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Bro, I challenge you.

to do some Capoeira tricks that you used to be able to do it

Feels like yesterday, right? the body weight

is not so different from the previous, right?

Dare to accept the challenge?

Just try it! OK!

Ouch! the hand is too far

ouch! My hand can't hold it.


I got a challenge.

I used to practice capoeira. 15 years ago

and, my belly wasn't like this before.

just like the photo here.

my Old time capoeira photo.

And here.


Can I do the challenge?

from Bro Yoga?

I hope so. Pray for me!

I want to practice first. Hopefully can!

My big belly.


I Stil able to do it.

But not too long. Out of breath!

Mari kita lakukan "Au" atau "Cartwheel"

Stil able to do it!!!

Try the Kicks

Stil can do it!!!

Stil can do it!!!

Can't do this!

Daring my self to try Au semau

First Try

Au Semau, Second Try

Au Semau: Failed

It's time to try Au Batido

Stil able to do it, but not perfect

it's crazy!

I have tried

the Challenge

Eeh... some moves are stil there,

stil able to do it,

but some moves are not

need more practice, because this is only the first practice

Hopefully, On Tuesday I can practice again, or Friday

can practice again, and Sunday I can come here again.

to do practice, and..

Proving that ... after 15 years

of stopping practicing, can still do things

like they used to. but of course with preparation and practice.

I don't know how many more practices it takes for me to

get back to the way it used to be.

Hopefully it won't take long.

So I can get fit again, and my body can ...

be proportional again ...

Ok! Thank You!

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