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One of the first things our customers get excited about when they see the new ONYX 11

product release is Nesting Preview.

We have heard from production operators that they would like to take more of the

guesswork out of the printing process.

Well, in our new ONYX 11 product release, we have made it simple to predict how images will print.

Here, let me show you.

First, notice in RIP-Queue that the previews are now color managed. This means the printer

operator will be able to quickly see an accurate preview of the image that is about to be printed.

And, we also have a new job properties window. This has a larger image preview and basic

controls that help make setting up a job quick and easy.

Oh, and don't forget the nesting preview!

This will show all the jobs that are about to be printed together.

Using the new ONXY 11 previewing features, you will have confidence in knowing that jobs

will print right the first time saving you both time and money.

For more information on this and other innovative features in the new ONYX 11,

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