright! Now that you have some Affiliate Networks to work with, we need to send some traffic!

So... how do we do that?! Traffic Sources, of course.

I described them in some detail on what they do earlier: a place we pay to run our ads

on hundreds, thousands, millions of sites. But let's get some real-life examples with

the easiest traffic source to get started with for beginners and experts alike: PropellerAds.

We'll start with Pops and Push because they are the backbone of all internet marketing.

What?! Hear me out... Pops are the common Pop-up and

Pop-Under Ads that youve seen on the internet for ages. Everyone hates them. Yet, we keep clicking

them! It's weird, right? But get this:

As many website owners will tell you, adding a simple pop-up to their website

increases engagement, signups, sales, etc. by a huuuuge margin!

Im no psychologist and I cant tell you why they work, I can only tell you that they do work.

In any case, because everyone hates them, they are very, very cheap.

But. They work because it's simply a numbers game. If you send out 1 million impressions and

1 curious person clicks and converts and it was cheaper than the traffic: it still makes money.

Because pops are so cheap, they are the perfect traffic source for beginners.

You also don't need to worry about making an actual ad creative or banner.

You can even buy Pop traffic and direct link to offers on the minor networks we mention earlier!

As usual, even if it's cheap and great for beginners: don't let that fool you. There

are some affiliates who make tens of thousands of dollars in profit every month from pops.

So first, let's talk about PropellerAds Pops AND Push:

PropellerAds is awesome for a bunch of reasons. First: Volume. They have loads of volume. And

despite being Pops/Push traffic, it's really good quality compared to other platforms.

Another great thing about their traffic, if they have several ways to bid on traffic, each with

their own advantages. I am a huge fan of their CPA Goal bidding, as it does a lot of the optimizing

work for you and can get your results on a good offer very quickly, even for beginners. We'll talk

about bidding strategies later, just know that all of their options can work, and work quite well.

One more great thing on Propeller is they have auto-optimizing tools which can save you a

lot of headaches when launching new campaigns. One feature/flaw of Propeller is they are very

restrictive in what ads and landers they allow. They do not allow any aggressive marketing. While

this may seem like kind of a bummer, it's actually a huge positive as it improves the

traffic quality overall, for everyone. Oh, and Propeller doesn't allow any

Adult traffic, so don't try it :) Yes. Traffic Sources can decide what kind

of ads you serve their customers. These are mainly divided into Adult and Non-Adult (or Mainstream).

While you can usually run any mainstream offer such as Casino or Sweeps on an Adult Traffic

source, such as ExoClick. You cannot run an Adult offer (such as Adult Video, Cam Girls, or AdultDating)

on a Mainstream source like PropellerAds. On rare occasions, you will find offer owners that dont want their mainstream offers being advertised on adultsites.

So you should always check with your network first before trying that. Luckily, thats not even close to what were doing today as were

running a Mainstream offer on PropellerAds It's a great Traffic Source, so let's get started.

Signing up for Traffic Sources is much easier. You're giving them your money,

so they typically want to take it from you :) Simply go to and hit Sign Up.

You'll need a way to pay them, so you'll have to enter that too. They accept most credit cards,

bank cards, Paypal and wire transfers. If you have any issues, just contact their support and

they will be happy to help you give them money :) Quick Tip: Don't try to hide anything. You may be

afraid that your Mom, Boss, or Mistress might find out you're doing Affiliate Marketing or something,

but don't be. If you have to enter your name, email, address, whatever to get your

account setup: do so. Using fake names and info will just cause red flags to go off,

your account won't work, and you may be banned from using them entirely.

Signed up yet? Great, guess what else you did when you signed up? You also now have access

to really good quality Push Traffic! Push Ads are Web Push Notifications

which users subscribed to. This ad format took off recently because of smartphone (and now desktops)

using push notifications natively in their messaging system- as normal notifications to

the user. For example: "Windows needs to update!", "You have 3 new emails", "(1) message from

Ivanka", "Dude! Did you win an iPhone?!", etc. And now you too can craft your own push ads and

send them out into the world and connect them to the offers in the Affiliate Networks above!

What? You don't know how?

Right! Let's do some quick tutorials then! Theres our number three the bonus content,

you want to see my pretty face. ---Tutorials---

---Pops--- We'll start with Pops

and Traffic Company. Pops is so easy. You're going to love it almost as much as you love me:

First, you'll need to have Propeller set up as a traffic source in your Tracker.

I'm using Binom because everyone should. Other trackers offer setup will be similar though.

Binom makes Propeller setup easy, just load up the template, and enter your propeller ID here.

Got it? Good. Next, we need to

create our offer from Traffic Company. For now, let's just choose smartlink.

Our prize will be iPhone 12 because everyone wants a free iPhone.

Now, we take our offer link from Traffic Company, and set it as an offer in our Tracker.

Then, we setup a new campaign in Binom like this.

We'll talk more about trackers in the next video, so hold tight on the specifics of why.

For now, just know that we select Direct (not using a lander) and we select our smartlink offer.

Now we have a campaign link, yay! This is what we want to give to the traffic source.

So we go to Propeller and create a new campaign like so:

Alright. Pops. CPA Goal. I'll randomly choose Gabon as our geo.

For targeting: As broad as possible, were choosing mobile only,

Android, no Webview (trust me), and Wifi + 3G. Dont mess around with languages.

The more narrow you target, the less traffic you will get.

Remember, the traffic source wants to sell you as much of their traffic as possible.

And we have no idea what is their bad traffic yet. CPA Goal campaign of $0.10 to let Propeller's

magic algorithm do most of the magic for us. $10 minimum daily budget.

Copy and paste your campaign link here, save and done!

You just made your first Pop campaign, congrats! Tip: For more details on how to setup the above,

you can visit the Binom Blog here: to see several

ways of setting up Pops camps on propeller. Awesome!

Now. You can do Pops all day long and be happy for... ever, really. But since

you have access to push already, you're chomping at the bit, to try it, aren't you?

---Push Tutorial-- To make things ridiculously easy, we're

going to use the exact same offer as above! All we need is a new campaign link, and an ad icon.

New campaign setup in Binom like this. And

New campaign in Propeller for Push like this. We'll stick

with Gabon. Again,

for Push you can now use CPA Goal campaign of $0.10 and let Propeller's magic

algorithm do most of the magic for us. $10 minimum daily budget.

Copy and paste your campaign link here, almost done... but we need an ad icon and some text.

This is the difference between pops and push. For the ad icon, go google

an envelope or message icon and choose whatever you like. Then insert here.

Now we need some text to go with our ad. For the text... well, Gabon is French speaking, so

something like 'Bravo! (1) message' for the Title and 'Vous tes notre finaliste pour l'iPhone!'

Looks good! Now Save the campaign, wait for approval and.

You just made your first Push campaign, congrats!

Tip: For more details on how to setup the above, you can visit the Binom Blog here:

to see more ways of setting up Push camps on propeller.

Alright! That's a TON of information for today, I hope you learned a LOT!

If you've taken the steps we've talked about, this already puts you really far ahead of

most people wanting to do affiliate marketing, so congrats on that! If you're still not ready, just

keep watching the video until it makes sense :) Remember, the first step is the most important!

Make sure you take it! Have more questions than answers?

Don't worry, there's loads more to come! :) See you soon!

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