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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Life Gets in the Way

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(lively, cheerful music)

(phone ringing in the background)

(phone ringing)

(intense music)

(breathing loudly, trying to catch her breath)

- 2591 speaking.

- [Male] Saint John Medical center for Arabic.


- Go ahead.

(woman screaming in over the phone)

- [Doctor] Hello, interpreter.

My name is Dr. Scott.

I'm an OB/GYN.

I have Ms. Akhmed here.

She speaks Arabic and she's in labor.

We need to get her consent for an epidural.

But first I have to tell her some of the risks

she may encounter.

If you could please interpret for us.

- Sure.

(woman screaming in Arabic over the phone)

- [Doctor] Epidural may cause infection, paralysis,

as well as risks for the baby.

(Carla speaks Arabic)

Do we have your consent to administer the epidural?

(Carla speaks Arabic)

(woman screaming in Arabic over the phone)

- Yes. Yes.


It's coming out.

- [Doctor] Thank you, interpreter.

(the line dies)


(breathes heavily)

- Fuck!

(breathes heavily)

(light, cheerful music) (waves splashing)

(Cousin Tony screaming in Arabic)

(light, cheerful music)

(Cousin Tony screaming in Arabic)

(light, cheerful music)

(seagulls screaming) (waves splashing)

- [Dr. Goldstein] How was your week?

- The usual.

My interpretation job.


Going out with friends.

- Did Tina introduce you to another nice guy?

- She always does.

- And what about your friends?

- They were jogging with me earlier.

My cousin Tony.

My parents.

The two soldiers.

- What did they tell you?

- Tony was tired from running and wanted to stop.

I just ignored him.

- Do you feel any better with the medication?

Any thoughts of suicide?

- Face up, I jump.

- Good.

So, how is Ron?

- It's Chris now.

Ron and I broke up last week.

- I can't keep us with you.

(Carla laughs)


How are things going with Chris?

(Chris moaning)


- Great!

Couldn't be better.

- Good.

- I was wondering if we can have fewer sessions now.

- No, dear.

Not yet.

First we have to bury your dead friends

and make sure they don't bother you anymore.

- How much longer?

- You know I'm only charging you a fraction

of what I generally charge

because of your financial situation and

because I care about you.

I know it's very hard for you.

But I really believe that with therapy and medication

we can make some real progress here.

I think we already have made some progress.


- Okay.

- Okay.


Next Monday then at six.

There is enough here for a week.

Next week I'll give you enough for another week.

- Thank you.

(man speaks French over the phone)

(Carla speaks French)

(man speaks French over the phone)

I would like to report sexual harassment.

- [Male] Were you personally involved, sir?

(Carla speaks French)

- [Male] Oui.

- Yes.

- [Male] Go ahead and tell me what happened.

(Carla speaks French)

(man speaks French over the phone)

- My manager,

who is also the director of sales,

asked me to come to her office

to talk about my salary raise.

She asked me if it's true what they say about black men.

She asked me to unzip my pants so she can check it out.

(Carla speaks French)

(man speaks French over the phone)

She told me it was very large indeed.

(man speaks French over the phone)

She said she will give me my raise.

If she gives me a blow job.

So, I let her give me a blow job.

(party music in the background)

- Is this cashmere silk?

- Yes. - I love cashmere.


You're late.

As usual.

I'll get you some wine.

- Hi! - Hey!

- You look great!

Um, he is so pissed that you're late.

- I wasn't sure what to wear.

Did he hit on other girls?

- Uh,

a little, it was nothing.

- I am so done with him.

- [Matt] Good to see you.

- Hi!

Thank you.

- So,

how was your day?

- Good.

- Did you miss me?

- Did you?

- Of course. You know I did.

- Is that why you're hitting on other girls?

- Please! Not again.

- Everybody, I wanted to thank you so much for coming

to help to celebrate my new job.

Let's party!

And to my best friend.

I love you.

- [Carla] I love you too.

- Don't worry, he'll come back.

They always do.

- I can't even stand him anymore.

- How's therapy?

- She keeps giving me antidepressants.

- Well, half of America is on antidepressants.

- Well, I would rather stick with the other half.

- True.

How's work?

- This guy's boss keeps calling him in

and wants to measure his dick.

- What?

- It's 10 inches long.

- [Tina] You're kidding.

- I'm not kidding.

Then she gives him a blow job

Actually that was the condition for him to get a raise.

- Oh my God!

No wonder you're going cuckoo.

Your job is insane!

- I've never heard of that before.

A guy reporting his boss for giving him a blow job

and a raise.

- Maybe that's what you're missing.

- What? Blow jobs?

- No, silly.

A guy!

A guy that makes you happy.

Hey, easy on that.


I'm just gonna introduce you to people

until we find the right guy.

- Well, keep them coming.

- Okay, let me introduce you to a bunch of my coworkers.

- Okay. - Come on.

- Punky, out.

You said you would follow me back to make sure I'm safe.

Well, I'm home and I'm safe.

Hey! Hey!

Not tonight.

I'm tired.

I just want to go to bed.

No. No!

- I don't turn you on anymore?

- Go back to the girls you were hitting on at the party.

No. Get off me!

- Fine. Maybe I will.

(explosions) (machine guns shooting)

(loud explosion)

(machine guns shooting)

(loud explosion)

- Mom!

(Carla breaths loudly)

- [Dr. Goldstein] Let's talk about that day again.

- We were hiding in the basement.

We called it shelter.

My parents had just gotten in to help us pack

so we can go to a bigger shelter.

The bombs were very loud.

The shelter got hit by a bomb.

(loud explosion)

I was the only one who survived.

- [Dr. Goldstein] Sometimes losing loved ones

is a part of life.

- Can we talk about something else?

- How's Chris?

- He left me.

- Does that make you sad?

Well then maybe he wasn't the right one.

I'll see you again next Monday.

Same time.

This will last you another week.

- Thank you, Dr. Goldstein.

(Carla sobs)

Please, God, just take me.

(phone ringing)

- [Dispatcher] This is 911 dispatch.

We have a man in distress on a roof top.

What is your interpreter ID?

- 2591.

- [Ali] I can't live without Eva.

She is my life.

- [Building Manager] Get that fucking psycho off my roof

and out of my building now.

- [Dispatcher] Sir, if you can hear me,

please step away from Ali and the ledge.

Interpreter, please ask Ali to calm down and talk to us.

(Carla speaks Arabic)

- [Ali] I speak perfect English.

Why are you talking to me in Russian?

- [Dispatcher] Ali, do you not speak Arabic?

- [Building Manager] Get him out of my building.


- [Dispatcher] Sir, I know you're upset he's on your roof.

Please just let me talk with Ali.

- [Ali] I'm an American.

I don't need an interpreter!

I just want to die.

You can all leave me alone!

- [Dispatcher] Ali, calm down, it's gonna be okay.

Stay exactly where you are, help is on the way.

Interpreter, do not hang up the phone

or we'll lose the caller.

This is a three-way call.

- If you really wanted to die

you wouldn't be standing on a roof top making a whole scene.

- [Dispatcher] Interpreter!

- [Building Manager] If you don't get him off my roof

I'm gonna push his sorry ass down!

- [Dispatcher] Sir, do not approach him.

Stay exactly where you are.

- [Ali] What do you know about wanting to die?

- You think you're the only one who ever thought about it?

- [Dispatcher] Interpreter, I am warning you.

- [Building Manager] Get the psycho out of my building.

- [Dispatcher] Ali, help is on the way.

Just talk to me for a sec.

- [Ali] Listen, 2591 or whatever your number is.

Have you ever lost someone so dear to you

that your world came to an end?

- Yes, I did.

I did.

What do you know about loss?

- [Dispatcher] Interpreter, enough!

Ali, listen to me.

Help is on the way.

Do not move. (crosstalk

Do not hang up the phone.

Everything is gonna be fine.

Just stay calm. - They're here.

They're gonna lock you up, psycho!

- [Dispatcher] Sir, do not agitate him any further.

- [Ali] 2591, are you still on the phone?

Interpreter 2591, talk to me! (crosstalk)

- The paramedics are gonna-- - Get this psycho off my roof

and out of my building!

- [Ali] Leave me alone!

- Ali, listen to me. - Let me go.

- Do not resent. - Interpreter 2591!

- You're going to be fine. - Now!


(light, cheerful music) (waves splashing)

(Carla's father speaks Arabic)

(Carla screams in Arabic)

(Carla's mother speaks Arabic)

(Carla screams in Arabic)

- I can't be in a relationship.

- Why?

Why do you think that is?

- I don't know.

I meet a guy.

I like him.

I sleep with him.

And then, it ends.

- You're afraid to get attached.

You're afraid to care about someone and then lose them.

- I'm not afraid.

- Fear of losing someone you love or care about.

Think about that.

Think about that in relationship to your past.

(phone ringing)

- 2591 speaking.

Go ahead.

(man speaks Arabic over the phone)

I want to report domestic violence against my wife.

(Carla speaks Arabic)

(man speaks Arabic over the phone)

Every evening I come home, my wife starts an argument.

She thinks I'm cheating on her.

She keeps pushing and hitting me.

Sometimes with her hands, sometimes she throws plates

and cooking utensils at me.

Oh my God!

Oh my God, Punky!

What have you done?

Oh my God. Oh my God!

- Is your dog sick?

- No.

He ate my pills.

- Sorry to hear that.

I hope he's gonna be okay.

- Your dog is going to be fine.

He'll be out in a minute.

- Thank you.

Thank you!

- Don't let him get suicidal again.

- My little Grenade here has a urinary tract infection.

- Her name is Grenade?

- I'm Jeffrey.

- Carla. Nice to meet you.

- Thanks.

Papa wants to make sure his little girl is gonna be okay

before he returns to base in a couple of days.

I'm a marine officer.

- Your little Grenade is very cute.

(Jeffrey panting)

Stop! Stop!

(breathing heavily)

- Sorry.

- Your tour of duty is over, soldier.

You can report to base now.

(phone ringing)


- [Ali] Hi.

Is this interpreter 2591?

- Who is this?

- [Ali] Ali.

The man who wanted to jump from the building last week.

- Didn't they lock you up?

- [Ali] Three days only.

For psych evaluation.

It's called 5150.

- I know what 5150 is.

How did you get my number?

- [Ali] (with heavy Arabic accent) I called the bank,

told them I lost my debit card

and that I needed an Arabic interpreter

through the language service.

Specifically interpreter 2591.

- Freak.

My $10,000 loan was declined.

It wasn't a big amount.

It was just 10 grand!

- Have you thought about applying for another job?

- They keep saying I'm overqualified.

I can't believe over qualified people

can't get a job these days!

- It's the recession.

Everybody is hurting right now.

Are you taking your medication regularly?

- I don't need medication.

I'm a functional human being who doesn't need Prozac!

- You're not taking it at all, are you?

- Actually Punky took them.

He almost died.

Had to rush him to the hospital.

I'm not kidding you.

I met a guy at the vet hospital,

where Punky was being treated for excessive Prozac intake.

And we hooked up.

- You mean you had sex.

It's all about sex, Carla.

These aren't relationships that you're having

because the minute somebody gets close you run away.

- That's not true.

- [Dr. Goldstein] You are scared to be vulnerable.

You are scared of commitment.

- I don't think I need therapy anymore.

- And you're scared of the truth.

- That's it!

I'm done!

- That's a bad decision, Carla.


I've lost my daughter to suicide.

I don't want to lose you too.

(intense music)

- Sorry! Sorry.

Sorry, I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry, I didn't see you.

Are you okay?

I didn't see you.

Is there anything I can do?

- Yes.

Next time just finish the job!

(intense music)

(Carla speaks Arabic)

(phone vibrates)

(Carla speaks Arabic)

Just regular sex in my vagina.

Never in my mouth.

(Carla speaks Arabic)

(woman yells loudly in Arabic over the phone)

- [Woman] Interpreter, what's happening?

- Nothing.

I was just asking for clarification.

- [Woman] It seems the patient is getting upset.

- Thank you for using our services.

Good night.

- [Woman] Interpreter?

(Carla giggles)

(lively, cheerful music)

- Paul is an engineer.

- What kind of engineer?

- Electrical.

- Nice.

Do you like it?

- No.

Not really.

But I like you.

- Hmm.

How much?

(both moaning)

(breathing loudly)

- So you want to see me again?

- I haven't climaxed like this in a long time.

- Does that mean yes?

Do you wanna do it again?

- Yes.

(phone ringing)

- This is Carla.

- [Ali] It's Ali again.

The man who wanted to--

- What do you want?

- [Ali] Please don't hang up.

(phone ringing)

- Listen, you freak!

Stop calling me!

- [Patrick] Carla?

This is Patrick Sieberg from language service.

- Oh!

I'm so sorry.

I thought you were someone else.

- [Patrick] You were interpreting a call last night

for a clinic.

They called me to complain today.

They said you were rude to the patient

and that you hung up on them.

- Uh,

I don't remember hanging up on anyone.

- [Patrick] You have to follow interpreter's protocol

and only disconnect when your services

are no longer needed.

- Okay.

- [Patrick] Let's consider this a warning

and hope it won't happen again in the future.


- Sure.


(laughter in the background)

- My turn?



- Uh-oh.

- What is Matt's worst attribute?

- He is a smoker.

- Ooh.

Uh-huh, she says no.

- Paul.

- [Paul] Yes? Oh.

- What is your favorite thing about Carla?

- Hmm. - Hmm?

- There's lots of things.

- Ooh.

- Smart.



(both laugh)

- Guys! Guys!

Come on, let's stay focused here.

- PG.

- Ooh. Is that Carla?

Yeah, it's Carla. - Me?

- Your turn to ask Paul.

- Okay.

What is my worst attribute?

- I'll let you know when I find out.

- Hey, Matt.

We should go inside

because we have a lot of catching up to do.

- Right? - Okay.

- See you guys later.

- Bye! (laughs)

(muffled sounds of kissing and laughing)

(breathing loudly)

- Oh my God!

Oh my God, it's late. - What's wrong?

- It's late. - What's wrong?

- You have to go and you have to go right now.

I need to go to bed.

- But you're in bed.

- Alone. You have to go.

Go. Go!

- You just want me to leave now?

- Yes, I'm tired.

I have an early morning.

- Why I just can't ever spend the night?

So, we just fuck

and then I leave.

- No, that's not it, okay?

I'm just not used to having anyone spend the night.

- [Paul] You're just used to getting everything

your own way, aren't you?

- What's that supposed to mean?

- You wanna know what your worst attribute is?


You don't know what you want,

a man or a sex toy.

(phone ringing)

- [Ali] Please do not hang up.

- What do you want?

Why do keep calling me?

- [Ali] I want to thank you for saving my life.

- I don't remember saving your life.

- [Ali] You pushed my buttons.

You challenged me.

Will you have coffee with me?

- No.

- [Ali] Why not?

- Because I don't go out with people I don't know.

- [Ali] But that's how you get to know them.

- Listen, I can't talk right now.

I have to go.

- [Ali] Just coffee.

If you get bored within five minutes

you can walk away forever.

Carla, you still there?

- Yes.

- [Ali] Where do you live?

- Venice.

- [Ali] There's a coffee shop on Abbott Kinney.

The coffee store.

Tomorrow six pm?

- I'm busy tomorrow.

- [Ali] After tomorrow?

I'll be waiting at the coffee store

the day after tomorrow at six pm.

What do you look like?

- I am 50, five feet,

180 pounds.

And I have one eye missing.

- [Ali] Nah.

You don't sound 50.

And I'm six feet tall, brown hair, blue eyes.

- Look, I have to go.

I'm not used to having anyone spend the night.

- Have you even tried?

- I just can't do it.

I need the bed all to myself.

- I like cuddling with Matt at night.

It's nice to have someone spooning you.

- Maybe Dr. Goldstein is right.

I've never let anyone close

because I'm scared to lose them.

- I liked Paul.

He was really smart and he was really nice to you.

- Yeah, he was.

Maybe that's why I pushed him away.

Because he is a nice guy.

- Too nice.

- Yeah. - Yeah.

You shouldn't have stopped going to therapy.

Therapy helps.

It helped me.

- Yeah.

- Shit! I'm late.

Fuck! I'm sorry.

- There is this guy who keeps calling me.

He wants to meet me for coffee.

- I was supposed to meet Matt 10 minutes ago.

I'm so sorry.

Do it! Meet him for a coffee.

- It's a bit complicated how we met.

- [Tina] I love you.

We'll talk later.

- I just wanted to ask your advice

should I meet him or not

but never mind.

(lively, cheerful music)

Please don't be him.

- Carla?

Ali. Thank you for coming.

- I'm sorry I'm late.

- I'm just so glad it's you!

I've been calling your name to every girl

who's walked in here for the past 30 minutes,

and they just keep giving me dirty looks.

Please, have a seat.

- [Carla] Thanks.

- Now I can see you have two very beautiful eyes.

And you don't weigh 180 pounds.

- And you don't look like an Ali.

- Who do I look like?

- I don't know.

A Robert

or a Sean.

- Sean.


So how long you've been an interpreter?

- [Carla] Three years.

- [Ali] Do you like it?

- It's okay.

- [Ali] Does that pay well?

- No.

How about you?

- I'm a film director.

- Really? - Yeah.

- Anything I might have seen?

- No.

But maybe one day.

- [Carla] How did you get your name?

- [Ali] Ha.

It's my dad, he's a huge fan

of Mohammad Ali, the boxer.

- [Carla] Oh.

- [Ali] Yeah.

- So, why did you?

- Why did I try to kill myself?

You ever feel that sometimes the whole world

is just closing in on you?

It sounds cliche, I know.

- Sure.

- You do?

- Yes.

As a matter of fact, I do.

- Eva and I had been together for five years

and I thought we were going to get married.

And then she left me for another man,

who has a more stable job and makes more money.

- That sucks. - Yeah.

So, after six months

I broke.

What about you?

You have someone in your life?

- Punky, my dog.

- Punky.

I see.

Is it serious?

- It's a rich, fulfilling relationship.

- Oh really?

How long have you and Punky been together?

- 10 years.

My dog and I are like this.

(both laugh)

- Are you freaking serious?

What if he's a rapist?

- He's not.

I know.

- Okay well, he's suicidal.

- I'm suicidal too.


- Alright, well I mean

is he cute at least?

- Very.

- Oh, Jesus.

- [Ali] What is your favorite movie?

- Uh.

The English Patient.

How about yours?

- Talented Mr. Ripley.

Directed by the same director, Anthony Minghella.

Finally we have something in common.

- I tried to kill myself too.

I think you should know that.

- Great!

We have two things in common.

- Four times.

- Wow!

- Are you scared of me now?

- Yes.

Very much so.

- I can't believe you were up here.

- I was desperate.

- I know the feeling.

Would you ever do it again?

- Only if you left me.

- Seriously. Would you?

- You know honestly,

I don't know.

What about you?

- I'm a bit cold.

Let's go.

(light, melancholic music)

- I promise I'll be done in five minutes.

- What are those cards for?

- Um.

Those are the lines that the actors have to say.

- Don't they have a script?

- [Ali] They do.

- It must be exciting to be a film director!

- It is.


Let's eat.

- Okay.

That was delicious.

- Sorry to have kept you waiting.

- Thank you for cooking.

You're a good cook!

- I am so glad I pursued you.

I'm so glad you took my call.

- You were very persistent.

- You were the voice that saved me that day.

I'm serious.

- The voice of reason.

The voice of God.

- If you want to call it that.

- I wish I had a voice to reason me.

- I can be that voice.

But please don't walk out on me.

I don't think I can handle it this time.

- I won't.

I want to apologize for storming out angrily last time.

- How have you been doing?

- I met someone special.

- Really?

But what makes him different than the rest?

- I've been spending almost every day with him

for the past three weeks.

- What does he do for a living?

- He's a film director.

- Did Tina introduce you?

- He came highly recommended by work.

- Nice!

- I haven't been depressed.

The dead haven't appeared in three weeks.


he spends the night.

- Ah Carla!

That is so wonderful.

- I wanted to come back and tell you nicely

that now is a good time for me to stop therapy.

I'm in a better place now

and I think I can take better care of myself.

- Well I don't really think that's a good idea but

it's your decision.

- I am stronger.

And better.

Thank you for everything, Dr. Goldstein.

- You take care of yourself.

And you call me if you need me.


- Okay.

Good bye, Dr. Goldstein.

I don't remember much.

I was very young.

But they were very loving.

They called me their little princess.

Both my parents died that day.

- I'm sorry.

It must be hard.

Do you still have family in Lebanon?

- My parents' friends were older

and couldn't have children.

So they took me in.

Then one day they emigrated to the States.

And I ended up here.

- Do you still talk to them much?

- They both died of old age.

- You have had a lot of people die in your life.

- Sometimes I want to join them.

- Don't say that.

I want you to hang around.

- How about you?

- Uh.

I am an only child

and my parents live in Chicago.

- Are you close to them?

- Yes.

Very much.

- You have pictures?

- Uh.

Let me see.

- Who are all those women?

- Um, we're casting them in my next future.

- Eva?

She is pretty.

- Not anymore.

Family photos are still in boxes in storage.

I just moved from Chicago a couple of months ago.

Come over here.

Good morning.

- Good morning.

- I'm gonna jump in the shower.

You stay here in bed.

(water starts running)

(water stops running)

- These women are very pretty.

I couldn't help but to look at them.

Why are the pictures black and white?

- We're casting for a historical film.

- Oh. Cool.

When do you start filming?

- We start filming next week.

- I would love to come on set and see you directing.

- You will.

One day.

- [Tina] Does he know that we know how you guys met?

- Yes.

And I told him you guys that you warned me

to go out with him because he might be mentally deranged!

- No, you didn't.

(all laugh) (knocking on the door)

He is here!

- You're gonna love him.

He's great.

- It seems serious.

- He spends the night after we make love.

- He just falls asleep after sex.

Guys are not knocked out after the sex.

(Carla laughs)

- [Matt] Hi, I'm Ali.

- Hey, I'm Matt.

- [Ali] Nice to meet you.

Hey. - Hey.

- When was the last time you got me flowers?

- I got you this.

It lasts longer!

- Thank you.

They are gorgeous.

(Matt laughs)

- Okay.

To your happiness and

to her latest conquest.

Don't you dare break her heart!

- To a great year ahead of us all.

- Cheers!


There's this game that we like to play.

Especially when we're buzzed.

What is your worst attribute?

- Oh.


I don't know how to live without a woman.

(Carla, Matt and Tina laugh)

- Come on!

That's not even an answer.

- It is. - No.

- Why not?

- No.


- Thanks for helping clean up the mess.

Tina and Matt are already crashed.

- Thank you for introducing me your friends.

It means a lot.

Tina, she's great!

- She is the sister I never had.

When do you start shooting tomorrow?

- We start at 6:30.

Which means I have to be up at 5.

- Where are you filming?

- The studio on Riley Street.

So, tomorrow after work we get together, okay?

- Okay.

How was the shoot?

- Long.

- Aren't you too tired to write?

- You're right.

- What time do you start tomorrow?

- 6:30.

- Studio on Riley Street?

- Yeah.

- So, what's the film about?

- It's about a love story that spans three decades.

- Ooh. - Yeah.

(Carla laughs)

(Carla speaks Arabic)

- Yes.

They are telling me I'm a bird.

And I can fly high.

(man speaks Arabic over the phone)

(man speaks Arabic over the phone)

Thank you for using our services.

Interpreter 2591 disconnecting.

- Quiet on set, please.

Alright, let's do it everybody.

We don't have time.

Let's go, let's roll.

We've only got an hour to get this.

Cue cards closer to Alexandra.

Bring it up, bring it up.

Up, up, up, up, up, up.


Actioning rehearsal.

- [Actress] The package will be delivered

to your front door.

Thank your for placing your order with us.

- [Director] Great!

Let's get camera in place.

(TV playing in the background)

(knocking on the door)

- It's unlocked!

(door squeaks)

(TV playing in the background)


(TV playing in the background)

- I'm sorry.

(TV stops playing)

- What is your job on the set?

- I hold cue cards for actors

so that they don't forget their lines.

- Why did you lie?

Look, I don't care what you do for a living.

I don't care if you're a film director.

I care about you.


- I am going to be a film director one day.

- That's not the point.

You have to trust me if you want me to trust you.

Is there something else you want to tell me?

About your mom.

- Did you search through my stuff?

- That day when I was looking at the pictures

I saw the photo from the orphanage.

These women,

they were a possible match for your mom and not actresses.

Hey, tell me.

Tell me.

- My mom left me shortly after I was born.

And I don't know who my dad is.

In my whole life women have been abandoning me.

My mom, Eva.

And I didn't want you to think I wasn't good enough for you.

- So you lied.

- I'm so sorry for lying, Carla.

- That is the past.

Mine is not better anyways.

Just please don't lie to me again.

- I won't. I promise!

I love you.

- I love you too.

- One day we will have a house at the beach.

Punky can run around where he wants

and you and I can watch the sunset every single night.

- [Bill] Come back here.

- I'm sick of all of this.

All of it!

What's your problem?

- [Bill] Do me a favor.

Will you stop nagging me?

- [Geena] I am not nagging you.

- Then what do you call it?

- I'll stop nagging you if you stop lying!

- I am not lying.

- You have been lying for 40 years, Bill.

I should have never married you.


- That is the first sensible thing you have ever said.


You two together?

- Newly in love.

- Some advice.

Don't ever get married.

- Especially not to a lying asshole.

- Good.

I think it's time we go for a walk.

- Yep.

Let's go.

- [Ali] You two have a good day.

- Well look at that.

Scared them away.

- So it's my fault again.

(water splashing in the background)

- He lied because he's scared to lose me.

Like all the others.

- Uh yeah.

But he has still lied.

- I feel good with him.

- You forgave him.

I'm afraid you're in love.

- I think so.

- What?

Oh, love comes in the strangest ways.

It sure does.

- Carla?

- Fuck you!

- Carla, wait!


(Carla sobs) (knocking on the door)


Open the door, please!

I can explain about Eva.

It's not what you think.

Carla! Please!

(phone ringing)

- [Answering Machine] It's Carla.

I'm unavailable.

Do your thing after the tone.

- [Ali] Carla, it's me.

Please pick up.

Just give me a chance to explain everything.

I know you're angry at me.

But I swear nothing happened that day.

I feel nothing for her.

It's you that I love.

Come on answer your phone, damn it!

I love you!

Answer your damn phone!


(light, cheerful music)

(Carla's father speaks Arabic)

(Carla's mother speaks Arabic)

(Tony speaks Arabic)

(Carla screams in Arabic)

- Hey lady, what the hell is your problem?

Get help!


(phone ringing)

- [Answering Machine] It's Carla.

I'm unavailable.

Do your thing after the tone.

- Pick up.

Pick up the God damn phone!

I'm coming over.


(loud knocking on the door)

Open the door!

(loud knocking on the door)


(loud knocking on the door)


(loud knocking on the door)

Open the door!

(loud knocking on the door)

Open the door!

(loud knocking on the door)


(door squeaks)


You have not been answering any of my calls.


What's going on?

No, no, no, no, no.

Come on.

No, no, no, you're not going back to sleep.

Come on. Get up.

Put that down.

Hey, you need some fresh air, okay?

Wash your face.

Go to the bathroom.

Let's go!

Get up. Get up!

- Fine. Fine.

I need to go get wine anyways.

- Oh! What?

This is disgusting!

Who lives like this?

Come on, Carla!

He lied to you about his job, his mom, his ex.

I mean can't you see this guy's a pathological liar?

- He lies because he is scared.

- You're excusing his behavior.

I mean look at you!

You can't even get out of your apartment anymore.

You've got to get him out of your mind!

He's not the right one for you.

- I can't.

I love him.

- He was hugging his ex for God's sake!

He is probably even fucking her.



- I have

a very strong

abdominal cramping.

(woman speaks Arabic over the phone)

And I can barely breathe.

- [Woman] Can she rate her pain on a scale of one to 10?

(Carla speaks Arabic)

(woman speaks Arabic over the phone)


No, no, no, no, no.



- [Woman] Interpreter, what's going on?

Are you okay?

- Yep.

- [Woman] Are you interpreting everything I'm saying?

(Carla burps)

- Yep.

- [Woman] Excuse me?

- I didn't say shit.

- [Woman] Miss Interpreter,

you sound rude and unprofessional.

I don't think I'll be needing your services anymore.

- You are the unprofessional one.

With an attitude.

- [Woman] Who the hell do you think you are?

- I'm the one

who is gonna tell you

to go fuck yourself.



(light, cheerful music)

(phone ringing)

- [Answering Machine] It's Carla.

I'm unavailable.

Do your thing after the tone.

- [Patrick] Carla, this is Patrick Sieberg

from the language service again.

I want to let you know that after yesterday's incident

that there is no need for you to log into work anymore.


(phone ringing)

- [Answering Machine] It's Carla.

I'm unavailable.

Do your thing after the tone.

- [Patrick] You're fired as of immediately

and you will-- (phone bumps)

- [Rita] Hi there!

- [Carla] Hi.

- What can I get for you?

- I,

I want handcuffs.

- Handcuffs?


These are my number one bestsellers

and they are all on sale.

Whip, pink furry handcuffs.

They'll look great against your skin tone.

Dominatrix mask.

And a vibrator.

- I just want the cuffs.

- Oh honey.

You should buy all of these.

Get the whole package.

He is going to love this.

- There is no he.

- Gotcha.

Well she will love this too.

She is gonna go crazy for all of this shit.

- There is no one.

This is for me.

- Ah.

You're the solitary kind.

- How much?

- For you?

The deal of the century.


- [Carla] Okay.

- The receipt is in the bag.

- [Carla] Thank you.

- You're welcome.

And there are batteries in the bag for the vibrator.

It's going to make you scream!

- I'm sorry.

You deserve a better mama.

(breathes loudly)


Please. Hurry. - Hey.

- Please come get me.

- [Tina] Carla, are you okay?

- I can't breath.

Please help me.

- [Tina] Are you alright?

- Come, just go please.

- [Tina] I'm on my way.

(Carla moans)

(breathes loudly)



Oh my God!

- Release me from these cuffs.

- Where are they?

- Please.

- Where are the keys?

- Get the keys from the package.

- Fuck.

Who the fuck did this to you?

- I did it.

- This is really sick, Carla.

Listen, you have got to go back to talk to Dr. Goldstein.

- It's not what you think.

- What is it?


- I can't even kill myself.

(Carla laughs hysterically)

- Oh my God, baby, you're scaring me.

Are you, are you okay?

- How pathetic is that?

(Carla laughs hysterically, sobs)

- You have to promise me

you're not gonna do this again, okay?

(Carla sobs)

Promise me, Carla.

(Carla sobs)

I'm so sorry.

This is all because of him.

He did this to you, didn't he?

This is his fault.

- He made me want to live.

Now I don't want to live anymore if he is not around.

- Oh, baby.

I hate this guy.

(Carla sobs)

- You're back!

What can I get for you this time?

Just came in

cherry flavored lubricant.

And delicious.

- I actually want to talk to the manager.

- You're looking at her.

- You?

- Uh-huh.

- Um,

I'm looking for a job.

(energetic music)

(light, cheerful music) (water splashing)

(Carla screams in Arabic)

(soldier speaks Arabic)

(Carla's mother speaks Arabic)

(Carla screams in Arabic)

- What a freak!

- [Dr. Coldstein] This is Dr. Goldstein.

- (sobbing] Hello, Dr. Goldstein.

This is Carla.

- [Dr. Goldstein] Carla, are you okay?

- (sobbing) I lost Ali.

I lost my job.

And I'm miserable.

- [Dr. Goldstein] Where are you?

- Home.

- [Dr. Goldstein] Why don't you come and see me tomorrow?

- I'm starting a new job tomorrow.

And I have to work.

But I can come after work.

Six, seven or eight.

- [Dr. Goldstein] I'll see you at seven tomorrow.

Take care until then, Carla, okay?

- Okay.

- [Dr. Goldstein] Promise!

- Yes.

(Carla sobs)

- When you're done with these I want you to go to aisle four

and put the price tags on all the dairy products.

- Excuse me.

Do you know where the peanut butters are?

- It's in aisle ni--

- Carla!

How are you?

- I'm good.

- Can you talk?

- I can't.

I'm working.

- What time are you done?

- Why?

What do you want?

- I just want to say hi.

Want to catch up.

Aisle nine.



- What do you want from me?

- Please just give me a chance to explain myself

before you sentence me.

- You had your chance.

You blew it.

Now leave me alone.

- Five minutes. - Leave me alone.

- Five minutes.

It's all I'm asking.

So what happened to your interpretation job?

- I got fired about two months ago.

- Sorry to hear that.

How long have you been working at the grocery store?

- It's my first day.

- Do you like it?

- I have bills to pay.

- Do you need money?

- No.

- I can lend you some money.

It'll make things a little bit easier

until you can--

- I don't need your money.

I'm physically healthy and I have a job.

Can you try being honest for once?


- What you saw between Eva and I was just a hug.

She came to me hurting

and I didn't want to turn my back on her.

That is the truth.

- Have you gone out with other women since we?

- Yes.

I am telling you the whole truth

and it feels very liberating.

I love you.

- Well,

love without trust

doesn't survive.

I have to go.

I've had a long day and I have an appointment at seven.

- Tell me you don't love me anymore

and I will leave you alone.

- I don't love you anymore.

- Do you mean it?

- Goodbye,


(sad music)

Everything went downhill at once.

- Well I'm glad you called.

I've been thinking about you a lot lately.

- I lied to him earlier

when I told him I don't love him anymore.

- He seems to matter a great deal to you.

He lies because he is afraid of being vulnerable.

Just like you.

The difference is he deals with his fear by lying,

you deal with your fear by running away.

- I don't know what to do anymore.

- Take it slow.

Think it through.

You have to decide

if you can accept someone who has issues just like you.

We'll talk more about this next time.

In the meantime, you need to take care of yourself

and try not to get overwhelmed.

These will help.

Promise me you'll take them.

- Thank you.

I missed talking to you.

- I'll see you next week.

- Okay.

- Hey, Carla.

When you're done, I want you to go

and do the same on aisle two.

- [Carla] Okay.

- And then go to aisle three and do the same

for the feminine care section.

And then when you're done,

you can take your lunch break at one.

Just take a 30 minute break 'cause we've got a lot to do

and we're understaffed today.

- Sure.

I'm done.

I'm taking off.

- I want you back from lunch at 1:30 sharp.

I have more merchandise coming in

that you need to stock before the end of your shift.

Oh dear Lord!

(Carla laughs)

(light, cheerful music)

- Can I get another one please?

What are you gonna do?

- I don't know.

Maybe teach some Arabic and French at some school.

- He is cute.

- Nah, he is too old for me.

- I'd do him.

- What?

- I'd do him real good.

- Matt is way hotter.

- Yeah.


Matt's an asshole.

He is a sad excuse of a man.

- But he loves you very much.

- Turns out he's been loving a lot of girls so much.

- No, no.

Not Matt.

You guys are the perfect couple.

- Looks can be deceiving.

What do you think?

Do you think looks can be deceiving?

- Depends.

- Do you think cheating is a good thing?

- It still depends.

- [Tina] On what?

- On whether or not you're the one

that's doing the cheating

or you're the one that's being cheated on.

- That's a fine answer.

That's a very fine answer.

- Frank.

- Tina.

- Hi, Tina.

- This is my friend Carla.

- Hi.

- Hi, Carla.

It's a pleasure to meet you, lovely ladies.

I got their drinks.

- A real gentleman too.

- So Tina,

are you lovely ladies ready to go somewhere else?

- Yes.

- No, Tina.

- Uh-huh.

- No.

- [Tina] We're gonna go.

- What are you doing?

- [Tina] We'll be right back.

- Do you want to come, Carla?

- No. Tina! - Bye!

- Tina! - We're gonna go dance.

- [Tina] Yeah, let's go.

- [Carla] Tina, what are you doing?


- [Tina] Hey.

- Hey, Tina?

You okay?

- [Tina] I am great!

- Where are you?

- [Tina] I had the best sex I'd had in two years.

- Did he leave?

- [Tina] Frank is here.

We're getting ready for round two.

Gotta go.

(the phone dies)

- Okay, I guess I'll talk to you later.

Oh my God.

(phone vibrates)

(intense music)

Oh God!

(intense music)

Please get off the ledge.

Please just get off of there.

- Tell me you don't love me.

(Carla's mother and Tony speaking Arabic)

(Carla's mother speaking Arabic)

I want to hear you say it.

Say you don't love me.

- Please! I'm scared of heights.

- Say you don't love me.

(Carla's father and soldiers speaking Arabic)

- He lies because he is afraid of being vulnerable.

Just like you.

(Carla's father and soldiers speaking Arabic)

- Please don't!


- Why not?

(male and female voices speaking Arabic)

- You have to decide if you can accept someone

who has issues just like you?

- I lied. I love you.

Get off this fucking ledge.



- [Ali] Carla, I didn't lie about loving you.

- Hold on to my hand.

- [Ali] I'm too heavy.

We'll both go down.

Just let me go.

Get off the ledge. - No!

No, no, no.

Please! I love you.


- [Ali] I love you.

- What's going on here?

Oh it's you again!

- Help him, please.


I thought I made it clear I didn't want to see

your ugly face on my building roof again.

(Carly sobs)

Damn it.

- Why? - Why what?

You pushed me.

- [Carla] I didn't mean to.

- [Ali] You tried to kill me, crazy woman.

- And you're the picture of sanity?

- You're completely unstable.

- And you're a needy, pathological liar.

- You're a depressive who can't even kill herself.

Totally toxic.

- You're the last person I should get involved with.

- I love you.

- Do you really think we can make it?

- We're both fuck ups, my darling.

In that,

we've got a lot of similarities.

(romantic music)

- Get off my roof now you crazy wackos!

I should've pushed both of you down.

(romantic music) (waves splashing)

The Description of Life Gets in the Way