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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hong Kong | Amazon Fires | Mental Health Days - The Week In Rap

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shoutout to we all Ridge Middle School

in Lafayette Indiana this week we're

going to be talking about Hong Kong

forest fires and mental health let's get

into it

let's talk about Hong Kong you've

probably seen some of the viral videos

of the protest in Hong Kong but how did

that conflict begin let's first consider

the history Hong Kong was a British

colony until 1997 not very long ago when

he became part of China again a one

country two systems status emerged sound

complicated well it kind of is the

change in 97 meant that China would

handle Hong Kong's defense and foreign

affairs but for 50 years Hong Kong would

be allowed a high degree of autonomy but

some Hong Kong residents fear that they

may lose many of their rights when there

was 50 years end in 2047 in June of 2019

protesters took to the streets because

Hong Kong lawmakers we're considering a

bill that would allow China to extradite

criminal suspects from Hong Kong

extradition means sending a person back

to a country where they've been accused

of a crime many Hong Kongers worried

this proposition to give China too much

power over them things like since

snowballed into a larger call for

democratic reforms the government will

formally withdraw the bill in order to

fully alais public concerns how is the

situation in Hong Kong similar to and

different from other historical

conflicts about democracy let's talk

about forest fires forest fires

typically start in places where it's

really hot and dry like in certain parts

of California you probably saw the

Hollywood Hills brush fires of social

media but recently even regions that are

wet and rainy year round from dealing

with fires between January and August of

2019 there were more than 70,000 fires

in the Amazon rainforest many say the

beef industry is responsible for the

fires because some ranchers use

slash-and-burn techniques clear lands

climate change is another factor because

it's making the Amazon hotter and drier

but why are folks so worried about the

Amazon a couple of reasons one its the

largest rainforest in the world and it's

home to thousands of the world supply


and to the forest produces a lot of

oxygen and stress about a quarter of the

world's carbon still some people think

that panic about the Amazon is a little


deforestation decreased 70 percent

between 2004 and 2012 its increased a

bit since then but we're still doing way

better than we were know for what

effects do you think these fires might

have on our planet let's talk about

mental wellness if you're sick it's a

good idea to stay home from school so

you can get some R&R

but being healthy isn't just about your

physical health your emotional and

mental well-being also play a role all

three help you to feel 100 percent high

schoolers in Oregon felt that their

mental health needs weren't being

addressed in school so they lobbied for

students to have the option to take off

time for mental health Oregon students

are allowed up to five mental health

absences over a three-month period but

just like a single sneeze isn't enough

of a reason to skip school students got

to use their mental health days

reasonably in what ways are physical

emotional and mental health related

this is the weekend right okay about to

drop some lyrics on the news of the week

three stories and Arobin and upload as

you need you might have seen the

protests in Hong Kong and you scream one

country two systems since are back in

the 90s through 2047 promised autonomy

but protesters fear China's rolling back

democracy early surely there must be

some kind of mistake 17,000 forest fires

do today in the Amazon that's a whole

lot of damage deforestation is down but

hopefully this gets managed yup and over

again high schoolers started lobbying

for mental health day so their school

started offering up to five days in any

three month window health is all

connected physical emotional mental yes

and some out that's the news flow cab

will be back and I hope you're back to

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The Description of Hong Kong | Amazon Fires | Mental Health Days - The Week In Rap