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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Selling your stockpile how to NOT go CRAZY doing it Couponing Bundle selling

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hey lovely people couponing Crystlel here guess what we

gonna talk about today BUNDLES yes we're gonna talk about BUNDLES today

you guys said that the video was right on time that I posted last night so that

is awesome let's talk about bundle selling again I

thought about a few more things let's talk about how can you not go crazy

selling bundles meaning how can you stay organized while selling your bundles

okay the first thing is do you have your stock pile and your bundle items

together okay that's the first thing your family allowed to just go and use

things out of your stock pile mine is not my family is not allowed to just go

into the office and pull stuff from the stock pile because they do not know what

is for sale and what is not okay so what I do is I have they ask that's that's

the best the best way to do it they ask hey I need tissue hey I need this which

one do I use and then I tell them what to get okay

to me that's the best way to do it for that purpose because

if you've posted something you posted it the particular price that you've posted

it because you got it at a particular price okay so if they turn around and

they go and use it and you've posted it in a bundle and say you're at work and

somebody wants to meet you after work and purchase that item you don't have it

at that price anymore because somebody in Houston used it okay so to keep

confusion down I would recommend that you keep your bundle selling items

separate from your stockpile okay the second thing that I would recommend is

that you keep your bundle items for whatever particular bundle it is grouped

in some type of container okay what I do I have Huggie boxes from

charity and I also have Dollar Tree plastic baskets you know those those

larger kind of try those high deep square plastic baskets that they have at

the Dollar Tree that is what I use okay I put the items are posting items then I

put them in those containers so they are contained because you may have more than

one Gain bundle posted you may have more than one Tide bundle posted and if

you go and just group that stuff all together that's not good because you may

get it mixed up you may get it confused please trust me

once you post more than one bundle and you got several bundle posted and people

start messaging you you will get confused okay don't get lost in the

sauce separate your stuff stay organized okay

now the next thing I would say about that is that I post on two sites like I

told you before i post on Facebook marketplace then I post one offerup I post

one bundle on two different sites okay it has not ever happened that I had

people messaging me on both sites about the same bundle at the same time does

that make sense so like I had posted a gay bundle and a tight bundle last night

and a lady messaged me about the time on marketplace then she turned around and

she messaged me back and decides she wants me to bring the Gain with me the

Gain bundle with me when I sell her the Tide bundle so that's

great so I got two bundles to be sold what I did I marked the two on

marketplace that she wants I marked them as pending okay

so that way people are not going to continue pending sale so that way people

are not going to continue to message me and ask me is it for sale is it

available sometimes people still will ask you only because they know people

don't be always market stuff when they should so people would still probably

ask you is it available and you're gonna say no sorry it's not available it's a

pending sale you can go so far as to say if they don't meet then go through that

I'll message you and let you know is that okay and now nine times out of ten

say yes and honestly doing that has resulted in me getting customers because

I've had people to have said they go me they don't meet and in the second person

that was interested in that bundle I message them to say hey this is still

available would you like to meet and sometimes they do there's also something

that I forgot to tell you guys about the two bundles that are for sale that I

marked pending on Facebook market place okay they're also listed on

offerup so I need to and I did on offer up my sister told me I didn't know this

that you can hit archived and archived item which is going to take it off of

the page for people to see that it is for sale but say for instance the sale

falls through I can easily relist it without having to re-type everything

okay so that's that is awesome okay so that is what I do I hid them on

Facebook marketplace you understand what I'm saying because she decided that she

wants to purchase them later today I marked those two on Facebook marketplace

as pending sales that's the way it is on marketplace and then on offerup I

marked them i archived them which takes them off of the page for people to see

that they are for sale to begin with so I don't continue to get messages from people

asking about that bundle that I have a pending sale for if the sales fall through and

she doesn't I can easily unmarked them pending sale

and make them be for sale again and not have to completely do the relisting okay

let me interject something about that as well the easy thing to do is to copy and

paste and copy and paste because you I have at the bottom of mine where I meet

and all my stipulations for meeting okay so you don't want to have to be typing

that stuff every time most people nowadays y'all got smart phones you can

put your finger on it and highlight everything is selected and then copy and

paste it to your listing and all you got to do is go back

in and pop it in and change the items retyping thus the item specifics if it

says tide laundry pods 16 counts then if you're selling all Power Packs all you

gonna change is you know you ain't gotta change the whole sentence does

that make sense I'm sure it does y'all smart y'all catch that

okay just make sure that if you copy and paste that you change everything you

supposed to change make sure you read read again and count before you post okay

you know you got ten items in that bundle make sure you got one two three four

five six seven eight nine ten okay and read over each one make sure you didn't do no

typos and make sure you didn't leave out anything or didn't change something so

you don't have your customer confused they think they getting 20 ounce of palmolive

and you got them with a smaller ounce palmolive you know what I'm saying you

don't you don't want to upset the customer and mislead okay

so it's just a matter of keeping up with your messages respond respond respond to

people when people message you please try to respond please try to respond and

make sure that you responding in a courteous manner

don't get smart with folks okay you will lose your customers and you might get

your stuff blocked okay cuz you you know talking smart and saying stupid stuff to

them they may report you and get your stuff shut down so you don't want to do

that okay alright y'all gotta do it gotta do it it's raise up its brightest

crap out here good googlie mooglie man it i can't even hardly see the lines on the high way it is bright man im telling yall this

weather day we got going on in NC is trippin because the Sun is like really really is bright

man okay all right

the next thing that I would have to say about that as far as responding to

people if I go test responding to people make sure that you respond make sure

that your message people you're going to have so many people messaging you

honestly I write stuff down okay and I got sometimes you can have like

five six people that you got to be in one day if you need to keep track oh who

the heck you message I had Saturday's to where I'm in my car all

back and forth back and forth like a delivery

person not delivering but going to my meeting spot meeting people with stuff but

you do not want to leave the house with the wrong bundle okay that will be so

embarrassing and it was going to upset your customer when you arrive to the

meet spot with the wrong bundle so you got to make sure that you are organized

so if you need to write down that miss Sally is getting blase blah bundle and

you do that and you meet her at five o'clock in a red camry okay you do that

if you need to do that I have went so far as to sticky note yes i have sticky noted and took binder clips

and hooked it to my bundle bags because

I had so many people I was meeting at the same time yes

saves you money saves you time this person wants to meet at one o'clock and

somebody else wants another bundle guest but I'm a feature with my 15 at the same

spot ain't going to leave we ain't know why are you running this time thing you

don't need the convenience of you you ain't go sit up there and tell them no

two o'clock if you already there at one o'clock

you gonna tell them 115 you want to get this over with

okay you need to get you get as many people that you give me and that's fine

around that time cuz you already there why you gonna sit up there and give them

a different time now sometimes it just don't work out like that and the

customer needs a different time well that's different

so if they need a different time than the next people that best you you go

designate around that time do two o'clock for one person to 15 for the

next person to 30 for the next person you gotta have some gap in there a

little bit of gap to em 15 minutes because you don't want to be riding

around the parking lot looking for Sally when Lucy and said nobody hits my Honda

wait no you okay so people don't believe people care that

you're meeting other people but you don't want to do your transaction at one

time okay because they're already designated to meet you they not

designated to meet you and you love the bundle custody okay don't know people

off like that it makes people feel uncomfortable they already own the edge

because they don't they've never met you before they you know they're guarding

because they're meeting a stranger for purchase just like your garden so you

don't want to bring nobody extra to the meet extra meaning yo customer now it's

nothing wrong with having some money in the car with you especially if you feel

unsafe okay nothing wrong with having somebody in the car with you I

recommended by honestly it's not always ideal okay so if you say for instance

you planning on meeting somebody and you know your husband and you and your

husband are out and y'all going to be in the car together let the customer know

okay great my husband and I will be in a gray Honda

you know what I'm saying do that so they kind of know oh it's there she is said

she has an extra person in the car it's all about safety and making people feel

comfortable okay you are not doing this to sale to one person one time and never

sell to the begin you are trying to sell to them and you are trying to sell

again again again again because they are not couponers all right they just want

to deal so guess what you are they designate a bundle person so you want to

make their experience pleasurable okay you want to make them feel comfortable

with you have a good rapport what I always do with new customers and a lot

of times we repeat customers as well once they have purchased from you they

have pulled off you're satisfied they're satisfied give them a few minutes

message them and be like hey I so appreciate your purchase every to me

today I hope you have a blessed day and guess what they'll be like you too

and now message you back then they don't get you a good rating okay and guess

what they probably gonna follow you and they gonna be looking to see when you

post again okay and then you are going to be they designated thundergirl or fee

okay so I will just want to get you guys revved up for the Saturday I don't think

we're gonna have any brain so it's gonna be a great bundle selling day tomorrow

okay so I need you guys to get out there get them on those posted and let's get

this paper get your buns posted cuz people

looking at the marketplace they are looking at offer up because they need to

wash clothes this weekend okay and they need some laundry detergent from you so

you make sure that you are posted but you need to post so you can get you some

sales lined up before tomorrow okay all right I hope you guys have a great

rest of your day every bigger clip to save and you won't be

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