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hi everyone its Keren here with a mixed-media textured canvas created for

7 dots studio enjoy!!! I recently created an altered brush and I really

love the way it came out and I decided to do a similar canvas with the same

exact technique just a different texture and instead of doing it on a brush

obviously on a canvas all products and links are listed in description area

below however not all the products are available on the market because some of

them are old but the main thing with this video is to show how to create this

technique and you can use any embellishments, you don't have to use the

ones I've used the first thing we did is I took some Prima Finnabair modelling

paste and using my Prima silicone brush I spread it over the canvas. This is a 6 by

12 inch canvas and I'm just spreading it pretty thickly because I wanted to

create some texture in it. my idea was that I wanted to stamp with one of

the 7 Dots Studio stamps. To do this technique you have to have the modeling

paste quite dry and specially dry to the touch its actually supposed to be dry in

between as well and I've done this technique before and it has worked

perfectly but somehow It didn't want to work for me today :( I tried to stamp it a couple times

and have the modeling paste dry a little bit more and still,

even on this third attempt which is the one you're going to see, I still did not

succeed. this is a dreamscapes stamp from 7 Dots Studio

and I'm pressing it into dry modelling paste and what happens is

that its peeling off the top layer and although I tried it a couple times and I

saw that it didn't work I decided to just go with the flow and realize that

I'm not going to have the triangular pattern that I want. I'm just going to

use the stamp to kind of peel off the top and create this really cool texture

in the background. sometimes you just have to go with the flow even if you

don't know what you're doing and I knew that I wanted texture. I thought I would

get that triangular texture but I just didn't and I just ended up with a really

different cool texture that I liked. I dried this as well with my heat tool and then

I took some of the chipboard pieces from the dreamscape and the hazy days

collection and started arranging them around the canvas going up and down to

create that movement. so I used some of the film strips from one of the

collections and then I used some of the triangle pieces from the other

for this technique to work it doesn't really matter which embellishments you

use all you want to do is pick some embellishments that create texture and

movement. the movement can be created in any way, you need things that either go

lengthwise or sideways and here I picked up Prima a resin frame and a

couple of chipboard pieces a little bird and bird cage and used some of the soft

matte gel to glue the thin pieces of the 7 Dots Studio chipboard

because they don't weigh as much so it's good to use the soft matte

gel for them

then for the resin frame and the bird and the bird cage I use some heavy gel

from Prima Finnabair because I wanted to make sure that it stays in place

once I had the main elements in place I took some more of the soft matte gel

medium from Prima Finnabair and using some art stones I started adding them,

to create the texture. I love this technique and I always point it out

I actually take the paint brush dip it into the soft gel and then I dip it into

the art stones and a bunch of it gets stuck onto my paint brush and I just put

it onto the desired area, that way you get a really nice bunched up area of

texture and it sticks all together because it really has the gel on it. So I

just continued doing this in different places until I was happy with the amount

of texture that I had added.

once I was done adding the art stones I took a couple more wooden pieces

a wooden heart from Prima and a dream word from Heidi Swapp and I just glued them using

some of the heavy gel as well. So I really wanted to add that triangular

pattern onto the background so I took the dreamscape stencil which has

triangles on it and I started going around the canvas and adding some of

those triangles with the modeling paste. I even went and added some on the heart

and on the bird as well

I let this composition dry for a few hours and then I took some Prima heavy

white gesso and covered everything, all the embellishments, the back of the

canvas all the texture everything was covered with one layer of heavy white

gesso I really only needed one layer as this gesso really covers everything

well because it's so heavy. the next step was my favorite part which is adding

color I took three colors of Color bloom spray

the Dragonfly blue, Fir needles and Spring dandelion and started adding it

to the background the first one I added was a dragonfly blue and what I do is I

took a small paintbrush its a very thin Prima Finnabairr paint brush and I dip

it right into the bottle and then, once I put a few drops of it in certain areas I

spray with water to spread and remove some of the ink; so this is a spray and

remove technique as you can see I had a cute little helper come and help me here

and spray the water. she saw me doing this and she really wanted to spray, so

you see four hands here because she's helping me, its my daughter. I took

the next color which is the fir needles and I really like mixing these two

colors together because they make the patina effect really good. So what you do

is you can use wipes and also use the the water spray bottle and just

spray around and let the colors mix with each other. since the color bloom sprays

are like water colors they mix really well together

here I'm using the Spring dandelion which is a yellowish color and when it

mixes with the blue and the green it creates a really beautiful patina like

effect. The key to this technique is to actually add the

different colors in between the embellishments to kind of create a

darker shadow underneath so what you do is you put a little bit of the color

and then you remove some of it either with a wipe or with a spray bottle and

create drips going up and down the canvas and they kind of mix in between the

texture. so you can I continued going with the different colors taking turns

between the blue, the green and the yellow until I was happy with the result

as you can see I'm avoiding the bird and the bird cage and the heart and just kind of

going in between the embellishments leaving the white on top and

create those beautiful highlights. Even with the texture with the art stones, the art

stones stay white at the top while the water-color of the color blooms kind of

seep in between the texture

I try not to trim this part of the video because I really wanted to show how to

color things especially with this technique it's really important to see

what the technique looks like and if I cut anything off then I feel that people

won't be able to see exactly how it's done.

the next step is to add that rusted look to the background and for this to work

the other area has to be a little bit more dry so what I did is I took my rust

paste from Prima Finnabair but you could use a color bloom spray with the same

tones but I like using the paste because it has a little bit of the gritty

texture and what I do is I use an old tub that has very little in it and I

spray water in it to make it really liquidy and then I use the same

technique that I did before I add it in certain areas and then spray it with my

spray bottle and remove some of the extra color so that the water helps it

spread and at the same time it creates a really nice rustic effect. It is really

important to also add in between the embellishments and on the edges of the

embellishments because usually if you look at rust it usually starts rusting

underneath things or on the edges of things especially when it's been

in contact with different elements that make it rust. so to mimic that effect you

really need to do that at the edges of things or underneath things to make it

look as it's part of the design

once I added it around the center embellishments I started adding it

towards the bottom around the filmstrips and all the little triangles that I had

stuck on, because I really wanted to create a rusty shadow underneath each

one of those embellishments to create some movement up and down the canvas

so I did this on the film strips and on the small triangle chipboards that I had

glued in the background and then it was done.

I really loved creating this project; especially this technique looks so

amazing because I love the rusty look and the patina effect on any type of

project and type of technique is one of my favorites. thank you so much

for watching !! if you like my video please give it a thumbs up and share it with

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my website bye!!!

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