Practice English Speaking&Listening with: i need to be honest with u guys

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*classic moans from Cam*

What's goin' on?

Hey, it's cam again back for another video that

Completely 100% has a point to it.

This video is not like other videos, okay? (sure)

This is much different than any of my other videos that I ever do. Okay, this is a very original video

I just wanted to pop in and tell you something very important. Okay?


Love you (called it)

and I hope you're having a wonderful day. I'm sorry. I hope it was a great week

I hope you're having a beautiful weekend. I hope you're doing well. I hope you're healthy. I hope you're happy

I hope everything's going okay in your life. This is my monthly pop in to say hi

I appreciate you guys

You all make me very happy you make my life a lot better than it is

Making music and videos for you guys is a dream and I love you very much

And if you're not feeling okay

I recommend you talk to a friend or a family member or you can message me on

Instagram and I'll try to answer you and if you're feeling down do something that makes you happy whether that be watching videos,

Going for a run, creating some type of art,

Don't just sit down, lay down, lay in bed and just sulk, if you're not feeling okay, then try to do stuff

Keep your mind busy and try to find new ways to be happy

Because even though sometimes when you're sad, all you feel like doing is absolutely nothing. It doesn't really help you

So I'm just here to remind you guys to always do your best to be happy

Even though a lot of times it's out of your control. You can do your best to make things as good as possible

sometimes. Listen, I know how good it feels just to lay in bed and watch Cameron's videos all day long

But go outside do something fun. Try a new hobby. That's the lesson for today

Try to be happy and that's all just wanted to pop in tell you guys how much I appreciate you

I'll never stop making these videos as annoying as they are. I don't care

I'm not stopping never stopping, so have a wonderful day have a beautiful weekend, and I hope that you're happy


Click clack to the bang bang

I'm a boy in a bangtan. Me and you we would never bang (bang) I'm a boy in a Bangtan

Yeah, let me do my thing

You were never really my friend you can't do it, but I can you were never really my friend


Yeah baby let's face it.

You were nothing but basic-


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