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I feel like pulling out my credit card. This is brilliant.

This is such a nice car, the BMW M3 E92. That's the coupe. There's also a sedan and convertible.

The latter is a lot heavier, about 440 lb. The sedan sits in between, because the coupe

has a carbon roof. Not if you get a sunroof, though. There are cars with one.

You won't have a carbon roof then. It's a brilliant car.

It's the only M3 that'll have a V8, I think. I don't think that's a disadvantage.

If you want a collector's item, there's 1 M3 you'd want to buy most of all,

even though they're very expensive. The M3 GTS. Orange, of course.

The M3 GTS has a slightly bigger engine. 4.4 liters, while the normal M3 has "only" 4 liters to play with.

The performance is fantastic. It's a very nice engine; racey, naturally aspirated, last of the Mohicans.

About 35 M3s of this generation are for sale on AutoScout.

Most are a coupe. Of course, I'd say. The sedan is most rare. I think it's very cool.

There are more convertibles, but over 50% is a coupe.

This generation M3 was also available with a double clutch gearbox, a DCT.

About 50% of the cars has a DCT.

Prices start at 30,000 euros.

PRICES minimum, average, maximum

Of course there are things to watch out for. This is M Performance, so M prices for some parts

and the running costs. They're higher than a 320 diesel. You wouldn't expect that.

More tires, brakes, and fuel are needed. It does depend on your driving.

There was a special run in program for the M3. The first 1,243 miles needed easy driving

and special fluids. You'll have to check the booklet if those were extracted and normal oil poured in.

You don't know how it was driven in. Unfortunately, we weren't there, but it's important.

This V8 does use some oil, so check the level regularly.

You have to do this using iDrive; there's no dipstick. It's less accurate, but it does use some oil.

Just keep an eye on it. The M3 could have had a fun but hard life.

If it has been to the track often... The car can handle it.

The diff lock at the rear can act up. It's a very nice diff lock, by the way.

It's electronically operated, so it can do everything, except make the wheels spin in opposite sides.

Listen for extra noises at the rear when accelerating and coasting. The diff may be the cause.

The DCT doesn't have much problems, but if things go wrong, it's when driving off.

It won't be smooth. It's like your nephew, who just got his driver's licence, tries to drive stick.

It's not smooth. If that's the case, you have to make sure the seller fixes it first.

It can be solved with a software update, but if not, there may be another cause.

I'd look for another M3.

A small thing that may be annoying: the seatbelt sensors don't always see you're strapped in.

If you don't buy an M3 because of that, I don't think you deserve it.

There are 2 more things for the S65 V8 engine to look at.

If something's wrong with the throttle actuators, you're losing power or the dashboard will light up.

Pretty much every light on the dashboard will be switched on.

There are 2 actuators and they're relatively expensive.

It'd be a shame if you have to replace them.

Then there are the bushings, known to everyone who looked for a BMW M model.

These are high rpm engines, which means there isn't much tolerance and they do have a harder life.

They're not that bad, but do know that you'll have to replace them every 62,000 miles.

If you don't, it wears through, damaging the crankshaft etc.

In the worst case your engine is done for and needs replacing.

So, replace them pre-emptively. It'll be better.

We'll finish with a stupid little thing.

The brakes' light bulbs. They can loosen in the pre-facelift coupe, switching on at random.

Tighten them and you're done.

We found this car at Marc Huisman in Alphen aan den Rijn.

It's pretty. It's a pretty combination; grey, red leather, M Performance goodies,

different BMW rims... This looks very good, and it has a nice mileage.

You can still have a lot of fun with this car. I would, but I can't hoon it and tell you to buy it.

I'll have to drive it carefully, but the M3 does challenge me.

You can also drive it easily.


Thanks to Marc Huisman Autobedrijf B.V.

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