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Over the last 3,000 years seals and chops were very important in China,

to prove the authenticity of documents and art. Nowadays in Hong Kong

even though handmade chops are fading out in everyday usage, Chop makers are

getting less and less the value of handmade chops remains because of his uniqueness

This is Man Wa Lane in Sheung Wan or the chop alley called by the locals

This is the last place in Hong Kong where there are different chop stores together all in one place

Tthis is chop maker Master Ng who has been in the business for

more than 30 years. Learning to be a chop maker is hard because not only you

need to master engraving skills but also you need to study various types of

fonts from different dynasties and it may take a decade or more to do that

To get your own chop basically there are only two steps: pick the chop and think about

the designs but it is more complicated than it sounds because each chop

is made of different types of materials like marble or wood and each sculpture on the chop

has different meanings. At the same time we need to think of the design of

the stamp whether to stick in or stick out. People usually choose their names or

their company names to make a chop if you don't have a Chinese name

Master Ng will be able to help you

Yeah I told you it's more complicated than it sounds. But picking the right chop

is a marvelous experience I have no problem designing what I need. That is

the logo of HONGKONGUIDE. The way Master Ng engraves is he'll first outline

the logo and then carve it from the edge towards the centre

It took Master Ng almost 10 years to learn until he opened his own shop. He said when he was learning

chop making there was no textbook. The way they studied was only trial and error

Master Ng's shop may look small to you

but his work is bigger than you can imagine. One of his proud work can actually be

seen everywhere in Hong Kong. It is at the back of $100 banknote by Standard

Chartered Bank released in year 2000

Master Ng would always try his best to make his chops perfect

Also he has been following a traditional chop making rule for decades

Handmade chop is an art because not only it represents the

identity of its owner but also it reflects the effort and skills of its maker

Tt is worth to go explore chop making and get one for yourself or your friends

Thank you for watching. This is Alpha and I'll see you next time

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