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Its so pretty!!

The color is so pretty …!

The 40th Anniversary Illustration Package makes my heart go wild!

This is my actual, live reaction!

Season exclusive. Limited edition!

Give a round of applause.

Clap clap clap clap, clap clap clap clap clap clap

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The 40th Anniversary Exclusive Package! Click faster than the speed of light!

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Lotte Duty Free, some of the products changed their packaging.

Let me show you Elizabeth Ardens Ceramide Capsule products.

Here, you can see the 40th anniversary set emblem.

You know what this means?

You can only purchase this set from Lotte Duty Free, to celebrate the 40th anniversary.

It says ceramide.

Think of it as a serum that makes

your skin extremely moist and the ingredient,

when applied, prevents the skin from aging.

Wow~ Because the products are individually packaged, if you purchase a set,

you can give them to your aunt or mom, or others as gifts.

Wow~ It is so pretty.

Everyone. This package has the image of Lotte World Tower.

It is so beautiful. I love the color.

It is the 40th Lotte Duty Free Anniversary Package.

The picture is OMY, a famous French design brand.

There is a hint of the lavender color.

It is great for those who like warm and soft scents.

Lotte Duty Free 40th Anniversary Package! You should really purchase it!

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Let me show you Laura Mercier powder and lipstick.

This is called Jung Yumi lipstick.

Wow~ Its so pretty.

The color Red Wish. It is exclusive to this season, a limited edition.

See the shape from the side. It is a little concave, compared to other lipsticks.

The lipstick was cut to match the curved shape of the lips.

You can see that the lid is red.

It is a limited edition. I think this is even prettier.

The red color and the pattern on the bottom look beautiful.

You might think that the lid color is not important but

when it is on the dressing-table, it feels different.

Thats why I really love the new packaging.

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