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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Chrome OS 55 brings Android Apps to Chromebooks

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Last week Google released the latest Chrome OS version 55, with minor changes and performance


But reading on Internet I was able to find that there are some other changes that are

related to the Android Apps.

The big question for everyone is, After this update are my Chrome devices able to use the

Android Apps?

Well, the answer is still a big NO.

But on the Internet I found something that may cheers you up about this matter, it looks

that on this new version the Play Store App is actually hidden and perhaps getting ready

to be implemented on a future releasebut this are just theories, dont take my words

for granted.

Well, after surfing the internet for a while I found a way to enable the Play Store Apps

for some devices.

I tested this with my device but I was not able to do it.

You can give it a try to see if this works out for you.

Before we continue you need to know the following:

Caution: Modifications you make to the system are not supported by Google, may cause hardware,

software or security issues and may void warranty.

This means, if you choose to follow these steps, you will proceed on your own risk and

you will not blame me or anyone else than yourself.

After clearing this up, we can continue.

In order for this to work you need to put the device into developer mode, this is not

an update to developer channel, is just putting the device on developer mode, I was able to

find a video from the channelChrome Unboxedwhere they explain how to get the device on

this mode.

This channel is really great, they have great content and I will recommend you subscribe

to them if you want.

lets see

the video

Once you have the device on developer mode, please sign in to it and navigate to chrome://chrome,

here you should be able to find if your device is ready to have the Android Apps right now.

You are looking for the the ARC version.

Now, this does NOT means that if you have this line on your device you can unhide the

Play Store, is just that you have more chances to do it.

Once you have check if your device may be able to get the Play Store, please open your

Chrome browser and press CTRL+ALT+T, this will open the Crosh window and here you can

type the following:

You will find these commands in the description below.

As long you dont get any error messages after each line you should be set.

Now you just need to sign-out and sign-in again.

If you turn off the device you will need to go back to Crosh and enter the last two commands


Once you sign-in go to the device settings and check if the option to enable the Play

Store Settings is there for you, if not, it just means that this device is still not able

to get this feature and you just need to wait a bit more until Google release is officially,

but if you have it, make sure to enable it and remember that this is still in Beta, so

you may find issues but at least you can play with this new feature.

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I'm Mackk and see you on my next video.

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