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once understood once the entire chessboard is uncovered and you know the

rules of chess then it's pretty obvious what move to make unfortunately and

fortunately for me because I get to help businesses and companies and people and

unfortunate for I'm probably many of you and certainly me at numerous points and

is making things too complex so oh how about another one for your bumper

sticker how do you reverse engineer and ROI who wants to hear about this one all

right cool so on reverse engineering and ROI we have to start with what is it

will go real simply here and I'll probably take over the whiteboard here

but what is it cost to produce one I always try and reduce it to like if I

can explain it to a fifth grader it's probably pretty good and it boy I'll

tell you most of the first and second and third and fourth phone calls I have

with companies and businesses we have four or five phone calls for a reason

there's a lot of data that once understood once the entire chessboard is

uncovered and you know the rules of chess then it's pretty obvious what move

to make unfortunately and fortunately for me because I get to help businesses

and companies and people and unfortunate for I'm probably many of you and

certainly me at numerous points and is making things too complex so oh oh how

about another one for your bumper sticker if it feels weird or

uncomfortable or like just overwhelming find out how you can simplify the hell

out of it I mean if you have to strip it all the way back to its bare bones like

when we do a mind map of a company I mean it's you would imagine every single

moving part of the business is not just like oh this guy

there look that goes there and we're done in ten minutes it's like we we have

to understand what's the simplest form we can get this in while still

accounting for all the pieces so that mind map that I showed you it started

with those three columns started with marketing sales fulfillment like alright

good we got a win we know something right we have to start somewhere and

then we start filling okay what's required for marketing what's required

for sales what's recorded from fulfillment now how does this have to do

with an ROI we have to start with our costs in each of those sections okay so

for that one this isn't this isn't necessarily for every single business

but for that one it was these three columns okay so I need to know costs

here cost here and cost here and then you saw on that pro forma we added them

up and then we have to know what is our target margin so I'm gonna call that TM

because I don't want to write all that and so then we have a baseline of

numbers to play with right this is basically all who's super financially

oriented out there who loves CFO and numbers stuff all right all right

perfect so this is we kind of do some very

marketing oriented CFO work just so we can understand what we're up against in

terms of the business we're not in the I'm not in the business of yeah sure I

can run a Facebook campaign and get you leads in about half an hour but that's

kind of like eating a donut right now because you're hungry sacrificing a

long-term you know healthy eating plan it's like yeah we can get you some food

right now but don't you want to know what it's gonna take for the rest of

your life or at least the foreseeable future to be sustainably healthy so I

mean there are a lot of agencies out there and there's nothing wrong with

that and very good business is doing that I just I don't we don't get very

excited thinking that way just because we know the long-term effects of you

know basically just yeah also you donuts yeah sure you know just keep eating them

I I personally don't like that so anyway again another tangent so

next step research the cost per act what the cost per acquisition is for keywords

and other marketing methods related to or ignore exact niche or target market

so you can do Google keyword research and understand what are people searching

for what are the cost per click some some niches are like a hundred and

twenty dollars per click probably don't want to target those unless you're like

super confident and you know some other area I wouldn't start there but there

are tools that again we're gonna be putting together a thing that you know

can show you what we use to basically research understanding what's are

probably gonna be our cost per acquisition and what are we least going

to start with when we start running campaigns to test you know how how are

we doing on our ROI because if these costs go up and this is marketing right

sales fulfillment let's say if these costs go you know start going up and

these are going down like we don't like that campaign sucks and we have to trash

it and we have you know ways of which we look at campaigns to know when to cancel

what you know we'll we'll start split testing you saw on that pro forma I

showed you there was something like six ads we're gonna start with with

headlines half of them video half of them image you know that point to

different places to know like we know all of these Tart answer the question of

our target market the big fat thing that is sitting in there in their universe

that they really want to solve in that case it was how to create a profitable

podcast from scratch even if you have no idea what you're doing right we're gonna

do variations of that and see which one's running best alright so we're

gonna start with understanding what's what's what do we want to allocate

towards that to test here so we test money what am I willing to test with but

I'm only willing to test if I at least have plausible understanding that okay

the things that I'm testing the headlines and ads that I'm going to be

testing answer a big question related to a challenge or a goal of of our target

market who does this make sense to anyone yes

has anyone asleep all right and we get a yes

how about a little bit more let me get a yes all right thank you

anybody else need a cocktail all right so let's see yeah in the last point I

made here you're gonna have to play with it on it especially on the digital

marketing side and even if you're just networking right I mean how many of you

ever been to a networking event where you got nothing out of it say yes right

so there's probably something you could have done different that that's your

in-person marketing strategy right it's the same thing you have to lead with a

headline I said hi I'm John to this gentleman maybe that'll work maybe it

won't when somebody asks you what do you do you better have a good answer

otherwise they're gonna go over here you don't just start saying I want you to

look you know learn math like cool but wow you know like that's not that's not

my thing but I appreciate that there's a teacher over there I met she might want

to learn math I don't know but the point is is it matters the language and

context in which you and your company are framed no matter if you're online or

offline if you're at a business networking event I mean I it's like me

coming here right it's like if I just showed up and said hey I'd like to do a

talk on digital marketing can you let me like maybe they would but I you know

it's like I I go through the channels that frame me and my company in a way

that best elevates my value just as everyone else in this room is trying to

do to their target market right so you know Trailhead because you trust

trailhead trailhead just trust trust Jason Jason trust Jon Jon's on stage so

you listen to John right it's it's it's not an egotistical thing it's just

that's what we're all trying to do with our businesses right say yes right so

it's going through what are the right channels for that and what are the wrong

channels for that you know so it's like I have a client who's a personal injury

attorney if I use this example yet no okay I used it with somebody earlier so

you know it's like people are going to find a personal injury attorney online

not by being interrupted by a snapchat ad right it's probably not the target

market it's probably not relevant to them right they're gonna be finding a

personal injury attorney because they're googling personal injury attorney Boise

Idaho right so I know pretty much like it's not rocket science on that one I

don't have to do a whole digging to understand okay you help people who have

been in accidents and slip and falls and car accidents and whatnot and you live

in Boise what are people going to find personal injury attorneys I'm not going

to do some fancy viral campaign on Facebook I mean I could it could be a

great branding exercise if they have other goals but it's not like oh boy I'm

excited I'm so excited about this damn campaign that I'm just gonna call this

personal injury I'm fine like I have no I'm not in a been an accident

I haven't fallen but you know like it just it doesn't happen that way so you

have to do you know choose the right channels where your target markets

hanging out and then you got to go where they're hanging out tell them what they

want to hear that helps them solve a problem and get what they want whether

it's online or offline it doesn't really matter does this make sense say yes all

right how many people have gotten any value say yes all right do you want me

to keep going yes

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