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The C5 came after the BX and Xantia.

This is the second gen, on the market since 2008.

It's still being build, so you can score fresh second-hand cars.

You buy a Citron for being different.

Although, it's becoming more mainstream.

Some strange things can be found, such as the stationary heart of the wheel.

The fixed position is supposed to be better for the airbag.

Other than that, not much is exotic. Even the hydropneumatic suspension.

The famous comfortable suspension is no longer standard on the C5.

It's a very comfortable car with the normal steel springs as well.

Not very sporty, the handling is lacking; it's meant to be comfortable.

A wide range of engines is available, from a 1.6 diesel to 6-cylinders.

So it should. This is Citron's flagship since the C6 is out of production.

ENGINES gasoline

ENGINES diesel

The first gen C5 was successful, reflected in the number on AutoScout.

There aren't as many from this type, almost 400.

2/3 has a gasoline engine, 30% has an automatic gearbox.

There aren't many diesels. Prices start at 8.000 euros.

PRICES minimum, average, maximum

Most second-hand C5s, about 2/3, have satnav.

Convertibles are hard to find.

About 50% has leather or semi-leather upholstery, so that was a popular feature.

The build quality is typically French.

There's some wear in places you wouldn't expect with a young car.

However, the build quality has improved compared to the old Citrons.

There are some problems, though. The EGR valve in 1.6 diesels may clog up.

You can clean this, but if this doesn't solve anything, it needs to be replaced.

The brake light switch may break, which disrupts other systems.

It's a CAN bus. Instead of wires there's a bus system.

When one element breaks down in a C5, other things go wrong.

The swivel mechanism is weak,

so the electric windows can come down on their own.

This needs to be fixed.

The new 1.6 THP turbo engine has 2 big issues.

When I say "big", I mean "very big".

It's been on TROS Radar. The same engine is used by Peugeot,

as well as BMW MINI.

Problem 1 is the loss of control on the water pump.

This means overheating and the resulting damage.

Problem 2 is the loss of tension on the timing belt.

First, the engine will run rugged, especially on a cold start.

When all these moving parts in the engine no longer work together,

it'll lead to trouble. Worst case scenario, your engines breaks down.

Those are expensive repairs.

This car is young, only 1.5 years and 17,500 km.

This means a larger price tag for a second-hand C5.

It has plenty of features. Satnav, Park Distance, privacy glass,

and the famed Snow Motion. That's traction control with a different name.


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